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Chapter 11: The Way of Invisibility

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Ninja Turtles 2003/Harry Potter AU Crossover. Extensive summary in profile.

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Chapter 11: The Way of Invisibility

Hermione Granger shivered as she took a good look around. She was at the place Harry had indicated, but Harry seemed to be running a little late. New York Winters seemed to be a pain and Hermione had wondered where her friend was. She had hoped he had not forgotten. The sound of the frigid wind made Hermione jump a bit.

"Hello, Hermione," said a quiet voice in her ear.

Hermione spun around, looking frantic but she saw Harry who was hanging upside from the bars the swings in the park were hung from behind where she was standing. Harry flipped down, landing on his feet.

"I wish you would not do that, Harry Potter," said Hermione irritably.

"Sorry, Hermione," said Harry at least having the nature to look a little sheepish. "I was practicing my training. The way of stealth, the way of silence, and the way of invisibility, you know stuff like that. Judging by your reaction, you didn’t know I was there until I said something."

"Yes, Harry, although please don't do that again. You took ten years off my life," said Hermione. "Anyway, this is not a place to chat, as it’s dreadfully cold out here. Besides, you promised me you would finally tell me what the story was with your family."

Harry nodded his head. Hermione and Harry walked off from the park. The moment of truth was to come soon.

Elsewhere in the city, Oroku Saki had called two of his subordinates to his throne room. Saki needed answers about the mysterious creatures and their human friend. He need to know whether or not, they worked for his ancient enemies so he called upon both Baxter Stockman and Hun. Saki was under the impression a combination of both brains and brawns would be the correct approach to sufficiently tackle this problem.

Stockman sneered as he read the report on the encounter less than a week ago with the mysterious creatures and their young human friend. A black man with glasses, dressed in a navy blue suit, Stockman had a streak of arrogance which he had paid for numerous times. He never learned to hold his tongue and the eye patch he was sporting at the moment was proof. A previous failure by Stockman had a high price for the scientist and it showed why Saki should not be trifled with.

"Mysterious creatures who have powers, a young eleven year old brat who can hang with trained ninjas," said Stockman with a sneer. "I’m sorry but is this an assessment report or a fantasy novel? This seems like too much of a coincidence to be factual."

"Was it coincidence that destroyed your mousers?" snapped Saki before rounding upon Hun. "Hun, tell me, was it coincidence which defeated your Foot Ninjas and lost me the Sword of Tengu?"

"No, Master," said Hun sycophantically.

"Perhaps the reason is..." started Stockman but he did not finish his sentence as Saki grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and tossed him across the room with expert strength. Stockman crashed into the floor hard, groaning in pain.

"I am not interested in theories, Dr. Stockman," said Saki in a low dangerous voice. "You two will work together and find a way to capture one of the mysterious creatures. I must find out whether or not they are on the league with my enemies."

Hun bowed at Saki while Stockman was wondering if he should have went into another line of work.

Harry and Hermione were nearly to the lair. Harry told Hermione they were taking the long way to avoid trouble. When Hermione asked Harry what he meant, Harry said he would explain later. Harry's shoulder was still sore from the previous fight with the ninjas and wanted to avoid another encounter in any way possible.

"How much further, Harry?" inquired Hermione who was shivering in the cold. She could have smacked herself for not wearing a warmer winter coat.

"Just a bit, Hermione," said Harry before stopping short and pulling Hermione into an alleyway. Harry spotted the Purple Dragons and they seemed to be up to no good. Harry got into a few run ins with them back in his younger days and while he looked forward the rematch, he could not risk his friend getting hurt.

Hermione had spied the street gang as well.

"Who are they?" whispered Hermione to Harry. "Do you know these people, Harry?"

"Unfortunately, yes," said Harry. "I have had my share of run ins with them and they are bad news. Keep a low profile until they’re gone."

Harry looked at one of the punks, who were spraying graffiti, the wall. However, the fact the wall was being graffiti was not the concern to Harry. The form of the graffiti unnerved Harry extremely. A giant sword, along with four turtle shaped outlines were placed on the sword, making the sword looking like it was impaling the turtles. Harry felt anger as Hermione looked confused.

"What do they have against turtles anyway?" said Hermione shaking her head.

"Oh I have my theories," said Harry in a dark voice but the thug was not finished as of yet. Pulling out a green can of spray paint, the thug drew a lighting bolt shape on the end of the sword.

