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Here's Cecil!!!

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um...yeah..ita a chapter alright...

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"No..." I told him.
"...he won't die and he will stop drinking. Losing him would be almost as bad as losing you..." At this I couldn't help myself. My eyes over-flowed. I let out a small sob and put both my arms up against Frank's chest and leaned in. He put his arms around me and rubbed my back gently. I hid my face in hs shoulder and cryed. After a few minutes, Frank, who amazingly enough, was taller than I was, picked me up and carried me back to teh apartment because it was to cold to stand outside for so long.
When we got into the apartment, he put me down, and before even taking my shoe's off, I stomped into my bedrooma and slammed the door. I leaned against the door and let out another sob. I sank slowly to the floor and sat, crying against the wall until I heard Ray say, "What's her problem?" I heard gentle footsteps coming toward the door and I looked up at the celing.
"If this building does go down...I hope it takes me with it." She whispered.
Knock, knock!
"Sweetie? Hey, it's okay. I'm sorry. We're all safe and noone will die." Frankie. She smiled slightly. It was all she could muster. Frankie did care. Though he was lying, unintentionaly, of course, everyone of us would and will die, but he wanted to comfort me. He didn't want me to hurt. I moved out from in front of the door and sat on the bed. I started taking my shoes off and called for him to come in. He came and sat by me.
"Frankie, I have to tell you something. I'm not in the witness prtection program-I'm actually-" I stopped myself before I could say something stupid.
"I-I'm sorry...I can't tell you yet. I am the person you know, but...I'm not. I'm like an unsolved murder. I will tell you. It's just not the right time. Don't hate me! Don't panic! Please! I just...can't tell you's...let's put it this way...if I told you, it would endanger at least 17 people's lives..."
Frank raised one eyebrow and said "Ha." Not really a "That's funny" ha, more of a "I'm curious, but you wanna drop it so let it go" ha. I made me love him that much more.
I hugged him and said "I'll be back in a little bit." I got up and walked out of the room. I could see the pain of me leaving in Frank's eyes, but I also saw his admiration, his jealously, for the way I walked. I was so graceful, I almost looked like I was gliding. I moved with such grace, it looked as though I didn't even relized that I was walking, but I was just being levitated by another person. I smirked at him and continued out of the room. I waltzed into Gerard's bedroom to see him awake again and sitting up on the bed staring at the wall.
"D? I need beer. I need it now." He said almost inaudably.
"No. You're going to stop. All of this alcohol is bad for you. Gerard, you are an amazing person, and you want to kill yourself for no reason. I won't let you have anymore alcohol. As long as I'm alive, you will be, too." He shook his head, as if to say "I don't care, I want the beer." But I couldn't be persuaded. I sat down on the bed next to him and looked at him.
"Gerard, give me 3 reasons you should die." I told him.
"Ok. I am depressed. I don't deserve to live hating myself like this. I miss everyone around me, already. They're not even dead yet! It's because everyone around me is dying and I scared of it. I am a terrible artist. Everybody hates our music and they don't want to have to put up with me. I have no life. My life is run entirly by my band and all of the record company people and fans." He explained.
"Ok...Let's start with the last. Gee, you're life is run by other people because you're always drunk. We are looking out for you." I said the last part slowly, like I was spelling it out for him."We don't want you to do something rash or stupid, so we choose for you. are NOT, I repete, NOT!!! A terrible artist. You're amazing. I envy you're singing...really. You have saved so many kids lives and you don't even realize it. Know why? You're always drunk! And I guarentee that you'd be 75% better if you were sober. You would be one hell o'va singer. And, as I said before, yes, at some point, we will all die, and the first one to the plate will be you if you don't stop drinking like this! None of us will die anytime soon, but until then, you're stuck with us." At this last one, I got him to smile. "Don't be depressed. We love you. I love you. Some random 14 year old in Kansas City loves you. Everybody loves you. And what will these kids have to live for if you're gone? You're the reason most of them are alive." (soooooooooooooo true really....kinda me....sorta...dont wanna tlak bout it) He looked at me in disbelief, then smiled gently. He was gonna be ok.


Thanks for reading guys...more on serena soon!!!
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