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Cruel Humor

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"Finally, something to play with." His voice was deeper, now, as he stood, smirking as he nudged a button on the edge on the wall with his foot. He jumped from the side of the building, landing o...

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Curse the Rain
Chapter 4 - "Cruel Humor"

The explosion had caught him off guard, to say the least. Edward groaned as he struggled to his knees, coughing badly. After he recovered from his fit, he winced and grabbed his left arm, just noticing the stabbing pain and the blood that dripped freely from a gash across his upper arm. He heard footsteps behind him and managed to turn around, staring back at Scar.

His eyes narrowed, however, when the Ishbalan laughed-that didn't really sound like Scar. "So, it's true," he said thoughtfully, stopping infront of Edward and staring down at him, a smirk on his face. "There is something wrong with you."

Edward stared at him, breathing hard. "What...the hell...?"

Scar laughed again, taking another step forward. "My bad, you don't recognize me in this form, do you pipsqueak?" Edward glared at him for that last remark, but his eyes widened when the person standing infront of him suddenly changed, revealing the black haired homunculi named Envy. "What's the matter?" he asked, grinning at the shocked expression on Edward's face and leaning forward. "Eddy-weddy to shocked to speak?"

"Atleast my head doesn't resemble a palm tree..."

The comment was met with a kick to the face and Ed hit the ground, hard, wincing and clutching at his wound. Envy glared down at him. "My head does not look like a palm tree, you insignificant shrimp." He crouched down beside Edward, snagging the boy by the arm when he tried to move away and squeezing the cut on his arm, laughing. "You're not going anywhere-I just want to play."

Edward grit his teeth and grabbed Envy's hand, trying to pry it away from his arm, but he was way too weak and it only caused him more pain. Envy laughed at his futile effort to get away and shook him roughly. "You really are pathetic, pipsqueak." he said mockingly, increasing the pressure on Ed's arm. "Especially, without little brother here to help you. Where'd he run off to, anyway?"

Edward glared at him, pain evident in his amber eyes. "What do you know about it?"

"Oh, wouldn't you like to know? Can't find him, can you, pipsqueak?" Envy asked, looking up when hurried footsteps echoed through the alley and someone yelled Edward's name. "Well, play time's up, I guess." He sighed and stood, still holding onto Edward's arm, then smirked and changed back into Scar. "I'll be back for you later, pipsqueak."

He shoved Ed to the ground, then turned and disappeared over the rubble of the exploded wall. Edward managed to prop himself up on his elbow and glared after him, tears forming in his eyes. "Wait a damn minute! What's that supposed to mean!?" he yelled, "Where's Al? What did you do with him!?"

"Edward! Are you alright?" someone asked, running up behind him.

Edward didn't pay attention to them as he tried to stand, collapsing again because he was so exhausted and weak. He sat there for a few seconds, then pushed himself to his feet, ignoring the almost unbearable pain in his arm as he started down the alley. He was only vaguely aware of the person standing beside him, telling him that he was going to hurt himself. When he didn't listen, they grabbed him by the arm and he felt a sudden, sharp pain in the back of his head before he blacked out.

"Stubborn..." Riza muttered, catching Edward as he slid limply to the ground. She eyed him critically, making sure he wasn't hurt too badly, then looked back when Roy ran up beside them, a small smile tugging at her lips when he immediately panicked over the blood on Edward's arm. "Calm down, sir, he's fine. It isn't that serious."

Roy sighed, relieved, then glared around at the rubble and asked, "Where's Scar?"

"Gone." she said, gently lowering Edward to the ground when he stirred.

Edward blinked his eyes open and Roy leaned over him, scowling. "What the hell is wrong with you?" he snapped, glaring at Edward. "Why did you run off like that!? You could have been killed!"

"Yeah, well, I wasn't so get over it." Edward said, sitting up and putting a hand over his arm.

Roy sighed and crouched beside him, tearing the bottom of his shirt to use as a bandage. Edward winced when Roy grabbed his injured arm and tried to pull away. "Don't start." Roy said, keeping a firm grip on his arm. "You wouldn't need a bandage if you hadn't run off. This is your own fault."

Edward looked away, glaring at the wall beside him. "I didn't want to stay at that damn hospital."

"Well, you could have just said so. I wouldn't have left you there if you didn't want to stay." Roy said, glaring at Ed's arm as he tied the bandage. He glanced up at Edward's face, noticing the busted lip and quickly bruising cheek. Roy's eyes narrowed, but he didn't mention it and, since he hadn't really been paying attention, tied the bandage too tight.

Edward winced again and Riza sighed, saying, "Don't tie it so tight, Colonel. You're going to cut off the circulation to his arm."

Roy frowned and loosened it a bit, then got up and helped Edward stand. Edward swayed when he got to his feet, feeling light headed, and put a hand on the wall to steady himself. His eyes widened when a wave of nausea suddenly hit him and he leaned forward, vomiting. Riza and Roy both grimaced, looking at eachother when Edward whimpered, whipping his mouth with the back of his sleeve.

Riza stepped forward, patting Ed on the back and brushing the hair out of his face. "Edward, if you don't want to go back to the hospital, then you can just stay with Roy." she said, glaring over her shoulder at Roy when it sounded like he was going to object.

Roy shut his mouth immediately, glaring at her as Edward shook his head tiredly. "No," he mumbled, closing his eyes, "I-"

"We can look for Alphonse," she said, putting a hand ontop of his head and frowning. His face had gotten pale and he was shaking. "You need to rest, now."

Edward weakly consented and Roy sighed. "Fine," he said, pulling Ed onto his back and carrying him out of the alley. "Let's get out of here before you get into anymore trouble." Edward rested his head against Roy's back and closed his eyes, feeling somewhat secure when Riza laid her hand on his back. Roy glanced back at him, smiling. "Jeez...first you punch the doctor, then you run off and nearly get kill. I swear, you're a handful..."


"Why did you do that?" a woman asked, exasperated.

Envy laughed, waving his hand dissmisively. "Oh, come on, Lust. It was funny!" he said, leaning back on his hand. "You should have seen the look on his face when I asked him where his brother was."

"You don't even know where the younger brother is, do you?"

"Nope. I haven't got a clue, but he doesn't know that." Envy snickered. "Poor pipsqueak was so upset he nearly started crying."

Lust sighed. "He's not going to be able to make a Philosopher's Stone if you traumatize him, Envy."

"I only hit him once..." Envy said, glaring at her. He thought for a moment, then added, "And the cut on his arm was an accident."

"Just like the explosion?"

Envy shrugged. "No...I just I did that to get his attention."

"So, why did you change into the Ishbalan?"

"To mess with his head." Envy said, as if it were the most obvious answer. "Like I said, the look on his face was priceless!" He paused, looking at the ceiling. "No, wait, the other look on his face was the funny one."

Lust sighed, shaking her head. "You've got a cruel sense of humor." Envy grinned at the praise until she said, "Don't do that anymore."

He frowned, leaning forward. "What? I'm not allowed to play with the pathetic pipsqueak anymore?"

"If he looses his marbles because of something you think is 'funny', then you can find someone else to make the Philosopher's Stone for us."

Envy narrowed his eyes and sat back, crossing his arms. "Jeez, spoil all my fun," he muttered. He had already thought of a billion ways to mess the runts head, he'd be damned if those would go to waste, but he just shrugged it off for now. After all, it wouldn't be any fun if pipsqueak couldn't even fight back.

Envy sighed, letting his head fall back against the wall. "You're a kill joy."

Lust glared at him. "Palm tree..."

~ t s u d z u k u ~
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