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Triwizard Redux

by DrT 5 Reviews

When would be the best point in time for an over-powered Harry to return to his past? Right before the First Task!

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance - Characters: Barty Crouch Jr., Dumbledore, Harry, Hermione, Justin, Luna, Lupin, Snape - Warnings: [!!] - Chapters: 14 - Published: 2006/10/19 - Updated: 2007/08/12 - 48337 words - Complete


  • Triwizard Redux

    (#) foolishwandwaver 2006-11-01 03:05:12 PM

    I have a feeling that Rita might be back with a vengance, depending on the story. Or then again, maybe not. Liked her capture and Harry allowing Snape to take the credit.
  • Triwizard Redux

    (#) scruffy1 2006-11-04 10:07:42 AM

    I found the Malthus Bern pamphlets a very interesting device and one that I've not seen before. The fact that they pre-date Voldemort was a nice touch. I wonder if he read them as a student and incorporated several of his ideas into his world view.
    This is a very good and interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

    Author's response

    I've had elements of the ideas before (attributed to Grindelwald and earlier thinkers), but this is a different twist. And yes, Riddle knew this writer well, and twisted it for his own purposes.

    If it helps anyone, Bern=Marx, Grindelwald=Kautsky and later Lenin, Voldemort=Stalin, while Harry is creating the idea of the Social Democrats.

    If that confuses everyone, sorry.

  • Triwizard Redux

    (#) catseaten123 2006-11-14 01:56:01 PM

    quality, excellent story hope u rite more and soon!!!!!!!!11
  • Triwizard Redux

    (#) sabriel 2006-11-22 08:04:24 PM

    Frankly, this is one of your worst stories. You're a very good worldbuilder, but you're not very good at writing romantic relationships.
    Hermione, in the books, is a perfectly normal girl. She is probably more intelligent than most people her age, but still normal. You have, using the excuse that she is Harry's soul mate/one true love, turned her into the most beautiful/intelligent woman in the world, a perfect goddess that can do no wrong. In other words, you've turned her into a Mary Sue. The Heir-Of-Everything/Superpowered Harry is also a bit of a Gary-Stu, but he was much more bearable than Hermione. The relationship between them was very forced. I think the fic would have been better if you kept the Harry/Hermione romance to the side.
  • Triwizard Redux

    (#) katiensean 2009-10-17 07:24:27 PM

    i have read this story a couple of times and enjoy it more and more. I very much enjoy reading your stories

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