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Happy Birthday Shika! Love, Kiba

by Shino 2 Reviews

2 of 4. It's Shikamaru's Birthday and Kiba presents his present. KibaShika Yaoi

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor, Romance - Characters: Kiba, Neji - Published: 2006/10/11 - Updated: 2006/10/11 - 306 words - Complete

Disclaimer: Don't own.

Title: Happy Birthday Shika! Love, Kiba

Summary: 2 of 4. It's Shikamaru's Birthday and Kiba presents his present. KibaShika

Warnings: Yaoi Cussing Un-Proofed

Couple: KibaShika

Written By: Bitch Slap Love (AKA DemonLuvr)

Gawd. Didn't do it on Teusday cuz I RBitch. :shot: Whol here ya go!

Didn't proof. Sorry

Gah, also really, really, really, really short. SORRY!! Not much time. :pouts:


Happy Birthday, Shika! Love, Kiba.


Shikamaru knew he could cross but, he just didn't want to. He also knew Kiba could cross but he wasn't moving either.

So they stood there, together, at the cross walk and walked it change from Don't Walk to Walk then back again, over and over. He also noticed the said other teen was slowly inching towards him, not that he understood why.

Another person passed by, wishing him a 'Happy Birthday' and such, some even giving presents, and Shikamaru played his part. Replied with a polite 'Arigatou' and accepted anything he got -Including a sucker a little boy popped out of his mouth and handed to him- and just stood there.

He was now aware of the Inuzaku standing right next to him. He heard Kiba say something softly and he started to turn when Kiba's face was in his. "Happy Birthday Pup." Kiba licked the lazy nin's cheek affectionately before turning and walking across the cross walk.

Shikamaru stood there, face aflame, and slowly lifted a hand to his cheek. "Arigatou?"


See!! Told ya! Short! :crys and avoids throw objects: I wanna get the other two done!!

. . .

. . .

Still . . . . Am I worthy of praise??? Please??

Next: Happy Birthday, Shika! Love, Kiba.

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