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And Your A . . .

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Neji falls out a window . . . ShikaNeji Yaoi

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Disclaimer: Don't own them.

Title: And You're a Bitch

Summary: Neji falls out a window . . . ShikaNeji

Warnings: Yaoi Cussing Kinda OOC and Crack

Couple: ShikamaruNeji

Written By: Shino (AKA Demonluvr or Bitch Slap Love)

Inspired By: The story 'Bootleg Christmas volume 1' by YaoiS . . . I think . . . chapter 7: 'A Troublesome Christmas' . . . . and windows =D (

Short =__=

And You're A Bitch


Neji was sitting on his windowsill looking out watching the snow drift and spin towards the ground. He sighed. He was growing cold but didn't really feel like moving. He was sitting with one leg out the window draped over the edge, the other on the ledge and his arms wrapped around his knee. He reached up lazily, caught the window frame and was pulling himself back into the room when his door burst open. "Neji-san! Neji-san! Someone is-" Neji had quickly twisted around when the door first opened and saw it was Hinata, but due to the twisting he lost his grip and fell backwards out the window. He squealed in a very un-Neji like way and squeezed his eyes shut. (1)


'Baft?' Neji felt something warm and soft envelope him. He cracked open an eye and smiled. (2) "Hey," He said coolly, hurriedly going back to 'Ice Princess' mode.

"Hello, doll. Didn't know you were that anxious to see me." A voice drawled.

Neji glared at the person who had caught him. "Trust me I'm not. I was trying to save myself from this horrid fate."

The person grimaced, "Ouch. That hurts."

A small glaring battle ensued that ended with Neji leaning up and kissing his 'savior'. "Your being pretty talky today, Shika. Were you out drinking with Genma again?"

A sly smile passed over Shikamaru's lips. "Maybe." He stole a quick kiss before continuing, "They say it's hard to get hard after you've been drinking. Wanna see how much I've drank?"

Neji snorted and looked away. "No. I'd rather trust your word. Now put me down."

"Oh, but I love the feel of your body against mine." Shikamaru smirked, light dancing in his eyes.

"And you're druh-" Neji was cut off by Hinata finally looking out the window and yelling down at them.

"I came to tell you Nara Shikamaru is here for you!" Then, she was gone.

Neji let out a breath, "Really?"

"Really." Neji glared at the man.

"STFU. Now, why're you here? And put me down." Neji glared again and the lazy nin complied.

Neji almost instantly regretted it. He was barefoot and snow covered the ground. He shivered and held onto Shikamaru's arms, in attempt to keep warm. "I'm here to take you to the New Years party Naruto in holding. Because you said, you were going to go." He muttered something about it being troublesome and Neji smiled faintly.

"Drink some orange juice, calm your hormones and I'll be ready in a few. Okay? And don't break anything this time." Neji broke away from the other and jumped back to his window instead of taking the long way.

Shikamaru watched as his lover disappeared through the window, a pout set on his face. Oh well, he'll get his later.


1: Why doesn't he use his uber spiffy cat/dance-like moves and land gracefully? Because I'm writing this damnnut!
2: Ho-god. Who got mauled? :shivers:

'And don't break anything this time.' XD God, I'm sooooooz dead right now but I'm in an extremely good mood cuz Shorty told me he likes me :squee:

I want to write 'Demolition Lovers' but I fricken promised mahself that I would finish either 'Hate Me' or 'High Fevers' or 'Troubles of a Transvestite' first. :pout: Ho-well.

I miss ;-; mah school blocked it which is why I don't put up stories as much/I got on FicWad =___=

Genma ist purdy kule.

Shot me now. Please.

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