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As I Fall

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I will kill him...even as I fall...Roy/Furher

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As I fall

Pairing: Roy/Furher King Bradley

Title based from: Slow...and silent...the snow keeps falling... (from Volume 7 of D.N. Angel Manga)

I keep returning...for what I don't know. What we have isn't love, atleast not between us. If he has those feelings the words have been left unspoken on both sides. I never speak during our meetings, for he has forbidden it. He is silent, his hands pushing me to the edge and then bringing me back to solid ground. He knows of my dreams and my ambitions, and he knows why I stay in the military.

He's promised to help me make it to the top, even though he shouldn't be of much help in way of rank. He says it was my eyes that first made him approach me. It was just after the Ishbal Massacre that he first came to me. He said my eyes were dark with promise, a promise that he knew nothing of.

"I wanted to give you that promise..."

His words stirred something within me, a memory of when I was younger. Of a time when my father didn't drink and before Mother died. It was a time of when my elder brother entered into the military, before everything went astray. He made it to the rank of General, and he told me the same thing.

He gave me the promise of rising in ranks, that I would be in the military too. Yet he died the summer after, and Mother became ill. Father started to drink and as soon as Mother died I left home. I became a dog of the military that same year, showing off my fire alchemy with great pride. Of course it surprised me when I met him there.

My best friend was standing beside me rambling on about us getting into the military before he came. A salute was given on both sides, and it was the first time that the King opened his mouth to give a compliment. Of course Basque Gran went on about it for my first whole year in the military, he always thought I lacked the heart to be a soldier.

On the other hand, the King supported my uprising and he still does to this day. He knows that I want to become Furher, he knows what my intentions are and yet he still sees me and he still supports me. He has a family, a wife and a son, and yet he keeps coming back to me. I sometimes wonder, while laying in his arms, if this is just a game, for it's been like this for years now. I can see all of the seasons reflected in his eyes. Yet it is winter that I like the best.

A smile comes to my face as I look out of the window, seeing the pure white snow land on the dark ground. It reminds me of our better years, the years of when I could love him. Yet now I must hate him for what he is. A betrayer to the cause, a man who is under anothers control. I will be the one to kill him...I shall kill him, even as I fall...
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