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Games and Smiles

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Iruka reflects and Kakashi smiles....

Category: Naruto - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica, Romance - Characters: Iruka, Kakashi - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2006-09-27 - Updated: 2006-09-27 - 727 words - Complete

Kakashi smiles at him, that smile that only he is privy to, hidden as it always is behind masks both real and imagined. Iruka leans down kiss him, dragging the silky tendrils of his hair across already overheated skin. The feather soft caress ignites shivers and a smattering of goose bumps across the body beneath his. A practiced tease it is nonetheless welcomed.

Kakashi's mouth is there suddenly, firm lips against his own. His heat and his scent and his passion are all consuming, Iruka feels it soul deep. They are falling into a known dance, katas learned in the bedroom instead of the dojo, an achingly familiar ritual. Kakashi tastes of cigarettes and cinnamon, smells like sweat and soap and arousal, and Iruka growls, low and primal, a primitive response to his lovers nearness.

Iruka feels a smile blossom on his lips as Kakashi begins his litany, a list of dirty thought fuck words, whispered brokenly and guttural into the recesses of his mouth. They are dark, the words and their meanings, and they twist something inside Iruka, dragging a shuddering gasp from him. He doesn't know, doesn't understand how Kakashi can be so pleading and so domineering all at once, how he wrings such true and honest feelings from him.

There are hands, hot and calloused, running unknowable patterns over dark expanses of skin, tweaking nipples and trailing seductively across muscle made hard by years of training. Iruka returns the favor through playful nips and laves of tongue and searching fingers. He touches Kakashi's erection, barely; one subtle stroke followed by another, playing the game, dominance to the winner. It has been that way since that first groping embrace all those years ago.

If he thought he couldn't become any more aroused, any hotter, Kakashi's whispers in his ear prove otherwise. He begs as though Iruka were the one in control, when it is really he who is teasing: taunting and rubbing and stroking, pushing past all reasonable boundaries of sanity and control. Kakashi is determined tonight, desperate almost, for the feel and taste of Iruka. He shifts them so quickly the room spins and Iruka finds himself dazed, gazing up at the cracked expanse of ceiling above him.

He swears his toes curl as Kakashi envelops his erection in one agonizingly hot second and all logical thoughts flee. His mind blank all he can process is the tongue and lips that tease and torment him, so deliciously sensual it leaves him dizzy with arousal. Kakashi teases him, long, deep, sucking mouthfuls followed by shallower caresses, kisses and nibbles, the changing pace keeping him on edge.

Too soon in the game to come, unwilling to come so soon, Iruka forcibly pulls himself from the stupor Kakashi's mouth has created, pulling the jounin back up to his mouth. The kiss seems to last for ages, tongues tangling as they grind equally dripping erections into one another, the feel of hot, hard flesh wreaking havoc on Iruka's already shaky control. Kakashi's panting breath flutters across his lips, pleas whimpering in between gasps.

Succumbing to his lovers pleading sighs, Iruka lubes his fingers and slides them down, slipping past barriers of flesh to tease that spot that makes Kakashi lose control. Groaning at the intrusion, he fucks himself back on the invasive fingers, grumbling moans falling from his throat. Iruka takes his time, taking revenge for the torment Kakashi wrought, even though his cock is desperate to be buried in that slick hot space, and he is desperate to be wrapped around the one man he has ever loved.

Unable to bear the torturous foreplay any longer Kakashi begs him, his back arching into every thrust of fingers. Iruka complies, taking him forcibly, gently, so completely that he nearly comes instantly. Buried fully he swears they've finally broken something, the bed, themselves, their contrived nonchalance, the indifferent mask, the world face they both wear outside this room; it's a brutal, beautiful love.

They don't last long; too soon Kakashi's name is on his lips. Hands clenched on hips they are toppling down into sweet, stinging release. The teeth bruising his shoulder, the hands twisting knots into his hair, the breath panting harshly in his ear, mean little compared to the smile. Kakashi smiles, smiles his true smile, bright and beautiful and real and together they briefly find peace.
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