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Blue Plate Special

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Places to go, people to meet, new experiences, lists to be made, rides to be taken, and all before tea. Gran gets into the spirit of things and Severus returns to the 'land of the living'. Just in...

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Chapter 13

/Blue Plate Special/


"Dad! What's the word?"

"Where's Anna?"

"Taking a nap. She's really starting to feel the pregnancy.../and/...she's carrying twins." Gwen grinned at Christopher.

"Really? Did the sonogram..."

"Dad. No electricity, no sonogram."

"Oh, right."

"But I distinguished two heartbeats and she's showing a bit too much, for a first pregnancy. Anyway, what's the word on Severus?"

"He'll be just fine. Appendix was taken care of and he's being treated for any resulting infection. Also, for the after effects of any 'punishment' Voldemort might have subjected him to...the bastard."

"Agreed, but with a little luck, he'll soon be referred to as 'the late'..."

"Late? What? Who?"

Anna was halfway down the stairs, eyes wide, gripping the railing.

"Late Lord Voldemort, Anna, we were disparaging his name." Christopher was quick to reassure her.

"Oh, you scared me!"

She came down the last few steps and saw Gwen wagging her finger.

"I thought you were taking a nap."

"I was resting, but heard you talking. I came to see if it was Christopher or if you were losing your mind, and had started talking to inanimate objects."

"Ha! Ha! Very funny, considering I now talk regularly with a ghost and my own dead Father. And what about Tut, he's not exactly your run of the mill Harley," Gwen noted

"True. Well," Anna continued, turning to the portrait. "How is he?"

"Remus says Artemus told him that Severus will be just fine, he's resting and will probably be back at Hogwarts day after tomorrow. They're keeping him asleep for twenty-four hours to heal completely."

"Right. Ok, now I can relax and get some rest." She sat on the bench. "Please thank Poppy and Artemus for their quick work and Remus for the report. Oh, and Harry, Draco and Albus, of course. Especially Harry and Draco; that was outstanding teamwork."

"I hear I'm going to be the great uncle of twins!"

"Yes, apparently...Great uncle?"

"Closest relationship that sounds correct. I'm not going to be /Grandpa/, not yet, I don't think." Christopher gave Gwen a long look, with his eyebrow arched and then he winked.


"Christopher! You are incorrigible," Anna laughed. "But let's not tell anyone about the twins; I want this to be a big surprise."

"Oh, it will be," Christopher agreed, chuckling."


Dean and Neville emerged from Lime St. Station and turned right. The trip from London had gone quickly while they talked about what they'd been doing all summer and Neville had given Dean an account of yesterday's events at the Burrow and St. Mungo's.

"You know you'll have to tell the whole story again to Seamus, don't you?"

"I know, but that's ok. I don't mind." Neville looked around. "Where are we going, by the way?"

"You, mate, are about to be introduced to Muggle food at it's finest. We're meeting Seamus at the /Blue Plate Special/, an honest to goodness American greasy spoon!"

Neville skidded to a halt.

"Did you just say greasy spoon?"

"It's an expression, Neville. The Blue Plate is actually a really cool place, according to Seamus. All stainless steel and tile and rock & roll playing on the jukebox; trust me, you'll love it. And the food..."

Dean rolled his eyes in anticipated gastronomic ecstasy and then grabbed Neville by the arm and dragged him down the road. Six long blocks later, Dean stopped.

"There!" Dean pointed. "The Blue Plate Special."

Neville's eyes grew wide as they beheld a long, one story, silver and glass building with several cars parked in front and a big neon sign, proclaiming:


* * * EAT * * *

>>>>> at the WE'RE OPEN 24 Hrs!
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