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A Cure

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Archies luck is starting to change!

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Oh so sorry that I have not updated in a while so I totally owe you guys so I shall try to make this chapter longer but I am running short on ideas but I will still write and there should be alot more chapters before it's over so please forgive me and enjoy.

Chapter whatever the number I can't remember at the moment.

Archie had stoped to rest for the night at Athena's home. But this time he was more careful, he kept his PMR very close to him and he didn't eat any of the food. Even if he was immortal he was not going to eat the strange food they had here.

He awoke in the morning and left before anyone could notice him. Archie looked at the time on his PMR, it was about 5:30am. Archie was very tired but he kept thinking about Atlanta sitting up on the cliff all alone in a very bad condition. This thought made him run faster down the empty roads of the old time. Archie ran for a while longer until he found the spot he was looking for. Archie took a few deep breaths and ran through what he was going to say to Chiron. He decided to tell him the whole story so mabey he could help him a little more then if he only told him half of the truth. Finally he found the courage to knock on the wooden door. He grasped the cold hard handle and banged it against the door. He did it once more and waited. He could hear a mumbling noise coming from inside the house. Mabey he should come back in the after noon when he was awake and not angry like he though he would be. But the thought of running left his mind as the door opened and he stood face to face to an angry centaur.

The five titans back home had fallen asleep in front of the television. Odie and Neil on the couch, Theresa was on the floor in front of them, a grin on her face, Jay was sitting in the rocking chair and Herry rested on the green armchair. The t.v was still on and the remote was clutched safely in Theresa hand. Jay's eyes opened and he sat up. He yawned and stretched his tired arms and then made his way to the kitchen. Athena was they're cooking something over the stove.
" Ah I see one of you decided to wake up." She said sounding annoyed.
Jay just took a seat on a stool.
" You guys made such a mess last night," Athena said to Jay.
" Hey, I smell bacon!" Herry said as he entered the kitchen.
" Have you ever considered a diet?" Neil asked as he too sleepily walked into the kitchen. Herry just glared at him like he was out of his mind. Athena finished the bacon and eggs and handed them out to the kids. Moments after Theresa and Odie made there way in to the kitchen.
" Any news about Archie or Atlanta?" Theresa asked taking a set next to Jay.
" Nope none." Jay told her trying to cut his egg.
" What are we going to do Jay? We have no idea where are friends are, we don't know if there alive or not for all we know they could have gone out and jumped off a cliff together!" Theresa wined.
" Well knowing Archie and Atlanta they very easily have gone and jumped from a cliff, but if they did theirs a good chance that they would have lived." Odie said trying to brighten the mode in his own way.
" Well jumping off a cliff does sound like something that they would do." Neil piped in.
" Neil!" Everyone said at once.
" You know that I'm right." Was all he said.

Helen stared at the empty cabinet behind the fireplace. She knew what Achilles had done, he had taken the PMR and the poison that she used on Atalanta and he was going to try to save her. But he should know that he is to late and that I am aware of his little plan. Helen smiled wickedly and walked into room off the others. The room was dark and the only light coming in was from a small crack in the old wall. In the middle of the room there was a small bed, and in the bed lay a very ill girl with wild red hair and torn up clothes. Helen looked at the girl in discust and a wicked smile spread across her face. Helen shoot one last look at her and then walked out of the room locking it on her way. She may have known about Archies plan but she didn't know that by getting Atlanta off that mountain may have saved her life.

The titans at home were off doing their own things. Theresa was on the couch reading a book. It was called Caught in A Lie. It was very interesting and she was almost done.
(The following is a true book and I can't recall everything that happened so I will just write what I can remember.)

