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Ryan finds Ana quite intimidating...

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Ana gingerly opened her eyes frightened she would meet with some sunlight but thankfully she was in a room with heavy curtains drawn shut. Ana could feel a dull ache in the back of her head and she screwed up her face and groaned as she straightened herself. She could taste the vodka from the night before in her mouth still and she suddenly felt sick at the thought of it. Her brain was slowly piecing information together, slowly filtering it through to her so she could try and make sense of it.
"Here." She turned to see Pete sat beside her on the sofa, offering her a reefer. She shook her head at him and yawned. "Sure?" he asked as he sipped at a cup of coffee. The clock on the bedside table read 09:38 and Ana wondered how morning had come so quickly, again.
"Maybe I will then." she took the reefer. Pete watched Ana place the reefer carefully to her full lips and suck gently on it.
"You scared my new boys last night." He told her.
"What new boys?" Ana asked him flicking the excess ash onto the floor. Pete frowned at her lack of consideration as he watched the ash tumble to the carpet.
"The Panic boys." He said leaning over and taking the reefer from between her fingers. "Not sure they've met an Ana before." He smiled at her seeing her pretty face frown as she tried to remember. "You my darling." he said inhaling deeply on the reefer before he continued. "Are an outstanding cliché." He exhaled with those words and watched her looking around the room. "You don't even know where we are do you?" he smiled.
"No." she said it as though she couldn't have cared less where they were.

Ana took a deep breath and got up from the sofa to walk around the hotel room she found herself in. She ran her fingers along the soft material of the bed as she made her way to the windows.
"Ok we're still in Vegas right?" she smiled at Pete before she peeked out through the curtains. She liked the games she played with Pete. Ana recoiled from the sunlight that shone outside the heavy curtains and let them drop back across the windows.
"Yeah." He told her. "Still in Vegas."
"Good." She spoke quietly rubbing her eyes and smudging her make-up even more. Pete shook his head at her, he had often played the 'where are we' game with Ana, in fact he had played a lot of games with Ana. He noticed her expression change and she dropped herself onto the bed huffing like a sulking teenager. Ana remembered the new boys very well, the Panic boys. They were all smiles and polite conversation, totally out of place and she was annoyed they were the band touring with them.
"Oh man." She moaned at Pete. "Why bring those Panic kids with us? They're so starchy." She suddenly sat up to look at Pete, her eyes quite wide. "They don't belong in a band." She said.
"That my lovely Ana is where you're wrong." Pete insisted. There was a loud knock at the door surrounded by busy voices. Ana watched Pete as he went to the door and opened it up with a smile. Ana saw the neat hair and the clean clothes of the Panic boys as they stood at the door and she rolled her eyes lying back down on the bed. Pete welcomed the boys into the room, pouring some more coffees and opening the curtains a little. He noticed Ana scowling as she watched everyone chatting for a while about the tour schedule. Ana had hoped the support band to be a little more rock and roll but much to her disappointment they were instead polished and inexperienced.

Ryan was sat awkwardly on the edge of the bed far too close to Ana for his liking and he was wondering how to move without making it obvious he was moving away from her. He found her extremely intimidating but strangely alluring. He compared her in his mind to a guilty pleasure of some sorts and tried to avoid her.
"You just need to get your heads down and do the job." Pete advised them all.
"It's nerve racking." Ryan admitted. "I'm only excited because I get to see your shows." Ryan smiled making Pete laugh.
"I want to see yours." Ryan jumped nervously when he heard Ana speak into his ear. She was sat up close to him, staring at him quite intently.
"You want to see my what?" Ryan asked. He looked back into Ana's eyes wondering how such a pretty girl could be so unattractive. He heard Brendon laugh and thought that really she should have been taunting Brendon and not him. Brendon could deal with her really well, he just threw in some witty remarks and some smiles but Ryan felt ill-equipped for a girl like Ana.
"I want to see one of your shows." She announced.
"Well you would." Pete said standing from the sofa. "If you could manage to stay sober long enough." It sounded like a domestic and it made Ryan wonder some more about Ana's relationship with Pete. "Get off Ryan now Ana." He added. She winced slightly but she kept her eyes on Ryan. He intrigued her, she wasn't used to shy boys and she liked the way he couldn't look at her for too long or the way he jumped a tiny bit when she spoke. She was fascinated with his mild mannerisms and beautiful face. "Ana!" Pete shouted at her.
"What?" she screamed back nearly knocking Ryan off of the bed with her voice.

