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Days 6-8 (Midnights Child)

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Don't look down You'll fall down... (The Only One, Evanescence)(A/n: Thanks so much Trinda for correcting me. I named the lyrics from the song wrong, LOL) Anyways...*coughs* let's say just don't l...

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DAY 5 (Midnights Child)
12:32 AM


Twist, turn, twisting in turning was all I was doing in my "bed." I sighed. I couldn't sleep. I lifted up my head to find Julius. I was sleeping in his arms. His eyes were open.

"Hey, beautiful," He said, giving a shy smile. "Can't sleep either?"


"Why not?"

"Well, I don't know," I said sarcasticly, "Maybe it's because were stuck on an island with two madman on the lose. Maybe it's because that blood hound things here. You know what it does when you look into his eyes. He takes over your body. Then, I saw Ursula die."

"I'm sorry," I aplogized when Julius looked down.

Deep down he was a senstive guy...especally when it came down to me. It was like I was his weak spot of something. I knew one day our love for each other will hurt one of us. I just knew it.

"No, I'm sorry," I sighed. "'s just so hard..."

"I know," agreed Julius.

He leaned over to his side and gave me a kiss on his forhead- "I'm not in the greatest mood, either."

We both gave a quiet laugh, not wanting to wake anyone else up.

"I need to go get a drink. I'll be back," Julius told me.

"Want me to come with you?" I asked him

"Do I look like I need someone to hold my hand?" He joked.

"Knowing you...yes."

We both laughed.

"Sure. I'd like the company." He replied.

We both held each others head, side by side for warmth. It was very dark, that we could only see about two feel ahead of us. It was foggy out, with a harvest moon above us. All we heard was each others breathing and our footsteps. When Julius noticed I was cold, he took of his jacket, like a gentlement he is, and put it on me.

"Thanks." I said.



"Julius? Was that you or your stomache?"

"No...I was hoping it was you..."

We didn't want to know what it was. We said it in usion- "RUN!"

My breathing got deeper, and I heard the footsteps get closer and closer. I tripped over a rock. I screamed in horror- what ever was near us was getting closer and closer. I began to hear heavy breathing-and it wasn't mine our Julius'. Julius helped me up.

"LET'S GO!" He screamed.

He didn't have to ask me twice. But then it jumped in front of us- the creature...AKA the Bloodhound.

"DON'T LOOK INTO ITS EYES!" I screamed at Julius.

"Why?" He asked.

"Don't you remember?" I panicked. "He can take over your body if you look into his eyes!"

"Oh, right!" He cried out. "But what are we supposed to hurt what we can't see?"

"Attack-ask questions later!"

Both of us closed our eyes, and began to attack- but we missed everytime. It's harder than you think to hit when you're blind- and it was fast. Then, I felt the Bloodhounds scaley skin against me- I fell to the ground.

I screamed while keeping my eyes closed. "JULIUS!"

"DELILAH!" He cried out.

I finally opened my eyes, and turned to avoid the Bloodhounds eyes, but I saw Julius. He did a quick shoulder roll, which got me, and knocked me out of the Bloodhounds way. Now he was in my place. He flinched. NO...The Bloodhounds long, dirty claws came close to Julius' neck. He screamed in pain and in tears when the claws met his neck. Fresh blood ran from his neck.

"JULIUS!" I cried out again.

Now I didn't care if I looked at the Bloodhound and got my body took over- no one hurts my Julius...ever! I tackled him. The Bloodhound hissed, and it retreated.

"Julius, you ok?" I cried out.

I was panicking. My heartrate was fast, so was my breathing. Why did the bad things always happen to Julius? Why does he always act like the hero? I was by my fallens partners side and helped him up. He moaned. He was drowsy. His face was full of sweat.

"You ok?" I asked again when he didn't answer me.

"I'm...I'm fine, let's just go home..."

He didn't have to ask me twice.


DAY 7: (Thoughs)

8:12 AM


It's been almost two days since Ursulas death. I can't believe I'm saying this, but...I missed her. I really do miss her. WHy was it her who had to die, and not me? I'm nothing with her. I mean, I her.

Now she'll never know and she's gone. GOD, life sucks. I flicked a rock into the water all in vain. I watched it dump into the sea with a "plump."

"You ok, sugar?" Asked a voice behind me.

I turned around to see Scarlett.

"Yeah, I guess..." I said rubbing my head with my left hand.

"What's wrong?" She asked me, putting on her hips.

WOW. She could read me like a book. How can she do that?

"How'd you know?" I asked her.

She laughed. "Everyone at the academy are like my children, child. Now tell me what's wrong."

"Well...I guess...I miss Ursula..."

Scarlett sighed. "Death is so hard, isn't it?"

I shook my head yes.

"You really felt for Ursula, didn't you?"

"How can you do that?"

She laughed again. "Like I said, the children at the academy are really my children."

"Yeah, I guess I do..."

"And lemme never told her."

"Nope. guess it's a little to late now, huh?"


"What do you mean, no?"

Scarlett gave me a hug, just like a mother. "She will never leave your heart our mind, will she?"


"Then you can tell her in your heart. She'll know. She's still with us, Emmet. We just can't see her."

"'re right..."

Scarlett smiled. "Of course I'm right. Now can you go help Al to the washroom? I'm not going to take him."

I laughed. "Get Nosey to do it this time."


Day 8 (Words)


Dear Diary,

Today was alright...for being stranded, I mean. Julius has a nasty gash from the attack he took from that Bloodhound. God, if I see that thing again...

Julius assures me he's ok. But I can't help worry about him. I mean, isn't that what girlfriends do for their boyfriends? Care about them, ook after them? I mean, last time when we got stuck on Curse Island, it was bitten by something in the ocean. He was posioned. What if the same thing happens to him? I can't bear to see him go through that again.

At least we know that we don't look into the Bloodhounds eyes, and we should be alright.


Oh, look what you made me write, Juls...

ANYWAYS, Julius won't stop trying to look at my dairy...he always fails, but sometimes I wish he would just give me some space. I guess that's what I love about him- he loves me for who I am.

~Delilah Devonshire~


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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