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I saw Gerard and the first thing we did was stare at each other we didn't know what to do, then 5 seconds later we started talking.

So how is life? Gerard said like it was the lamest thing to ask.

Umm, nothing really I'm just a writer is all, trying to reach my goals. I said

So you're a writer, nice. Well yeah apparently, you know what I do for a living, I think everyone else in the world knows. Gerard said as we were walking to there tour bus.

Yeah I think people from mars know too. I said laughing as he opened the door for me.

So welcome to the tour our tour bus, we spend our time here more than we do at our apartments. Gerard said sarcastically.

I walked in and I saw mikey, ray, and bob they all hugged me but I didn't get to talk to the much because the had to go sound check the guitars and drums on stage.

So by the time the left it was only me and Gerard which was awkward but after a while I didn't feel that way.

So do you go out with anybody??? Gerard asked curiously

Umm, no I'm single, how about you? I knew I was lying but it how could I tell Gerard that my boyfriend was someone I didn't even love and how could I give him the reason of why I didn't love him was because I still loved Gerard. At that point, different thing popped in my head but I decided not to think about it.

No I not with anyone at the moment, I still looking for the right girl to spend the rest of my life with, you know. Gerard said looking down.

Aww, well isn't that sweet. I said sarcastically.

But do you know what, I think I found that girl. Gerard said

Oh, really who is she? I said curiously yet worried.

She is sitting right beside me.

Gerard said looking right in to my eyes and I looked back, we got closer and then.......
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