Hermione gave a gasp and now she felt feelings of anger. It appeared to her that Harry did in fact have his run-ins with these thugs and now they had it in for her friend.

"What did you do to make these thugs angry anyway, Harry?" asked Hermione but Harry shook his head. He had a feeling they were doing this on the orders of someone else.

After a few moments, the Purple Dragons left, no doubt to make their slanderous drawings elsewhere. Harry looked around and he could sense nothing else.

"C'mon, Hermione," said Harry. "Let us go. We only have a short way to go now."

Hermione and Harry ran off, finally reaching the warehouse, which housed the elevator Hermione looked at Harry and could not help herself for asking the obvious question.

"You live in a warehouse, Harry?" asked Hermione, wondering about her friend's sanity.

Harry laughed.

"No of course, not Hermione," said Harry. "My real home is a little bit below."

"You mean in the sewers," said Hermione but Harry shook his head.

"Sewers is such a demeaning term, I believe the term underground chamber would be more accurate," said Harry. "What does it matter anywhere? After all, home is where you hang your hat."

Hermione could not argue with logic as Harry pressed a few buttons, which activated the door of the elevator. Both had stepped in. Harry turned to Hermione, ready to prepare her for his family.

"Now Hermione, I must warn you," said Harry looking at Hermione with a serious look. "My family is, for lack of a better term, unique and I want you to try to keep an open mind. I do not want you to freak out or anything."

Hermione nodded her head, not exactly getting where Harry was coming from. When the elevator door opened, Hermione could understand why. Her mouth opened and snapped shut, quickly. Suddenly, the turtles in the graffiti and Harry's angry reaction to them made all the sense in the world.

"Ah, you must be, Hermione. Harry has told us much about you."

Hermione's eyes went wide. Master Splinter was leaning on his walking stick, smiling at her. Harry looked at Hermione, ready to dive right into damage control.

"Hermione, earth to Hermione, come in," said Harry, waving his hand in front of her face before turning to Splinter and the Turtles. The Turtles looked amused at Hermione's reaction. "Thanks a lot guys, you broke my friend."

Hermione finally found her tongue.

"So you must be Harry's family," said Hermione. "But how, did you, well you know."

"Tis a long story, young Hermione" said Mikey. "If you have the time, then we’ll clue you in on our mysterious super secret origin."

Hermione nodded her head and Master Splinter sat down, launching into the tale of his and the Turtles' origin.

Saki had called for a progress report after sending Stockman and Hun on a mission a few hours previously. He needed progress at a rapid rate and Stockman appeared to have something. Stockman walked into the room.

"While this oaf, has his little street punks waste their time with pointless wall drawings, I have been working hard on new ground breaking technology," said Stockman pompously as Hun growled at Stockman. "Behold my latest, genius creation."

A pair of ninjas in revamped and improved armor leapt into view.

"The latest Baxter Stockman wave of genius, allow me to introduce the Foot Tech Ninjas," boasted Stockman. "If I may, show a demonstration of the capabilities of their armor."

"Proceed," said Saki.

The Foot Tech Ninjas bowed at each other before engaged each other into battle. One of the ninjas fired a kick but the second ninja shrugged it off before grabbing the first one around the legs and tossed him to the ground.

"As you can see, the armor on the Foot Tech Ninjas increases their endurance and strength by two hundred percent," explained Stockman at Saki who looked indifferent.

One of the ninjas jumped but the second one pushed a button on his armor, which caused the assassin to become cloaked in invisibility. The ninja hit the ground harmlessly and a smack was heard from an invisible force, causing the visible ninja to fly back. The invisible warrior became visible once again, while bowing.

"Also, due to the cloaking controls built within their armor, they have increased stealth capabilities," added Stockman. "All thanks to a small piece of this fascinating artifact you dug out of the river that I was allowed to study."

Stockman indicated the exosuit, which the Foot Ninjas pilfered out of the river.

"No doubt with a more close study of the full artifact, I can create more technological treasures using my genius," said Stockman, eyeing the exosuit greedily before Hun grabbed him by the arm and pulled Stockman back.

Saki looked at Stockman with an unreadable expression on his face, before speaking.

"Deliver me the goods, Dr. Stockman," said Saki. "And you will be rewarded. But be warned, as you found out previously, the price of failing me is all too high."

Stockman rubbed his face underneath where his right eye was once located as Hun gave Stockman an evil glare.

