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Peach and Granite

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It is the Saturday after the "Stuff of Villians" episode. Kitty and Rogue are walking home from the Saturday detention, and a song makes Kitty remember the good times.

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/Peach and Granite/

Disclaimer: I don't own Smash Mouth or any of their songs. I don't own X-Men: Evolution or any of the characters, episodes, plot lines, or ideas attached to it. I own this disclaimer. As a note to all rabid lawyers out there: KEEP AWAY!!!

This is dedicated to Shortstuff, my resident Smash Mouth expert who patiently puts up with my constant yattering about X-Men: Evo. He gave me my first Smash Mouth CD and now is helping me with the daunting Evo song fic that I am making at his insistence.

Many thanks to Raven the Dark Angel for giving me the courage to try writing a little romance. The ending didn't turn out quite the way I had anticipated, and it is closer to Gothic Romance than it should be, but there is no blood or gore in this one, which is very good considering my track record.

Note: This song fic takes place on the Saturday after 'Stuff of Villains'. Rogue and Kitty are coming home after their detention with Principal Kelly.


"I can't believe that Kelly made us have a Saturday detention. Now I have totally missed the best time to head out for the mall," Kitty was slumped in a posture of defeat as she walked along beside her roommate.

"Yeah, but look on the bright side, we got out of morning danger room sessions," Rogue commented pragmatically.

"We'll just get stuck with extra as soon as we reach the Institute," Kitty looked severely depressed.

"Who says that we have tah go directly home," Rogue brightened instantly, "Look, the park's only one street away. Why don't we go there?"

Kitty nodded decisively, thinking of the ice cream that was usually sold there. Was she feeling in the mood for vanilla, or 'Chunky Monkey'?

The two girls set off down a side street and soon found themselves looking at a grassy expanse bordered with trees. The sunshine filled it and a light breeze tossed in the trees. Kitty saw the ice cream vendor, but he was surrounded by a crowd of people.

Rogue led them over to a park bench, the dumped their back packs and slumped down to enjoy the soft sun. It was very warm for so early in spring, and Kitty found it hard to stay awake.

"Say, Rogue, why were you so obsessed about going after Lance and everyone with out help?" Kitty had to ask.

"'Cause someone would have died if we didn't," Rogue's dark lips twisted into a frown, "Ah know that it was only Pietro, but no one deserves to die just because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time."

"But, you didn't know that Pietro was going to be pushed over a cliff when you decided to go after them. Wait, you didn't go after them," Kitty sat up grinning with glee, "you went after /Him/. That sexy Cajun. Has the Queen of Ice finally thawed for someone other than Scott?"

"Ah have no idea what yah are talkin' about Kitty," Rogue said with dignity, very glad that her layers of make up hid her blush, "Ah have no interest in Scott, or that /slime/," she added with venom.

"Oh, whatever. You're just in denial. C'mon, let's go get some ice cream," Kitty jumped up.

Rogue rushed after her yelling that trying to blow a person's hand off was not a sign of affection. Kitty laughed and challenged her to a race. They reached the ice cream vendor at the same time. Even though Kitty had a head start and did track regularly Rogue's long legs had closed the gap quickly.

"What'll you have, Rogue? I'm buying," Kitty tried to make up for teasing her roommate.

"Ah guess," Rogue looked at the selection, "Licorice."

Kitty wrinkled her nose at Rogue's selection and then decided for peach. She paid the vendor and they left, licking the ice cream cones, still arguing about Magneto's Cajun as they were calling him.

They were almost to the bench when they saw the tall dark figure leaning on their bench. Rogue looked from the figure to the back packs and back, thinking how stupid they had been to leave their stuff unguarded. Then she saw who the figure was.

"Yah! Shouldn't yah be off pickin' pockets or somethin'?"

"An' let someone less scrupulous then mahself guard yah homework? C'mon ma chere, yo' didn' really t'ink Ah'd be dat callous, did yah?" the Cajun straightened up, his hands spread wide.

Kitty glared at him with Rogue. It was one thing to make fun of Rogue using this Cajun, it was quite another to allow him to stalk them.

"Since when have Ah been yah 'chere'?" Rogue was using her 'I'm armed and dangerous' voice.

"Since yo' t'rew mah gift away. Didn't know anyone had dat in 'em," he smirked.

