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Saying I love you never felt so good

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Sasuke comes back after some thinking to tell Sakura what he really thinks of her.

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Sakura sighed.
Sasuke had finally come back, but he still hadn't paid her any attention. She was upset and moping. She stared out the window, not caring that it was almost midnight.
Suddenly, there was a knocking at her door.
Sakura got up, wondering who it could be. She opened the door as the blizzard roared outside and was surprised to see Sasuke.
Sakura's eyes widened and she stared at him.
"May I come in?" asked Sasuke, his voice low and very sexy.
Sakura blushed, realizing her ignorance. Then she nodded, stepping back to let him in.
Sasuke gave a small smile as he hung his coat up by the door.
"Sakura, I'm sorry that I haven't been talking to you since I got back," started the 15 year old Uchiha.
Sakura mumbled an apology, looking at the floor.
Sasuke took a step closer to her, "no, it's not alright. I figured something out in three years without you," he whispered.
Inner Sakura woke up, 'What that I have a big forehead?' she ranted.
Sakura looked up at Sasuke, "what was that?" she asked.
Sasuke took another step closer, so that he was right in front of Sakura. "I love you," he whispered.
Sakura's eyes widened and Inner Sakura stared dumb founded.
Before Sakura could say anything, Sasuke had put his hands on Sakura's waist and placed his mouth on hers. His tongue slid around her lips, pleading for entrance into her mouth.
She granted it to him immediately, closing her eyes and wondering if it was a dream. If it was, Sakura didn't want to wake up.
Sasuke's hands stayed on her hips, but he was steadily pushing her back.
Sakura was suddenly up against the wall, Sasuke still kissing her.
Suddenly his lips were gone from hers, and Sakura thought he was going to let go, but instead his lips pressed against her neck, kissing and nipping gently.
Sakura smiled, she had imagined this moment, but had thought it would never come.
Sasuke's mouth moved down, coming to a stop on her collar bone. He nipped at the sensitive skin, making Sakura's body tingle.
Suddenly his mouth left her skin. He looked at Sakura's face and saw immense pleasure.
Sasuke smiled and steered Sakura away from the wall and into the bedroom. He let her fall on the bed, sinking down on top of her.
Sakura gazed up at him wonderingly.
Then Sasuke smiled, if she thought that little tease was good, what he did next would rock her world.
Sasuke bent down and hooked his hands on the inside of her shirt.
Before she could react, her shirt was off, landing by the side of her bed.
Sakura looked up at him, "Sasuke, what're you doing?" she asked breathlessly.
Sasuke smiled at her, "I would have thought that was obvious," he purred,
Sakura's eyes widened and she blushed a hot red.
Sasuke tilted his head down and realized she wasn't wearing a bra.
Sakura realized the same thing, she had changed into some old clothes after training and hadn't bothered to put one on under her sweatshirt.
Suddenly, Sakura's train of thought was erased as Sasuke's mouth was on the middle of her chest.
Sakura gasped in pleasure as Sasuke's mouth traveled down the middle of her chest, kissing her lightly.
Sasuke smirked, he was glad that Sakura was having fun.
Sakura smiled, if Sasuke thought he would be the only one doing anything, he was dead wrong. Sakura reached her hands under Sasuke's shirt, taking it off him and tossing it in the now pile with hers.
She ran her hands over his muscular chest, feeling his muscles twitch under her soft touch.
Sakura reached up and started kissing Sasuke's neck, working her way down his chest.
A shiver went through Sasuke's body, but before Sakura had time to register it, She was being pressed into the bed again, Sasuke hands on her shoulders.
Sakura looked up at him with bewilderment but he only smiled.
Then he bent down and his mouth went to the sensitive skin on her earlobe. He bit down gently. Sasuke went back to Sakura's neck, kissing and biting a trail over her chest.
Sakura smiled in pleasure and when Sasuke looked at her again, she whispered, "I love you too, Sasuke.
His hands traveled down to the waistband of her pants.

The End

Sorry if this isn't too good, it's my first one and I'm only thirteen....very perverted, but only thirteen!
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