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Happy Birthday Shika! Love, Neji

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1 of 4. It's Shikamaru's Birthday and Neji's presents his present. NejiShika Yaoi

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Title: Happy Birthday Shika! Love, Neji

Summary: 1 of 4. It's Shikamaru's Birthday and Neji's presents his present. NejiShika

Warnings: Yaoi Cussing Un-Proofed

Couple: NejiShika

Written By: Bitch Slap Love (AKA DemonLuvr)

HO-MIGAWD! IT'S SHIKA'S BIRTHBAY!! :squee: Luft him. There are four in this 'series'.

They're all ganna be short cuz I only have an hour and a half. So I'll put the other's up in the next few days.

Didn't proof. Sorry


Happy Birthday, Shika! Love, Neji.


It was a normal day. Well, as normal as it gets for a lazy ANBU/Teacher when it's his birthday. People kept stopping him in the street and handing his gifts, mainly girls he taught at the Academy, and he had already made many trips home and back. It was very troublesome. But, that doesn't even cover what is unusual about today. Neji was avoiding him. Not like his lover who usually randomly jumps him when he gets 'excited'. And that's not very hard. (O.O)

Also, all day he had felt like someone was watching him, but when he turned he didn't see anyone out of the ordinary. So, he'd continue on.

It was getting darker so Shikamaru decided to head to his apartment. Maybe he'd see Neji there.


Shikamaru made it home. Soaking wet. He furrowed his eye brows, it was supposed to rain? Maybe that's why it was overcast all day. He quickly stripped his clothes letting them drop in order from the front door. Neji would pick them up, like always. He jumped into the shower letting the hot water sooth his cold skin.

He made it to bed half an hour later, relaxed and drossy. He flopped down onto his belly and pulled the blanket over him, not bothering to dress, or pull on boxers for that matter.

He folded his arms under his head and lifted his feet into the air. He waved them back and forth lazily, trying to burn off that extra bit of energy left.

He felt a like someone was behind him but before he could turn and look his blanket was yanked off and someone pounced his back.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!" Neji cried happily. He nuzzled the crook of Shikamaru's neck and slid his hands around the lazy nin's body.

Shikamaru groaned, "Where were you all day?"

Neji nipped at his neck. "Getting you a present."

Shikamaru sighed. "Can I have it then?"

"Not yet, I'm frustrated."

"Oh, god."


Shikamaru cuddled his pillow and started to drift off. "No, no, no." Neji pulled on his elbow and dragged his out of bed. He groaned with annoyance but followed.

"What?" Shikamaru yawned and followed his koi.

"Your present." Neji continued to drag him towards the kitchen.

A box wrapped in silver wrapping paper waited for him. He walked to it slowly and, with the encouragement from Neji, torn off the paper.

He opened the box and saw a new shogi set waiting for him. He smiled softly he lifted a piece and rubbed his thumb over the smooth marble. "Arigatou." He looked up and Neji caught him in a soft kiss.

"Douitashimashite," Neji whispered against Shikamaru's lips. "Ready for another round?"

"God damn."


Gah, this sucks. Gomen. Gomen. Gomen. I'm in class, which is distracting, I'm trying to finish the others before class is up, so I'm rushing, and I didn't put much thought into this, so it's just plain bad. Whoops. Still, shit 7 minuets left of class. :tear:tear: Martha took mah computer so it'll be a few day before you get to next one. Prolly, Tuesday. Gomen. Gomen. Nya . . .


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