Back at the lair, Hermione had been at the lair for several hours and Harry was eating a pizza smeared in chocolate sauce.

"Hungry Hermione," said Harry, in between bites of the pizza.

"Yes, Harry, but do you have any healthy foods?" asked Hermione, wondering how someone could eat so much pizza as Harry was on his fourth slice in less than twenty minutes.

"Hmmm, pizza, chocolate, ice cream, uh chips, no can't say I have," said Harry. "Unless, you like sushi."

Hermione shook her head, looking disgusted at the thought of eating raw fish.

"Why don't we go out for something to eat?" suggested Hermione. "Something healthy," she added, looking at Harry who had opened his mouth.

"Pizza smeared in chocolate sauce is not one of the major five food groups?" asked Harry in disbelief.

"Yes, Harry," said Hermione with a smile. "Hard as it is to believe, you were obviously misinformed."

Harry and Hermione rose to their feet, walking out of the room. Raph came from the other end of the room, following them.

"I guess, you are inviting yourself along, Raph," said Harry mildly.

"Well, someone has to come with you if you are going topside for a short time," said Raph. "Just in case you run into trouble, you might not be able to do much in a fight with your shoulder."

"What's wrong with your shoulder, Harry?" said Hermione, looking worried about her friend.

"Uh, training injury," responded Harry a bit deceitfully. He did not want to tell Hermione about the battle with the ninjas as she had the tendency to worry.

At the surface, Hermione, Harry, and Raph walked around but they did not take long to run into trouble. In the form of more Purple Dragons whom were spray painting more graffiti on the walls

"Purple Dragons," growled Raph, who pulled out his Sais, twirling them with an angry look on his face. "C'mon Harry, let's teach them not to befoul the neighborhood."

Hermione looked at Harry whose eyes blazed with rage from a picture of a giant turtle creature hanging from a noose which was spray painted by one of the street punks.

"Go hide, Hermione," said Harry. "I don't want you to get involved in this but I really need to take part in some neighborhood cleanup."

Hermione nodded, looking frantic before ducking into an alleyway. Raphael knocked one of the Purple Dragon punks back with a leaping kick. Harry ran into battle, engaging a Purple Dragon which was swinging a baseball bat but Harry pulled out his double-edged sword, slicing it in half before grabbing the Purple Dragon and flipped him over to his back.

"You," said a third dragon that was swinging a chain, going after Harry.

"Me," said Harry, responding. "Just your friendly neighborhood cleanup crew."

Harry rolled underneath the chain and the Purple Dragon wrapped his chain around Harry's double edge sword but Harry gave it a yank, causing the Purple Dragon to fall back.

Raph blocked a crowbar shot with his sai and knocked the Dragon back. The Purple Dragon whipped out a cell phone and dialed a number, talking it.

"I've got one," said the Purple Dragon. "Send backup right..."

The Purple Dragon was cut off with Raph dragging him up and shoving him back into the wall. Raph laid the Dragon out with a swift punch to the face.

"Well, that was easy," remarked Harry.

"Not quite, Harry," said Raphael shaking his head. "Phone boy here called for back up."

At those words from Raph, the group of two ninjas appeared on the building. Harry could not help but noticing they had some kind of advanced armor, which appeared stronger than the ninjas Harry and his brothers had fought previously.

"Whoa," said Harry as the ninjas pressed buttons on the chest plate of their armor, disappearing before their very eyes. "That’s not normal."

Raph shook his head and a few seconds later, Harry could felt getting smacked but he could not see an attacker. He swung wildly but got smacked again and thrown up by what appeared to be just air. Harry flew headfirst into the platform, before falling to the ground and rolling over in pain.

"Harry, no," said Raph but he got kicked in the back by one of the mysterious ninjas. Raph whipped out his Sais, twirling them but he got punched back by the ninjas.

Raph fell to the ground and the ninjas re appeared, leaping up before both caught Raph with a double leaping kick to the face. One of the ninja's pulled out a sword and raised it above his head before smashing the flat head over the face of Raph. Raphael fell to the ground, unconscious from the blunt blow to the head.

"Target apprehended," concluded the assassin, dragging Raph on the ground by his arm.

"What about the boy?" asked the second ninja to his cohort.

The Purple Dragons walked over, wielding their weapons. From her hiding place, Hermione had a look of horror on her face. Harry was not moving.

"Leave them to us, boys," said one of the Purple Dragons.

