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Happy Birthday Shika! Love, Shino

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3 of 4. It's Shikamaru's Birthday and Shino presents his present. ShinoShika Yaoi

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Title: Happy Birthday Shika! Love, Shino

Summary: 3 of 4. It's Shikamaru's Birthday and Shino presents his present. ShinoShika

Warnings: Yaoi Cussing Un-Proofed

Couple: ShinoShika

Written By: Bitch Slap Love (AKA DemonLuvr)

Didn't proof. Sorry


Happy Birthday, Shika! Love, Shino.


"HEY! NARA!" Shikamaru swiveled around in his chair.

"What?" He snapped irritably. He had full right to be in a bad mood. It was his birthday and they were forcing him to work. 'Work' included grading essays and writing ANBU reports, not to mention he also had to plan the festival coming up.

"Jeez, don't get your panties in a bunch," Naruto furrowed his eyebrows but smiled broadly. "It's just I have to put up the banner but I'm not tall enough and Sasuke's being a bitch. Will you hang it for me?"

Shikamaru sighed in an overly-exaggerated annoyed way but stood. "Where?"

Naruto presented him with a trademark fox grin and excitedly led the way.


From now on, Shikamaru thought moodily, I'm boycotting all festivals. This is too troublesome. He reached higher trying to reach the spot where the banner was to be hung. He stretched higher but became aware of his shirt riding up and uncovering his mid section. He quickly slacked and glared at the flimsy cloth in his hands. Way too troublesome.

"Need help?" Shikamaru glanced over his shoulder and saw Shino standing behind him.

"Yes, actually." Shikamaru ran his hand over his pulled back hair. "I can't reach. Your taller, right? You can reach." He held out the banner end but stayed on the crate. "Or just give me a boost."

"Okay." Shino said simply. Shino came up behind Shikamaru and said lazy nin turned back around.

Shino's chest was soon pressed against Shikamaru's back and his hands placed on his hips.

Shikamaru could feel Shino's breath on his neck and the warmth radiating from him. His knee seemed to turn to jello and Shikamaru silently thanked which ever god was listening for
Shino lifting him up before he could fall.

His face was already bright red as he clumsily fastened the banner to it's place. His feet met to ground and Shino moved away. Shikamaru placed his hand against the tree for support and he heard someone say his name. He replied vaguely and went to look when cool lips pressed against his cheek. "Happy Birthday."

Shikamaru watched with wide eyes as Shino left, a slight blush dusting the silent nin's cheeks.


. . . Whee? I had the most fun doing this one. ^^ :squee: I dun knu if this is a popular couple but I think it's cute! :squee: Yep, yep. :munches on cookies Heosic-chan and Paachaaaw gave me: Mmmmm, virtual goodness. ><

Next: Happy Birthday, Shika! Love, Kiba.

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