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Chapter Five

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The first episode for an imaginary season three; six chapters. Joan/Ryan. As Helen struggles with questions about why evil exists, Joan begins to understand that she has the ability to shape her in...

Category: Joan of Arcadia - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Adam Rove, Friedman, Glynis Figliola, God, Grace Polk, Helen Girardi, Joan Girardi, Kevin Girardi, Lilly Waters, Luke Girardi, Ryan - Warnings: [!!!] - Published: 2005-07-06 - Updated: 2005-07-06 - 406 words

Luke and Grace stumbled to a halt outside the apartment building, slightly out of breath. Glynis and Friedman were sitting on the front steps-on the opposite sides of the front steps, as far from each other as possible-looking worried. "It's about time," said Friedman. "Joan went inside over forty minutes ago." He held up his wristwatch arm accusingly.

"You're following my sister?" Luke said in disbelief. He'd been repeating variations of that phrase ever since he'd answered his cell phone.

"Together," added Grace, the corner of her mouth twitching slightly.

Glynis raised her chin disdainfully. "It is a temporary alliance only," she informed them. "We are united only by our concern for Joan."

"Which brings us back to the main point," Friedman broke in impatiently.

"There was a main point?" Grace asked.

"I tried to catch up with Joan after school," Glynis explained, "but she took off and-" she paused, groping for words. "She was acting really oddly."

"What kind of odd?" Grace asked. "Joan odd, or just odd by normal standards?"

"Furtive," said Glynis. "She kept glancing over her shoulder, and she looked secretive."

"When does Girardi ever not look secretive?" Grace muttered.

"So Glynis grabbed me and we followed her here," Friedman finished. "She went inside and hasn't come out-"

"We examined the list of tenants in the lobby, but we couldn't recognize any names," Glynis interrupted.

"I'm still not getting what part of 'Joan looked secretive' makes it a good idea to follow her," Luke said, looking skeptical.

"No, wait," Grace said thoughtfully. "She really has been acting secretive lately. I mean, even by her own non-sharey standards. Maybe we should check this out."

They trooped into the lobby. "Do you know any of these people?" Glynis asked anxiously.

"Yes," said Grace and Luke simultaneously, and looked at each other.

"That's the guy who might be firing Kevin," Michael said grimly, pointing to the buzzer marked 'Hunter, Ryan.'

"Dude," said Grace in a stunned tone, "that's the guy who rescued Adam."

"The guy who rescued Adam is firing your brother?" asked Glynis in bewilderment.

"See?" said Friedman triumphantly. "Something weird is going on. We need to get inside somehow."

Grace gave him an impatient look, then jabbed randomly at a buzzer. "Flower delivery," she said sweetly to the woman who answered. "The sweet sound of access," she added smugly when the door clicked open. "Honestly, Friedman, don't you know how to do anything?"
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