Monday morning came and Kim wasn't at all worried about her problems what with Andrea and Jay's. She neared the school when a boy named Carlos came rushing up to her.
" Did you hear what happened to Jay?" He asked not feeling sorry for him.
" He got caught shoplifting and punched out the security guard?" I asked trying to take some of the glory from him.
" Yeah but that's not all, when he called his dad and told him what happened his dad wouldn't even pick him up so he had to spend a whole night in jail. And when he finally picked him up they got in a big fight and the guard had to get between them."
" Oh No poor Jay." I said.
" Yeah and now he's hiding out at my house and he wants you to meet him outside the school at 11:00." He whispered to me.
11:00, But that's family studies class, I really didn't want to skip that class but I needed to see Jay.

When 11:00 came around I headed for the door. But then I bumped into Mrs. Ferris.
" Hello Kim shouldn't you be going the other way?"
" Yes I should but I have to meet someone." I told her and ran through the doors. I could see Jay standing where he said he would be. I ran over to him and he told me what happened. I kissed him gently on the lips and he kissed back.
" Kimberly, Jay get back here now." Mrs.Ferris called from the door.
" Come with me Kim, I can find work somewhere, Please."
I remembered back to the other day when I saw my parents holding hands and leaning on each other. Then I thought about me leaning on Jay, but it didn't feel right with him around I could never really feel safe. Jay ran off once he heard his name being called. I looked back at Jay I couldn't see him any more. I didn't know what to do it wasn't like a quiz in a magazine where you could tell by the words what was the right answer, and even if you chose right you would still end up in some strange category. Maybe Lauren was right, Magazines are perfect lies.

Theresa closed the book thinking about what she had just read. Tears dropped from her red eyes. She stood up and walked into the kitchen. Herry, Jay and Odie were gathered around the table and Athena was cooking a late lunch for Herry and them. Jay was talking to Odie who was half listing to him and half reading the paper. Herry was waiting at the counter for his lunch, he was holding his knife and fork in the air like they did in T.V shows. Athena placed a plate of pancakes down in front of him.
"Theresa are you okay?" Athena asked eyeing the puffy eyed girl.
" Yeah I'm fine." She said wiping remainders of tears from her eyes.
"I'm just worried about Atlanta and Archie." Theresa said leaning against the wall.
" We all are, but what are we going to do." Herry said eating the last of his pancakes.
" We can't even track them because the PMR is busted." Herry replied with his mouth full of pancakes.
" Yeah I guess Odie isn't as smart as he thinks he is." Neil said with a smug grin on his face.
" There is nothing wrong with them!" Odie exclaimed furiously.
" Yep that's why we can't find our friends." Neil remarked sarcastically.
" Neil shut up." Theresa cried.
" Neil shut up!" Neil mocked in a high pitched voice.
" Ugh!" Theresa cried as she stomped out of the room.

" So you mean to tell me that you are from the future?" Chiron asked Archie as he moved in his chair.
" Well if you say it like that it sounds odd but yes me and my friend are from 1,000s in the future." Archie tried to explain.
"And where is you're friend?" Chiron asked raising an eyebrow.
" Well see she is very ill so I left her on the mountain to come find you." Archie said trying to make him sound like he did the right thing by leaving Atlanta up on the ledge.
" I see." Was all Chiron said.
" Do you have any idea why is sick?" He asked.
" Um, Oh yeah I think this might be the problem." Archie said digging the bottle of Iris poison out of his hoddie.
" Here." He said handing it to the centaur.
" Iris poison yes that is quite nasty." Chiron said looking the bottle over.
" So do you have any idea how we can help her?" Archie asked bubbles rising inside him now.
" Well I do know of a cure but I don't have it." Chiron said. All the bubbles inside of Archie instantly popped and his shoulders sagged.
" Do you know where it can be found?" Archie asked hoping for a better answer.
" Well it is located in several different areas that I know of." Chiron said.
" Where?" Archie asked more bubbles forming inside of him.
" Well, "

There I shall cut you off at that point hope you liked it I shall try to update sooner but I have alot of stories that I am working on so we will just have to wait and see. Please R&R!
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