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Theresa watch out the window. Last week had been a dream come true.
jay came up behind her and gave a kiss on the cheek.

It had been exactly one week they'd been married.
Now they we're on their honeymoon in Hawaii.

They we're in a expensive hotel. Theresa was looking at the sliding door window at the graceful beach and the smooth ocean. Outside was a balcony and a porch. The sheets of the bed we're nice and white. The floor was made of a nice shade of dark wood and the funiture was clean and soft.

"this is going to be lovely" Theresa said.

She could just imagine it, walking on the sandy beach, riding horses, sailing with her now husband, and eating pineapples and coconuts under the hot sun. It was paradise.

Her wedding had been absoulutely perfect!! So romantic! And Archei had porposed to Atlanta!! She could not wait till the wedding. And she had been asked to be the bride's maid. And Jay had been asked to be the Best Man.

"Do you want to take a walk?" Jay asked.

"Sure, darling"

Jay loved the sound of Theresa voice whenever she called him Jay dear, or darling. Her voice belonged to an angel, yet she was his angel. Her voice sounded like a soft melody played by the very instrument she plays.

She grabbed her flip-flops and changed intpo her green bikini with a pink palm tree on the side. She slipped on a white sharong over her bikini bottom and headed out the door of their suite.

The beach was breezy and sandy. It was wonderful!! Theresa loved puting her feet in the warm sand. She walked with Jay, their arms around each other. It was that sunny, but it was perfect not too hot not too cold. The breeze blew her hair gently in the wind.

She watched kids run passed her laughing and playing. She smiled. Kids we're like precious angels that touch your heart. She loved babies.

She looked out into the sea. It shimmered like sapphires sun touching the sea. It was like a giant blue crystal fell in between the grassy mountains and golden beach.

"You want to go surfing? I always wanted to try."Theresa asked.

"Sure, that would sound great!" Jay replied.

The walked over to the SurfBoard Shack. "two to rent please' Theresa said.

"Here you go" The saleperson said.

She gave them two long boards with brilliant colours. "Have you ever surfed before?"

"I haven't..but my husband has" Theresa said. She loved saying her husband.

"Well there are free lessons?" The person handed a brochure.

"No thanks" Theresa said. She wanted jay to teach her.

They walked to the water.

This will be fun, Theresa thought.

"Now" Jay began. He instructed her how to start stabnding on the board and move herself in the water.

It took her a whoile to get use to it. Falling and slipping and laughing at the same time.

SHe watched Jay beat those waves and glide through them. it was amazing! She wanted to do that herself.

They'd been surfing all day till it was 6PM.

"Let's go grab something to bite" Jay said.

"Race ya to the suite!" she said. Hse knew she couldn't run in the hotel but she felt so much more energy in her!

"Hey you had a head start!" Jay yelled back at her.

They raced and ran until they both got to the door first.

They both tried to put their key in there first but knocked each others and they started laughing all over again.

They opened the door and changed into dry clothes.
Theresa wore a tube top and a white skirt with a green sweater.
She put a lay in her hair.

They walked passed stres and shops looking for a fish n' chips restaurant by the docks.

The water looked colourful like the rainbow.

Finally they found a place called Al's Fish N' Chips.

They walked in. The air smelt like fries and so nice.

They read a sign that said Please Seat Yourself.
They sat on a table for two with whole in the table so the fish and chip holder went through. In the middle of the table we're ketchup, napkins and vinegar. Theresa and Jay sat on long stools by the tall table. The walls of the restaurtant had many decorations of lifesavers, ancors, pictures and a swordfish.

"This is nice" Theresa said.

"Yeah," Jay said. He could smell the juicy fish and could feel the fries melting in his mouth already.

The waitress came by with two Fish N' Chips. "Would you like drinks" she asked.

"I'd like a lemonade please" jay said.

"Just water, thank you" Theresa said.

She nodded and left.

The first day on their honeymoon was absoulutely amazing!!!!


After dinner


"Dinner was delicious" Theresa said.

"You wanna go for a sail?" Jay asked.

That was the same thing he asked the day he had porposed to her.
She wondered if there we're more surprises.

"Yes, Jay" theresa said with a sweet smile.

jay had rented a boat since he couldn't bring his all the way to Hawaii.

Once again they watched the sunset go down in beauty.


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