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It Ends Tonight

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Shikamaru can't stand it anymore. He decides 'It ends tonight.' Implied ShikaNeji Angst

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Title: It Ends Tonight

Summary: Shikamaru can't stand it anymore. He decides 'It ends tonight.' Implied ShikaNeji

Warnings: Yaoi Angst

Couple: ShikaNeji

Written By: Shino

Shitty mood showing through.


It Ends Tonight


He can't stand it anymore.

It ends tonight.

Everyone thinks they know him. Everyone thinks he's got it easy. He's just a lazy Nin who watches cloud's and plays chess all day.

'He has a simple frame of mind and doesn't mind us unloading our problems on him.'

He hates people whining and bitching to him but he just listens quietly and tells them it'll be alright.

'He's cool but kinda weird's me out sometimes. He never has emotions! But not like Sasuke who is brooding he just doesn't feel.'

That's a lie. He does feel. But it's too troublesome to portray them.

'He's lazy and doesn't look twice at girls. I wonder if he's gay.'

So what! Not that liking anyone got him anywhere!

He told the person he likes that he did and was rejected in the worst possible way.

He fights back tears that threaten to fall as he starts savagely slicing his wrist with his kunai. He hisses at the initial pain but pushes through it.

Soon the biting pain starts to ease him and he slowly stops. He looks at the bloody mess he once called his hand with grim satisfaction.

He can't lift his hand meaning he sliced a tendon. Good.

He doesn't have long before he'll pass out but he needs to do something first.

He stands and wobbles a bit and lets his shirtsleeve cover the bloody flesh.

He jumps out of his window and barely keeps his footing. He regains his balance and runs as fast as he can to where he knew his target is.


He reaches the meadow panting and with spots dancing in his vision. The other person looks at he, peeved, but then . . . milky white eyes widen with what seems like horror.

The other starts screaming, but he can't understand, his thoughts are clouded with his objective of getting to the other before he blacks out.

He trips and falls face first. A small smile forms right before he hits the ground. But he stays suspended above the ground. Not able to reach it.

Am I dead? He wonders then suddenly he's in the air and his vision starts to fail. Before he succumbs to the eternal darkness he sees his pale dark-haired angel screaming his name.


Yup, that's the end. Gomen but I'm in a sucky mode so you get to have Shika die in the arms of his beloved, Neji. But he still dies. Yep, yep. I feel better now, though.

Ho-Yea, first ShikaNeji . . . thing . . . EVAH! WHOOT! GO ME! (Told you I was feeling better)

Criticism is welcomed but please no flames cuz I've never had one and I don't want to start.

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