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Bar fight and light climbing.

Category: Silent Hill - Rating: R - Genres: Horror, Romance - Characters: Alessa Gillespi, Cheryl Mason, Dr. Michael Kauffman, Harry Mason - Warnings: [!!] [V] - Published: 2006-09-18 - Updated: 2006-09-18 - 778 words

The man was there. In the bar room. We were totally unprepared. In a second he caught me. Pushed me into the wall. To despair. His breath was awful. Couldn't move.

He threw me into the green table. Shouted. He was scared. Wanted me to tell what happened to everything. To the town. I cried. Shook my head. I didn't know what to say. It was always like that. The town.

It wasn't enough. He wouldn't let me go. He knew me. Somehow. He'd hurt me. He'd do something awful. His eyes. They were wrong. I didn't like him. I wanted to scream at him. To go away. But I was too afraid.

He kneeled in front of me. And the bathroom door was pushed open. Headless monster. Just one. From the toilet likely. But he was kneeling. Just the right height. I held my breath as it jumped.

He fell screaming and I was free. The girl pulled me away. On the other side of the bar. She sat down. Let my head rest in her lap. Stroked my hair. Hummed a tune. To make me relax. It worked.

Someone else came in. I couldn't see anything from behind the bar. But I didn't want to move now. Gunshot. The girl rocked me. Calmed me down.

The girl's dad. He shot the monster. Not the man. I wished he had. He wasn't nice. They talked. The man and the girl's dad. They talked and the girl sang quietly. For the longest time. Just her and me.

They left. One at a time. Leaving just the two of us. I felt safe. Just for a while. There was time. Time to just sit still. Comfort. Cradle.

A lighthouse was waiting. For us. It waited just for us somewhere. We had to paint it. Complete the sign. Of our independence. Seal it. Make it true. Or whatever it all meant.

He had explained it some time ago. But I didn't get it. It was weird. And now I couldn't ask him. If I ever did see him again... I felt it in the girl too. He would have to pay. We could protect each other. Totally and fully without his help.

Enough was enough. She got up and I got up. I could walk on my own now. She had washed the pain away. But it was best when I held her hand. And she, no she didn't mind.

It was dark outside. Dark everywhere. Annoying. We wandered down the road. Down to the lake. It was quiet. Across the bridge. Toward the lighthouse. I couldn't see the light in the mist. I couldn't see much.

He was there. His silhouette. I could feel his smirk. I wanted to kill him. The adults surrounded us. The girl and I. Couldn't get to him. I was supposed to feel bad. For wanting him dead.

But there's nothing wrong with me. The adults always scolded. I said it. Nothing wrong with me. Their children. In the school. Louder. Nothing wrong with me. Everyone. All of them. Even him. I screamed. So loud. Nothing wrong with me.

The knife was in my hand. It sang in the night. Severed the neck of the closest adult. The body hit the floor. I let it. Let it happen. Attacked the others. Murdered them and murdered more. They tried to touch. Tried to hurt. They all got the knife.

They were dead and he was gone. I didn't see him leave. Never did. The girl put the knife in the sheath. Took my hand. There was no blood on it. Only on the ground. She smiled. Thanked me for protecting her.

Past the building and everything. The dock. There were monsters around. But it was okay. The girl did so they couldn't see us. On toward the lighthouse. Somewhere by the water. I couldn't sense anything in the darkness. Except for her.

But it was there and we got there. The girl had taken over. I felt sick still. My belly hurt. She pulled me along. Up the stairs and through the door. It was dark inside. Even darker than outside.

Empty. There wasn't anyone. Not that there was supposed to. If he had been here. I would have told him. Right in his face. Right there. But there was no one. We went up the staircase. A long staircase.

Howling in the distance. Headache. Somewhere inside my head. It hurt. Beating. Loud. But not like before. It spread. Consumed it all. Let go of me and spread out. Everywhere. It was weird. We reached the top and I puked. Puked all over the rust.
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