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party time!!!

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"Are you ready babe?" pete asked while putting on his converse
"yes give me just a second ok" LoLa replied quickly
then she came into the room and looked in the mirror and asked "babe do i look ok?"
"you look beautiful like always" pete said in his sweet voice. then they shared a sweet kiss and went out the door and got into their escilade and headed toward the club called Club 47. When they arrived Kyle and his new girlfreind Libby were waiting for them outside.

"Its about time" kyle said laughing
" shut up man" pete said laughing

They walked inside and got drinks then found a table to sit at... a few minutes later a girl came up behind LoLa and said BITCH WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE????
LoLa turned around quickly and stood up once she looked at who it was... LoLa replied " excuse me??"
"you heard what i said"
"what the fuck do you want??"LoLa screamed at the top of her lungs
"well i wanted to know why you were her with my boyfriend??",said jessica (petes other girl)
LoLa busted into tears as she turned around to look at pete who was amazed by what was happening.
"Is this true pete? are you still talking to her? i thought you told me you werent"
pete ran over to her but was turned around fast by jessica
"what the hell is going on pete you told me you didnt have a girlfriend and that me and you were gonna go out", jessica protested
" Jesiica ,he yelled, you need to forget about me i told you last week we are nothing i hate you and you are ruining my life stay the fuck away from me you are such a whore"
by now everyone in the club had put there eyes on them and were listening to everything. Then one of the guards came over to them and said "Ladies and gentleman i have no clue what is going on but i think it would be better if you would take it out side".... then they all three walked out side and pete tried to grab LoLas hand but she jerked away by wiping her tears. when they got outside Jessica yelled "fuck this shit i can find someone eles to screw every night so its your damn problem you messed this perfectly good relationship up so dont come crawling back to me" she turned and stomped off and slowy faded into view then pete grabbed LoLa and said" I know you are really pissed off right now but i need you to listen to me" LoLa tried to stop crieng but she couldnt she was so upset... Pete said" I am sorry that happened i am not going out with her we were just talking but she just wanted to make us break up and cause a scene" "break up" LoLa asked ?? "Yes pete said would you mind to be my girl friend???" " I would love that" then she put her self in his arms and he carred her to the car and they drove home. When they got home they went upstaires and changed and then they climed into bed and turned off the lights and made love like they have never made love befor.......
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