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"Wow, congratulations!" Herry exclaimed as he got up to shake both of their hands

Theresa felt her hart drop to the floor engaged? How could this happen? she thought to herself.

The evening went by with reminisants of old times, drinking and merry tunes. Theresa tried to grin and bare it, but Atlanta knew what was on her mind. She didn't say anything as not to upset her, but she kept looking at her as if seeing if she ok.

By the end of the night Theresa had thought that she had perhaps come to terms with it, but then something once again killed her heart. And it began when after the reunion Jay and Melissa came up to her and asked of her a favor.

"Hey Theresa, would you please consider being our maid of honor" Melissa asked "I knew you were Jay's best friend in high school, and I dunno, thought you would make our night perfect by being their"

"Oh my god, this is" Theresa said you torturing me you witch, how many times can you break my heart she never said that to her face "a great honor, thank you so much, I" she hesitated "accept" she gave both of them a half-hearted hug.

She hung her head low as she walked to her car.

"Hey Theresa!" Atlanta came running up to her "Before you go, I want you to promise my to take it easy"

"I'm going to be fine" she whispered

"Are you sure?"

"I am going to be fine!" she yelled at her. Atlanta, hurt, turned heals and started to walk away. you don't sound fine Atlanta looked back at her old friend but I pray that you will be

"Atlanta" Theresa had finally realized what she had done but it was to late, Atlanta was now out of ear shot "I'm sorry" she whispered

She got into her car feeling even worse than she had ten minuets previous, if that was possible. She started the car and heard the engine rev-up.

Down the road she thought it would do her good to listen to some music, she turned on her radio. To her hatred, Every time we Touch came on. Tears welt up in her eyes making them red and puffy. She was pushing random buttons on the radio in frustration until it finally turned off.

"Why are you doing this to me" she whispered to the heavens, "why are you doing this to me" this time she cried it out. The tears in her eyes where making it hard for her to see the road. She pulled over onto a ledge overlooking downtown. She held herself across her chest, she wept. She wept for the love that she had lost, the torment of actually participating in the wedding that came with it, and she wept for feeling so horrible for yelling at one of her best friend. No, not just one of her best friends, one of her best friends who had tried to help her.

"What more can you do to me"

A/N:Sorry that this chapter is so short
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