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I Miss You

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Written for Theme: #4 Our distance and that person for 30 Kisses. Momo and Ryoma talk on the phone.

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Title: I Miss You
By: Neko Mastermind

Momo stared at the phone, eyes narrowed. The phone stared back, uninterested.

With a sigh, he pushed it away, muttering a few words under his breath before turning back to his homework. No. He wouldn't give in and call. Besides, Momo thought that he was already busy, doing this and that over in America. He wouldn't have time to talk to his senpai. Probably didn't want to, either.

Reading over the math problem for his homework, Momo found his mind drifting once again to a certain freshman. To say he'd been upset over Ryoma leaving would have been an understatement. He was more than just a teammate to Momo; he was a best friend, someone Momo told everything to, and heard everything in return.

And...he was his boyfriend, too. That gave him the right to call, right?

Going one week without the boy around was driving Momo insane. He couldn't concentrate, he was doing terrible at practice, and had been caught daydreaming in class so many times he'd earn a detention after school. Even if they had only been dating for a few weeks, Momo was attached to the boy.

"This is ridiculous." He muttered, dropping his pencil. Eyes traveling to the phone again, he sighed. It wouldn't hurt, right? If Ryoma didn't want to talk to him, he'd tell him.

Nodding to himself, the second year went over to his backpack, pulling out the calling card he'd purchased just for this occasion, and the number of the hotel Ryoma was staying at. Dialing the number, he waited, holding his breath.

What if Ryoma wasn't there? What if it was the wrong number? It felt like a thousand 'what ifs' ran through his mind as he listened to the phone ring. And ring. And ring.

As he was about to give up and hang up the phone, a familiar, but at the same time, different voice answered in English. "Hello?"

Not sure if it was Ryoma, Momo took a deep breath and responded in broken English. "I hoping to speak to Ryoma Echizen?"

Momo heard a soft sound over the phone - was that a chuckle? - before the person responded in Japanese, much to the second year's relief. "Momo-senpai, your English is still mada mada dane."

"Hey, it's getting better!" Momo protested, a wide smile spreading across his face. To think he'd missed those three words... "Hey, Echizen."


"'s America?"

"Boring." Ryoma responded, and Momo grinned at the tone of his voice.

"Heh~ See, maybe you shouldn't have gone! You wouldn't be bored here." Momo always made sure of that.

There was a soft huff. "I didn't have a choice, remember?"

"Yeah...I remember."

There was a moment of silence, before Momo spoke up again. "'ve you been?"

"Saa...fine, I guess." Ryoma replied. "...what about you?"

Lonely./ I miss you. I want you back here. I want to see you, I want to touch you.../ "Eh, about the same." He said instead, blushing a little at his thoughts.



"I..." Ryoma's voice was uncharacteristically soft.

"Hm? What, Echizen?"


"Aa..." Momo pouted a little. Sighing, he moved over to his bed and flopped down, staring at the ceiling. Before he knew it, he was speaking, and he immediately blushed and berated himself for the words that slipped past his lips. "I miss you."

Momo had expected Ryoma to hang up. Or snark at him, or tease him, or /something/. But the response he got was something he'd never expected the freshman to say. "I...miss you too, Momo-senpai."

His heart fluttered. Echizen missed him? As he was about to say something else, something else that he'd been holding in, a voice on the line said that the minutes on his card were almost up. "Damn. phone card's going. But I'll get another one to call you again, okay?"

The second year could hear the pout in Ryoma's voice. "Alright. I'll be here around the same time, so..."

"Alright...I'll call you same time tomorrow?"


" to you later, Echizen."

"Ja, Momo-senpai."

Hanging up, Momo stared at the phone for a moment before kissing the part he spoke into, sighing softly. "I'll give you a real one when you get back." He said into the phone, a small smile on his face.
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