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A new Song

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coolio! Now what's going to happen? Will Theresa and Jay get closer!!

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Everyone clapped loudly.

Suddenly their teacher came out of nowhere. And got up on stage.

"This is the best performance of my students! I'm going to put them in a play! And you're all invited!!! It's at New Olympia school on the 13th please come by and listen!!!" SHe pronounced.

She turned to Jay and Theresa who had stuned faces.

"Can you two make a song?? It's part of your marks!" Without them even answering she dissapeared.

Jay and Theresa held the sheets of paper with stunned faces. they looked at each other no words came out except..


Theresa sat by the piano sorting out paper..she was waiting for Jay to start on their masterpiece.

jay opened the door and stood beside Theresa.

"Oh! Hey!" Theresa said.

"Have you thought of anything?" Jay asked.


she sat down and started playing some sounded beautiful.

Jay loved it then joined in with a few words as they came along.


through all the times....

When I saw....

The most beautiful eyes....

My heart went sinking..

Through all these tears and laughter....


You set my hearttttt soaring....

Jay stopped there couldn't thoink of anything more.

Theresa stopped the notes.

"Wow...were awesome..but i think their just something missing..." She pressed her finger on her mouth.

Jay switched to the piano now. They both took lessons.

Theresa started singing some notes. Not saying words..just notes.

They sounded beautiful from her voice.

It soundd like the tune of her lyre....

She stopped.

"Something like that?" She looked at Jay.

Jay smiled "Yreah something like that.."

"We need a pianist don't we..." theresa said. Knowing one of them couldn't play and sing at the same time...each of them are equally just as good.

They timed the song...

30 seconds....

"We need to come up with more..something exciting...something that touches the heart..." theresa said.

"Maybe it would be easier if we get a pianist right now..." jay suggested.

"How about know that boy...I know he always comes here on Fridays and plays his own songs I overheard and they sound beautiful..let's give him a shot." Theresa said.

Jay looked at Theresa.

"I'll go ask him.." theresa left and went to the office to know which class he was taking right now...


theresa knocked on the door.

"Hello?...sorry Mr. Krist..I need malcom for the whole block..if you don't mind.." theresa said.

"What for?" He asked.

"well....that's a surprise.."She said with a smile.

She whispered. "A school performance."

he nodded and Malcom a shy short boy came out.

" and Jay need your help..weknow you're an awesome pianist...will you pay for us?" She asked.

The boy blushed.


Theresa smiled.


"Jay! we got him.."Theresa said opening the door.


"These are our notes..." theresa pointed out to Malcom.

He started playing at a perfect pace.

They sang beautifully together.

Malcom stopped.

"Something's missing..." He said,

It must have been the first sentence he had ever said!

Jay and Theresa were stunned.

"Try this..he written in some slurs and notes."

They sang some more.

"Much better.."

"let's time it..."

45 seconds...

"Well not too bad...for beginners.." theresa said.

"You guys are doing great!" Malcom said.

That must have been the first exciting sentence he must have said. Jay and Theresa thought.

7 more days to the performnce.


I didn't have much time to write that keep on checking!

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