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What really happened to Theresa?

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Theresa's pain was gone she was in..a strange place...a place with with wonders, warmth and sorrows.

Sadly the place was fimiliar...Elysian fields.

"Eurydice? Your back!!" Orpheus said racing to Theresa.

"Uhh,, I'm..not Eurydice..sorry to burst your bubble..."

"Why of course your Eurydice!!"

"I might look like her..but...."

He just ignored.

"how did you find me loved one?"

"Umm I didn't.." she said sadly.

She sat down. She was dead?!!!

How did she die?

Someone came up behind her.

"Orpheus, may i speak to...Eurydce?" A voice said.

"Why yes!" he left and started playing a happy tune on his lyre.

It was a man with strawberry blonde hair.


"Yes." he took a seat beside her.

" did i die?"

She sighed.

"It's very complicated..."he replied.

"tell me.."

He looked at her.

"remember..the prophecy?"


"It was never completed.."

'What?! We defeated Cronus!!!"

"Yes..but there's more.."


"There are 7 heroes...and four two of the heroes...and they each carry elements..."

"What do you mean?"

"You and your husband...jay are the two heroes...your children are the four powers.."

"Why didn't Hera tell us this?"

"In the prophecy, it's not suppose to be told until it happens or else all would have been lost."

"So what;s this got to do with me dying!!! And what about my kids! family!! JAy!!!"

"Your kids...will save the you."

His eyes sparkled as he said 'you'.


"what are my kids suppose to do? The world isn't in danger again is it?"

"The a evil god of evil and misfortune." ( i didn't make this up)Theseus said.

" kids are going to fight against him! What if they get hurt!!"

"You and Jay got hurt didn't you? It was fate but you all ended up living together."

"Look at me? Do I look alive to you?"

"You soon will be." And he dissapeared.

"wait!! Why did I die?"

A voice out of no-where came. "your love make you weakened..." The wind whispered...

Her love?? What was wrong with it!! She wanted to scream.

Her love weas strong for Jay, why did it kill her...but that was was TOO strong.


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