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Looking into the Future

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nearly a year goes over and everything gets along nicely, even the kids finally adapt. But something is just holding Alex back...find out soon.

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For the last few nights he was coming over often. We would stay on the couch and watch movies often and he'd fall asleep in my arms. He had the pleasure of meeting my five kids, each with a different personality. The youngest of them is only three and her name is Shiori, then it goes to the adopted ones which are Joyc and she's fifteen, Angelika and she's fifteen, young Andrew which he's only three turning four, and Drenna which she's turning three. Alex just smiled as each one was introduced. He looked to me and told me he would be glad to have these kids around him. I smiled and hugged him tightly.

Shiori giggled as one of the two dogs came rumbling in and pounced on me. Dio was a male Pitbull pup I had along with the other Rottweiler pup and his name was Deo. Dio was over excited to see someone new in the household along with Deo, who only came pouncing in later. Both pups barked loudly then started to play with each other.

It had been a month and the kids had already gotten adjusted. Shiori would normally play with Alex while I helped Joyc and Angelika with their homework. My normal duties as a father became hectic at times because Drenna and Andrew needed attention but I lived with it. Alex helped greatly even though I told him he didn't need to. But his only response was a smile and something to laugh about when Shiori did something a normal child would do. She in the last few weeks, became something to him that nobody think would be possible. She had adjusted so much that she'd just run up to him and jumped into his arms. At nights, if he would spend the night, she would curl up into his arms and sleep there. I just remember those eyes sparkling when he was given the pleasure of being the one to care for her. No one else had that sparkle, except him and the children.

Alex came up behind me one day and tapped my shoulder. I turned around and he looked at me straight in the eyes "Joel, I must go back home. A death in the family occurred and I have to be at the funeral in two hours. Be back late and I love you," was all he said before going back to the car and leaving me stand there, only being able to mouth out the words "I love you" silently.

Christmas came and went. It was a wonderful one but short. Alex left once again. I became more hesitant about him but ignored it. He only hugged me and I was able to usher out "I love you" this time, but the door slammed shut and the kids were left with me. He promised Shiori, Joyc, and Angelik he'd take them out for a day but it never came around. I was starting to really doubt the relationship as he was gone three days out of one week and two days out of another week. Shiori always waited for him by the door, but felt crest-fallen when he never showed. One day, he came home and my heart had sunk. He had came home with bruises and cuts along his face, arms, chest and his left leg. He had gotten beat up by a nearby gang, who didn't like anyone on their territory.

"Alex what happened?" I asked unsure but checking to see if he was okay.

He swallowed and said "just got mixed up in a fight my friend was in." I knew something was up but forced my thoughts back. I hugged him and grabbed a cloth and put water on it to clean up the bloody cuts. He winced but managed, "Thank you" was all he said before cuddling into my arms and falling to sleep. I looked at him in pity and laid him on the bed.
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