The ninjas gave them a short bow before dragging Raph off to parts unknown. The Purple Dragons raised their weapons over their head. All of the sudden, Harry sprang up to his feet and fired a kick ton one of the Purple Dragons. The second Purple Dragon went flying by an uppercut and Harry did a split kick, which sent the remaining two Purple Dragons flying in either direction. Harry then staggered around, dropping to his knee, while clutching his chest. The ribs he had bruised during the Quidditch Match a couple of months ago had not completely healed. Hermione raced over to her friend.

"Harry, are you all right?" cried Hermione looking concerned.

Harry nodded his head but something was missing. It hit Harry quickly his brother was not there.

"Where is Raphael?" asked Harry frantically.

"They took him, Harry!" cried Hermione. "The invisible ninjas dragged him off to who knows where. What are we going to do?"

"We are going to have to find these invisible ninjas," said Harry. "We need to enlist the help of my other brothers."

Hermione and Harry ran off. Time was off the essence; they needed to find Raph straight away.

Raph groggily awakened, his head killing him from the blow he took to it. It would not have surprised him if he had a concussion. Raph was strapped to an operating table of some sort and could not figure out where he was.

"Where am I?" muttered Raph before a series of bright lights came on, causing Raphael's headache to become ten times worse than it really was.

"Welcome, freak," said Hun before picking up Raph's Sais and examining them closely. "Now that's some nice steel, how about you tell me who gave them to you?"

"Yo Mama," said Raph cheekily.

Hun slammed his hands down on the table, glaring angrily at Raph.

"I’, sorry, I did not quite here that," said Hun looking at Raph. "Now, freak, I can get very clumsy if my questions are not answered."

Hun elbowed Raph across his concussed head, as Raphael groaned. This was going to be an extremely long night.

Don was working as Leonardo and Michelangelo were sparring as the door lair sprang up with Hermione looking frantic, as Harry was clutching his ribs, while staggering around back into the lair.

"What happened to you, Harry?" asked Don, looking concerned. "And where is Raph?”

"He has been abducted, by, I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, by invisible ninjas," said Hermione.

The three turtles looked at Hermione in disbelief.

"Invisible ninjas?" asked Mikey looking at Hermione in disbelief. "Now this story would not happen to involve Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy going into a bar, would it?"

Hermione narrowed her eyes at Mikey, having a dangerous look on his face. Mikey gulped, backing off as Harry decided to intervene.

"These things, well I think they were upgraded versions of our ninja friends," said Harry. "They could disappear with some kind of cloaking device.”

"This could be very troubling," added Leo. "We need to find Raph, as he could be in grave danger."

"We don’t know how to locate him," said Don. "If we only had something to track."

"The tracking charms I put on the two way mirror, would be of help," said Harry, while pulling out his wand and forming a triangle pattern. "It will take me a minute to locate the mirror."

"We also need to find our invisible ninja friends," said Donatello. "Got anything to track them with, Harry?"

Harry shook his head but Hermione's eyes brightened up, as she pulled something out of her pocket. It was an optic, which had flown off in the heat of battle with one of the invisible ninjas.

"Would this help?" asked Hermione as she held out the optic device. "It flew off one of the ninjas during Harry and Raphael's fight with them."

Don eyed it.

"Yes, it will do," said Don. "Thank you, Hermione, you were a great help."

Hun was starting to get extremely angry at the turtle creature. He had worked over a lot of tough guys in his day, but this turtle seemed to be an extremely difficult nut to crack.

"I’m going to ask you only one more time, turtle," said Hun in his most dangerous voice. "Whom are you working for? Where did you come from? What is your highest level of technology and the scope of your intelligence."

Raph looked confused. What was this thug playing at anyway?

"Technology, intelligence?" slurred Raph, looking confused. "Man you are barking up the wrong shell."

Hun slammed his hands down on the operating table, his patience wearing extremely thin.

"Answer my question, turtle," demanded Hun with an angry glare in his eyes.

"Come to think of it, who are you working for," said Raph. "I mean you look way too stupid to be in charge of all of this."

Hun stepped back and pulled out a circular saw. He was going to get some answers, even if he needed to dissect this turtle.

"Your choice, freak," said Hun. "You can talk, or you can let your DNA do the talking for you."

Hun pulled up the circular saw but Raph managed to pull his arm free from one of the straps holding him down.