Kitty sat down on the bench as Rogue started in on the Cajun. She checked her back pack, trying to ignore the shouts going on behind her. It seemed that one of Rogue's comments had struck a nerve.

Lance and I used to fight like that, Kitty thought. Before she could brush the thought away a lump formed in her throat. Was everything going to remind her of Lance?

One of the sun bathers on the grass turned up a radio.

We need a new planet
Only too true, thought Kitty morosely

You were a rock but I took you for granite
You were always there for me. Ready to catch me when I fell.

Ain't/ that a shame, ain't it a sin?/
Of course it was. I should never have let you go.

We had too much baggage when our ship came in
Yeah, we never had a chance as long as I listened to Scott and everyone.


Like a laser beam
I let you think that I thought you weren't good enough for me.

You're never what I'm seeing
I can't believe you believed that.

I ought to better my best behavior
I'm the one who wasn't good enough for you

I can't deny, I lit the fire
I didn't mean to.

But the twist of fate bridge was gonna burn anyway
But let's face it; it never would have worked out anyway.


Without you it's no fun
You taught me the guitar.

It's like a total eclipse of the sun
I don't laugh at the right things any more.

Without you it's no wonder
I can't find any point in my computer classes.

It's like a total eclipse of the sun
I don't laugh for the fun of being alive.


It's just the time of the season
It's spring, everybody is snuggling up to the one they love

I'm getting tongue tied facing my demons
I can't find any more excuses for why I'm feeling empty.

But I'm free 'cause I want you to be
But you don't want to be with me. I can let you go if it means that you will be happy.

But the twist of fate bridge is gonna burn anyway
Let's face it, it never would have worked out anyway.

Kitty, hoped that Rogue didn't look over to see the wetness that seeped down her cheeks. She licked her ice cream and willed the tears to go away by the time the song ended.


Lance walked in the park. Someone was blasting a song from a radio. He stopped to listen to the song, appreciating the guitar part.

Lance was feeling stifled. Pietro was not a good leader. He knew it, too, which made it all the harder. The guy was lazing around the couch one moment, training them to death the next.

There was no place safe. Nowhere Lance could relax and let his ever vigilant guard down. No one sympathized with Lance any more. He cut off that train of thought as he saw it heading towards a steep precipice.

Concentrate on the song, don't think of anything else. Especially not a beautiful brunette.. Stop it! The song, listen to the song. Think about the chording used.

We need a new planet
Only too true, thought Lance morosely

You were a peach but I told you to can it
I shouldn't have done that, you were the best thing in my life.

You weren't the only pig in the pen
Damn you Pietro, Todd, and Fred. Never should have listened to you.

We had too much baggage when our ship came in
Kitty Pryde and Lance Alvers, huh? Yeah, like anyone would have let it last.


Without you it's no fun
You taught me how to format a hard drive.

It's like a total eclipse of the sun
I can't find anyone who knows how to listen like you.

Without you it's no wonder
Why should I even bother with my guitar anymore?

It's like a total eclipse of the sun
I never felt safer than when I was with you.


It's just the time of the season
Spring is in the air, and there's no one to enjoy it with.

I'm getting tongue tied facing my demons
I have to deal with Pietro now; I can't just let you take over my life.

But I'm free cause I want you to be
You're happier with the X-Men. Why did I try to fool myself into thinking that a low life like me could ever make you happy?

But the twist of fate bridge is gonna burn anyway
I forced you to choose between me and your family. Who was I kidding? We were lucky to even make it this far without it coming crashing down around our ears.

Lance shook his head. Don't think about it, he ordered himself sternly.

He blinked several times. He must have got something in his eyes. They had begun to water.

He looked around and then saw the smarmy Cajun standing near Kitty yelling at Rogue. Why that bastard shouldn't be within three miles of his Kitty Cat. No, she's not yours anymore.

Lance turned away. He tried to put the image of Kitty out of his mind. He had to face it; Kitty was out of his league. She was a princess. More beautiful than anything in the world. He was Lance Alvers, the next step away from being a thief,. One day the hole inside him would mend.

He walked away from the park, willing the numbness that had begun to creep into his soul to spread faster. By morning he wouldn't feel a thing for Kitty, or anyone else for that matter
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