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Their kids.

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It has been 7 years since Theresa and Atlanta we're pregnant.

Tracy had grown up to be a sweet cute 7 year old.

SHe had long curly brown hair and lovely green eyes. She turned out to be an physic as well, but different. She could read minds. And loved sailing and swimming.

One thing the parents did find out was when they first put her in the pool. They had a BIG surprise.

tracy had fins!! She was an actual mermaiad!! I guess that came from theresa side from poseidon.

Tracy loved to watch her mother play the lyre but was more interested in the harp and piano but she didn't practice very much she like to practice with her father on sword fighting.

Atlanta and archie's kid was a boy, They named him Archer. One year later they had a girl named Alanna.

Archer was good at Archery and loved rock climbing.

Every morning he loved to stay up all night looking at the moon. He would wake up and the first thing he would do is go rock climbing.

Alanna was really good at agility like her father but loved to hunt like her mother. She is an amazing drawer. even though she was only 5 year old she drew very well. She played soccer with her dad and was really good at it.

She always went with her mother to hunt. So did Archer.

Two years later after Tracy was born.

Jessie came but he had a twin sister named Jane.

Jessie was a physic, but he could move objects. He was interested in volleyball and soccer he would always play with Alanna in soccer they competed. Alanna liked to compete, jessie didn't care much for competing but Alanna always teased him he wanted to beat her. Alanna and Archer teased each other too.

Tracy and her younger sister didn't care much for teasing they were 'in order'

Like their father, a leader.

Jane was a physic like her other siblings. It seemed like theyy we're alll to be physics but with different abilities. Tracy read minds, jessie controlled things and Jane could sense things..Everything!! If she needed to find someone she knew automatoically knew where they we're. She was excellent at hide and go seek. And if they we're to play card games she knew what their card was.

She was a fighter. She loved martial arts and practoced everyday.

She was as good as her mom. She was amazing.

Then a miracle happened.

theresa and atlanta were pregnant again at the same time. They both had girls.

Theresa's was named Tammy, and Atlanta's was named Adena.

Tammy was a phsysic as you can guess. Her ability at being physic was predicting the future. She knew the future. She created things. If she wanted a flower to bloom quicker it would, if she wanted an apple a tree even in the winter would quickly grow a apple for her by her command. She had Persephone's gift.

Adena, she tried not to get into fights, archer and Alanna always had.

She always liked to hang with Tammy, she loved music, she even made sonic sounds, she could talk to animals, and could even immitate people very well.

But not only did Theresa, jay, Atlanta and archie had kids.

Herry got married to a foreign girl named Megan. She was Mexican.

They had one kid named Henry, he was strong just like Herry but was a bit smarter than him. Hi smarts came from his mom.

Odie married a long, skinny lean women named callie. She was Indian, and had nice golden dark hair.

Odie had grown a bit in the 10 years after they defeated Cronus.

He was a bit stronger but tsill smart as ever. Some people thought he was to be the next Bill Gates.

He had no kids.

Neil didn't marry anybody. He was just like his ancestor Narcisuss, still..he was related to Aphrodite but he did not see love. Aphrodite loved Hephaetus..not for beauty..or looks..she loved him for him, and their son..was well different. But they could be as proud as he could be.

Neil had MANY girlfriends though and that made him happy enough.

Though these people we're having a great life, more were to await them.


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