"I have only one thing to say," said Raph before backhanding Hun and knocking him back a step before managing to snap his feet free and then his other arm.

Hun gave a mighty yell, going after Raph but he pulled out a gas mask, which emitted knockout gas. Raph smashed it into Hun's face, putting the behemoth to sleep.

"Sleep tight, lard butt," said Raph before picking up his Sais and the two way mirror, before he quickly left the room before Hun could recover.

Stockman was enraged at Hun's bumbling.

"You idiot," chastised Stockman as Hun pulled himself to his feet. "I was this close to pinning a DNA sample and yet you let him get away."

Hun looked up at Stockman with an angry look in his eyes before smirking.

"Yes, I let him get away," said Hun. "As we speak, a squadron of Foot Tech Ninjas is following him. Your boys better deliver the goods Stockman or there will be consequences."

Harry had finally got a fix on the mirror.

"Now are you sure this is going to work, Harry?” questioned Leo.

"Positive Leo," said Harry, as he screwed his eyes up in concentration. "All I have to do is transfer the magical energy signature from the mirror to Don's tacking device. "

Harry shifted his wand to the side, and it had worked.

"All right," said Don. "We have a blip. It's faint but it should be traceable."

All of the sudden, the blip turned into several blips.

"On second thought," said Harry. "I believe this complicates things just a little bit."

"The invisible ninjas," said Leo lightly.

Harry and Hermione exchanged grim nods before Harry turned to his friend.

"Hermione, you stay here," said Harry. Hermione had opened her mouth. "No seriously, these ninjas are extremely dangerous and I would not want you getting hurt on my conscience."

Harry, Mikey, Don, and Leo sprang up. They needed to find Raph before he brought in some seriously unwanted houseguests.

"Good luck, Harry," muttered Hermione, looking at her friend's retreating back anxiously.

Raph was rushing back to the lair from the place he had been taken, which turned out to be a ship in the middle of the ocean. Unknowing to him, the Foot Tech Ninjas were following him.

"They’re getting close," said Don who was looking at his tracker before stopping and reaching into his duffel bag, pulling out four pairs of goggles. "Better put these on, it will help up see our invisible ninja friends."

The four brothers put the goggles on.

"They are heat seeking goggles," explained Don. "An invisible body is still a warm body, after all."

Harry nodded, looking around before pointing. Raph walked into the picture and he was closely followed by a group of a dozen of the Invisible Ninjas.

"Let's do this," said Leo before the four made their way down for battle.

"Guys," started Raph but Harry kicked one of the invisible ninjas. The ninja remained immobile and swung at Harry but Harry managed to duck underneath. Another quick swing but Harry once again avoided it.

Leonardo was frantically attempting to block a sword swipe but one of the ninjas kicked him back before picking up by the bottom of his shell and tossing him over. A second ninja leapt high into the air and attempted to gut Leonardo but Donatello blocked the spear with his Bo staff.

"Harry, could it have killed you to mention that these ninjas are a lot quicker and advanced than the last bunch we fought?" inquired Leonardo irritably.

"It slipped my mine, honest" said Harry before the wind gut knocked out him with a punch to the ribs. The force of the punch sent him flying backwards.

Raph swung at air, having trouble fighting, as he did not have the heat vision goggles.

"Show yourselves, cowards" snapped Raph angrily as he got kicked and punched by the invisible ninjas.

One of the invisible attackers pinned Mikey down, as he had to barely hold it back with his nunchucks. Don jumped into the air, sweeping it into the side with the Bo staff. Leonardo blocked a sword with his sword and managed to knock the ninja back. Don rolled on the ground, to his bag, pulling out a fifth pair of heat vision goggles.

"Raphael, think fast," said Don tossing them to Raph, who caught them. Raph placed the goggles on, looking happy.

"Now, the odds have just evened a bit," said Raph who had blocked a punch and stabbed his sai into the chest plate. The ninja became invisible with electrical sparks emitting from his chest.

"Guys, the cloaking control seems to be around the chest area," explained Don as Harry was knocked back and slid into the wall hard. One of the ninjas rushed forward to go after his rivals but Harry pulled out his double-edged sword before rolling to the side and tossing the double edge sword at the cloaking control. Direct hit as the cloaking control short-circuited.

"Let's disable their invisibility powers," said Harry as two of the ninjas rushed Harry.

