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Chapter Two: Hakkai's House

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Secrets are revealed.

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Chapter Two: Hakkai's House. Secrets Are Revealed.

By Princess X-S Moonshyne

Sanzo looked around as Hakkai closed and bolted the door. The interior of the cabin was neatly kept and pretty, furnished in pastel shades with tasteful paintings and colourful furniture. It was like something out of an Ikea catalogue, complete with a vase full of tastefully arranged half-wilted wildflowers on the violet coffee table. She sighed with relief as she sank down onto a bright lime-green sofa and propped her injured leg up on the violet coffee table.

"Do you like it?" asked Hakkai anxiously, though it wasn't clear what exactly 'it' was. "Would you like some tea? Or-" he fumbled in a sky-blue cabinet in the corner and fished out a dusty bottle, "some vodka I distilled myself?" Sanzo smiled at his patent eagerness to please, and thought This is much better than-

Before she could wonder what this was better than, there came strange squeaking and scratching sounds from the chimney. Hakkai winced momentarily, and affected a studied expression of "What? I heard nothing, nothing at all!" innocence.

"What is that- Oh!" she exclaimed in delight as Hakkai thrust a fistful of tangled wildflowers before her. She lifted it to her delicate little nose and inhaled deeply before she choked and flung the flowers away, then found the strength to rise to her feet and kick Hakkai in the shin. "What do you mean by giving me these stinky weeds, you cheap idiot?! What?!"

"oof- but I picked them because they're wildflowers, dear Sanzo, as artless and untamed as you- OW!" he yelped as Sanzo screeched with fury and kicked him again, hopping in pain due to her injured leg, then found a newspaper which she promptly rolled up and started smacking him with.


Hakkai snarled and dodged around the coffee table. "Will you stop hitting me, you sociopathic daughter of an alcoholic chain-smoking kappa?!"

Sanzo gasped and dropped her newspaper. "How did you know? I never met him, so I never knew what my father was like." She covered her face with her hands and sobbed.

Hakkai came to her cautiously and took her slim white hands in his, wiping her nose with a clean white handkerchief. "It just seemed right that your father would be someone like that." He winced again as the squeaking and scratching noises from the chimney grew frantic, then a soot-blackened lump dislodged itself from the chimney into the fireplace and coughed up several sparks, letting out a pitiful /kyuu/.

"Oh, a little baby Jeep! You're so cute!" cried Sanzo, picking up the miniature dragon and dusting it off to reveal shining white scales. She planted a little peck on its nose, making it blink in consternation and look to Hakkai for guidance. "Wait," she said, looking from the little Jeep to Hakkai and back again. "This is the Jeep I saw in the woods, that led me to the horde of demons."

Hakkai endeavoured to look innocent. "It must have followed you here. I can't imagine what it would be doing here otherwise." The Jeep /kyuu/-ed in protest at the betrayal, and struggled to get free from Sanzo's slackened clutches. It flew to perch on Hakkai's shoulder, staring at her indignantly. He scratched the little Jeep's chin reflexively, and looked thoroughly guilty.

"You set me up," Sanzo whispered in horrified dawning realisation. "You deliberately led me into an ambush, so you could step in and save me."

Hakkai looked down, then straightened to face her, mouth firming in resolve. "I had nothing to do with the demons' presence, but I sent Jeep to lead you there, because I would never have been able to meet you otherwise. You do understand, don't you?" he pleaded.

Sanzo shook her pretty head, feeling that something was still amiss. She picked up Hakkai's home-brewed vodka and took a swig, then scratched at the itchy drying blood on her face. She stopped and stared at the flaked rust-brown specks on her hand. "It wasn't just to meet me," she said slowly, and turned to face Hakkai, who had picked up his fruit knife again and was studying her, his handsome face grim. A thrill of excitement and fear ran through her. Hakkai was so handsome! She forced herself to focus on the most important issue at hand. "I killed 998 demons. You wiped another demon's blood on me. And..."

Hakkai sliced his palm open as he stepped towards her. "Forgive me, sweet Princess Sanzo. I wanted to make you like myself, so we could be together forever. Because..." He closed his eyes, then burst into song.

"Baby, I'm so into you
You've got that something, what can I do
Baby, you spin me around, oh
The earth is movin, but I can't feel the ground
Everytime you look at me
My heart is jumpin, it's easy to see
Loving you means so much more
More than anything I ever felt before

You drive me crazy,
I just can't sleep
I'm so excited, I'm in too deep
Crazy, but it feels alright
Baby thinkin of you keeps me up all night

Tell me, you're so into me
That I'm the only one you will see
Tell me I'm not in the blue, oh
That I'm not wastin
My feelins on you
Loving you means so much more
More than anything I ever felt before."

Sanzo wiped away her tears as Hakkai stopped in front of her with his bloody palm raised. "I'm sorry, my princess. I'll give you a choice. You can become a demon and stay with me forever, or you can stay human and return to your family. I promise I will bring you home safely."

"You are a liar and a pauper, you pig," Sanzo sobbed, "but I love you. How can I love someone I've never even laid eyes on before? Give me time. I need to tell Mother that I'm going to marry you, and pack all my pretty dresses and jewellery, and a decent dowry so you can keep me in the manner in which I'm accustomed." She turned away and dabbed at her tears with her own handkerchief, because the one Hakkai gave her was already snotty from when he wiped her nose.

"I understand," said Hakkai softly, obviously thinking she was just letting him down gently. He healed his hand, and Sanzo gasped in astonishment.

"You can heal? Damn you, fix my knee already, you idiot!" She grabbed the newspaper and hit him over the head until he healed her knee. It felt tingly, and she blushed, and hit him again. "I'll be back, I promise," she said, and finally Hakkai brightened, believing her.

"I've been looking for you all my life, my darling, that's why I knew we were meant to be together from the moment I saw you. Though I did think you'd have brown hair," he mused thoughtfully, and to stop him from thinking too much about why he thought she would have brown hair, Sanzo grabbed Hakkai and kissed him, and the little Jeep flapped off his shoulder back into the chimney with a complaining /kyuu/, probably because it was underaged and shouldn't be allowed to see whatever they were planning to do next.

to be continued...

With lyrics from Britney Spears'
/(You Drive Me) Crazy/, from her album /Baby One More Time/.
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