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In Your Eyes

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Drabble request from Alley with the following line of dialogue: I stared at him as he laid on our bed. I reached out a shaky hand and brushed back his hair, gazing at the beautiful man in my bed. ...

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Title: In Your Eyes
By: Neko Mastermind

He makes a soft noise and rolls over, facing me. His nose wrinkles briefly, as if he's not at all pleased with whatever dream is playing in his mind. Then he settles down again with another soft sigh. I can imagine his eyes, those oddly colored yet strangely alluring golden eyes, sharpen as he snorts in his sleep. I can't help but chuckle; something in this dream must really be annoying him.

I stared at him as he laid on our bed. I reach out a shaky hand and brush back his hair, gazing at the beautiful man in my bed. Just what did I see when I looked into his eyes?

When we were younger, it was determination; he always wanted to be the best. I remember watching him sometimes, after practice. On certain days he'd hang behind and just hit balls against the side of the school, sometimes spending hours doing it. Other times it was when we played each other just for fun, or at practice. It was always determination I saw in that golden stare, accompanied with a smirk I learned to both love and hate.

At other times, it's indifference, almost as if he's bored with everyone around him. As we got older, our senpai used to tease that one day he'd turn into Buchou. That indifferent stare would turn into an indignant glare, and he'd fire an insult or a teasing remark back that had everyone laughing or sputtering.

I chuckle again, letting my hand continue to run through his hair. Nowadays, I see everything in those eyes, because now I look for it. He's not the best at expressing his emotions in words - he admitted to me one night after I'd whispered how much I loved him.

I told him he didn't need to say those words back, that every little action he did spoke more than anything he could have said instead.

He might not be able to say yet, but I can tell that he feels the same about me as I do him just by looking into his eyes. Those odd, yet expressive golden eyes. Sometimes I wonder if he really understands what I mean.

He makes another sound and his eyes flutter open to give me a slightly confused look before sharpening. Brows furrow and he tilts his head, a curious expression on his face. "What are you doing?"

I shrug slightly, realizing that my hand was still moving through his hair. I pull it away and lay it on his hip, giving him a small grin. "Watching you sleep."

He raises an eyebrow. "Why?"

Because I always do. Because I don't want to wake up one day and find this was all a dream. "I felt like it," I answer instead, and he snorts.

"You're weird, Momo." He says, though that doesn't stop him from moving closer, resting his head against my shoulder. I chuckle, but don't deny it; maybe I am, for staying up to watch my lover instead of going to sleep. "I might be weird, but you love me anyway, right Ryoma?" I respond, glancing down at him.

He looks up and smiles faintly, golden eyes meeting my own violet ones before shutting as he moves even closer.

And I can tell he does, even if he doesn't say it. Just by looking in his eyes.
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