Leo was right on the job, slicing the cloaking controls with their swords and the ninjas became visible to the naked eye. Mikey twirled his nuncucks before leaping up and smashing it into the cloaking control, knocking it out.

Harry and Leo rushed as the remaining four attackers who had not been decloaked surrounded them. The ninjas raised their swords but Leo and Harry leaped out of the way, causing the invisible ninjas to slice their own cloaking controls. They fell back, stunned from the battle.

The ninjas looked at the angry Turtles and Harry. They rushed at them but a pair of them was quickly pitched into a nearby storm drain. Harry blocked a sword swipe and managed to kick one of their opponents in the back. All of the sudden, another three ninjas grabbed Harry and climbed up high onto a sewer pipe, with Harry in their clutches.

"Let me go," said Harry, kicking and struggling frantically, with his foes dangling him above the whirlpool.

The Turtles looked up, at Harry.

"Those damn ninjas have Harry," said Raph angrily. "Come on, we have got to save him."

"I would not suggest that," said one of the ninjas as the other ones dangled Harry above the whirlpool. "Drop your weapons or the kid gets exterminated."

The Turtles looked up as Harry shook his head frantically.

"No, guys don't drop your weapons," said Harry but Leo, Raph, and Don dropped their weapons. However, Harry could see Mikey had snuck off.. As it turned out, Mikey was walking on the sewer pipe above.

"The way of balance and the way of invisibility marks the way of the true warrior," muttered Mikey above in his best Master Splinter impression before leaping down and kicking one of his opponents off the pipe. The ninja fell down, into the whirlpool to his grisly demise.

Harry managed to flip the ninjas off and the remaining ninjas below engaged Raph, Leo, and Don in a battle below. Don swung his Bo staff, knocking two of the ninjas down while Leo leaped up and slashed at one of the ninjas in the back. The ninja fell to the ground, unmoving. Raph tossed his Sais at yet another one of the ninjas, pinning him to a wall, as Donatello finished by driving his Bo staff into the ribs of the ninja, knocking the wind out of him. The remaining few ninjas who had not been incapacitated turned tail and ran off. The Turtles and Harry managed to hold off the Invisible Ninjas and lived to tell the tale.

"That wasn’t easy," remarked Harry. "I am going to be feeling this for weeks."

"C'mon let's go home before anything else happens," suggested Mikey.

Back at the lair, Harry was telling Hermione exactly what happened. Hermione gasped at several parts, especially when the invisible ninjas were threatening to drop Harry to his doom.

"The things you get yourself into, Harry Potter," said Hermione. "Anyway, it is getting late and I told my parents I would be coming back to the hotel right about now."

"Let us all go," said Leo. "We would not want anyone to get captured by anymore Invisible Ninjas."

The Turtles, Harry, and Hermione walked off. It had been a long day.

Oroku Saki looked at Baxter Stockman and Hun who backed off at the dangerous expression on Saki's face.

"So another operation was marred by the sickening stench of failure!" thundered Saki, looking at his two subordinates in disgusted.

Baxter, as usual, was quick to place the blame upon others.

"It was this big oaf's fault," said Baxter. "I had the turtle right where I wanted him and this behemoth botched the whole thing out."

"The plan was sound," said Saki dangerously. "It was your Foot Tech Ninjas who did not deliver on your high promises. It is obvious to me, Dr. Stockman; you did not learn the lesson I was trying to teach about the price of failure. It is obvious to me you need another refresher course."

Saki snapped his fingers and two of the Foot Tech Ninjas grabbed Stockman and dragged him off.

"What are you doing?" cried Stockman. "I created you. I am your creator!"

The Foot Tech Ninjas and Stockman disappeared as Saki turned his head to Hun.

"Hun, your report," demanded Saki.

"Sir, I have worked over a lot of tough guys in my day but this turtle creature did not have a clue what I was talking about," said Hun. "It leads me to believe these turtles or the kid for that matter ever worked for your ancient enemies."

"Good," said Saki shortly. "You're dismissed Hun."

At T.C.R.I Building, Agent .19 gave a shake of her head. It seemed some of her memories had returned but there were still huge gaps in her recollections. She knew this mysterious Harry person meant a great deal to her although she could not pinpoint the reason why. She also knew she needed to tell Harry a man by the name of Dumbledore was not to be trusted, although she did not have a clue who Dumbledore was or what he had done to become so untrustworthy. The gaps within her memories were irritating her. Agent .19 hoped she would regain all her memories before it was too late.
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