Ryan was sat with his pen and notebook staring out the window of the tour bus as the scenery shot past, he was feeling quite peaceful. He was trying so hard not to look at Ana but it was almost impossible seeing as she had sat down opposite him and proceeded to talk crap for a while and then fell asleep. There were words that came to mind as he looked at her but he couldn't catch them in time to write them down, they escaped his mind too quickly. His eyes were lingering on her lips mostly and he found himself writing the word 'lips' in his notebook, retracing it over and over until the thickness of the ink nearly tore the paper. He noticed how long her eye lashes were and how much better she looked without make-up, he stared a while at the cute little freckles around her nose and on her cheeks. He liked the long socks she was wearing up to her knees and the slight tan to her skin.
"A'right?" Brendon sat down next to her and she stirred from her sleep.
"Hey." Ryan smiled at him.
"I just kicked Brent's arse on Mortal Combat." He grinned. "He's pissed now."

Ana opened her eyes to see Ryan immediately look away and down at his notebook pretending to be deep in thought. She moved slightly and looked up to Brendon instead who wasn't too shy to look back.
"You got any cigarettes?" she asked him. He shook his head.
"You shouldn't smoke." He told her watching her stretch and noticing the tattoo on her wrist as she did. "You'll get lung cancer and die." He smiled at her.
"God." She said to him. "Aren't you charming?" she ruffled her hair with her hands and fussed her t-shirt a little.
"Sure am." Brendon leant forward and picked up the camera on the table between Ana and Ryan.
"Perfect little ray of sunshine aren't you?" She moaned.
"Dam sight shinier than you sweetheart." Brendon replied without looking at her. Ana smiled liking him much more already. She wondered whether with a little bit of encouragement maybe these boys wouldn't be so boring after all.
"So how old are you guys?" She asked trying to shake the sense of sleep she still felt and sitting herself up straighter. .
"Nineteen." Brendon answered. Ana looked at Ryan and when she got no response she kicked him under the table.
"Is he deaf?" she asked. Ryan's eyes lifted from his notebook.
"I have a name." he told her.
"Me too." She replied. "What you want a badge?" She saw his eyes drop again and she figured she was probably being too rude but it was just instinct for her, she couldn't help it. "Ryan?" she asked waiting for him to look up again. Ryan felt a tiny bit like smiling but he was damn sure he wouldn't let her know that. He looked up again to meet her pretty green eyes.
"I'm nineteen too." He told her.
"What about you?" Brendon asked managing to work out how to turn the camera on but quickly realising he had found something that was important to Ana. She snatched it out of his hands with a heavy frown on her face. "Hey!" he whined at her. "Easy." Ryan watched her as she clutched the camera like it was precious to her.
"Just leave the camera alone." She barked at him.
"Have you had extensive training on how to be fucking weird?" Brendon asked her. For the first time since he had met Ana Ryan thought he saw a flash of vulnerability to her and he wondered if she was so bad after all.
"Well you've obviously had extensive training on how to be a fucking idiot." Ana replied as she got up from the table, camera in hand and disappeared further down the bus.
"YES!" Brendon shouted after her a big smile on his face. "I kind of like her." He then said.
"She's rude." Ryan replied.
"I think she's the token groupie." Brendon added the corners of his mouth turned down as he considered that thought. Ryan was sure that was Brendon's wishful thinking rather than the truth.
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