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Jay's Birthday, with many tears and joy.

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It's jay's birthday ans a party at their house, he's gonna annouce the great new to everyone!

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Everone gatheed into their lovely mansion.

Jay's family, theresa's family, and their friends. Herry, Odie, Neil and the new couple. Archie and Atlanta.

"Happy Birthday Jay!"

They all said raising their glasses.

"Thank you, thank you. for my dear family, my new family and my dear friends...I'd like to make an annoucement."

His parents smiled at each other.

everyone elses ears we're listening.

"Theresa."hE held his hands up. she walked over to him.

"theresa..everyone, Theresa is pregnant!"

Some people cried happily, some people let out hoots and cheers, some came up to congradulate them.

Jay's sister let out ters from her eyes. Her little brother had a baby, she was to be an aunt!

Theresa's sister cried too, she as well was going to be an aunt.

Theresa's dad came up to them giving them kisses. Her dad had a few tears.

He congradulated them. He was to be a grandfather to another dear child.

Their friends came up to them.

"Hey buddy, congrats!" herry said.

"Yeah man." Odie and jay did their shake.

"Congradulations!" Neil said.

Archie and Atlanta came up and gave them hugs.

"Congradulations theresa, I'm so happy for you."

"Thank you Atlanta, i would like to asked you something."


"would you and Archie like to be the godparents?"

"Oh," Atlanta had tears in her eyes now.

"Yes Theresa! That would be lovely!!"

Archie hugged Jay and congradulated him, then he heard this news.

He put arms around Atlanta and one tear fell down.

"Yes Thank you guys, that would be nice"


Ooooh ya gonna like this!

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