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Day 18 (Virutal Reality)

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Why does virtual reality have to feel so real?!?

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DAY 18: (Virtual Reality)

Place, unknown
Time unknown


"DELILAH!" I cried out.

Everyone was on the cell floor, unconscious, except for Ursula and myself. I shook her as I held her in my arms. She moaned, and slowly opened her eyes.

"Ju-ulius?!?" She cried out.

When she realized it was me, she cried in tears as she hugged me.


We didn't say a word after that. We just held each other, then I couldn't help myself- we kissed. A long one.

We were so into seeing each other again, that we didn't notice everyone had waking up and were watching us.

"Exuse me, like, trapped here!" Cried out Ursula.

Delilah and me broke, blushing. "Sorry."

"How are we going to get out of this?" Scarlett moaned.

Al was still blind, so he asked what was going on. Where they were. What happened. Ursula and me told them how the island was a virtual reality. After Ursula and me finished the story, Scarlett repeated herself:

"How are we going to get out of this?"

"Well, there's the air vent," Ursula pointed out, pointing to the wall. "But non of us have a bobbypin?"

I said it without hesiation- "Delilah?"

Delilah laughed, as she took the bobbypin out of her hair, and gave it to me. "You're the safe locker expert."

The air vent was high, so Emmet and Nosey were on their backs, and I stood on their backs. They began to wiggle.

"God, you're heavy!" Complained Emmet.

"Almost there..." I cried out, after putting the bobbypin in the screw.

"Yeah. Almost." Said a voice behind us.

I gasped. It was DJ Hook, The Blood hound. and the Con Man.

"DON'T LOOK INTO THE BLOOD HOUNDS EYES!" Delilah reminded everyone.

DJ Hook quickly unlocked the caged door with his hook, and they ran after us. I quickly got off Emmet and Noseys backs. We had fun tackling them down in the cell. I had to be careful not to get scratched by the Blood hound again. Never. We finally got them on the ground.


Everyone listened. We got out of the jail cell, and Scarlett quickly locked the baddies in the cell we were once held in.

"THERE!" Cried out Scarlett in triumph.

The baddies were unconscious, so they couldn't say anything.

"THE TELEPOTER!" Cried out Ursula. "We can escape through there!"

"No, we can't," I reminded them. "Remember the last time we were stranded on this island? After we escaped, we distroyed the one at the academy."


We looked where we were at. We were in a cold, grey building. Our voices echoed in the building. There was a computer, with a whole bunch of buttons. There was a red button that read, "Virtual Reality."

"What does this button do?" Asked Nosey without a little kid.

"DON'T TOUCH IT!" Screamed everyone in unsion.

But it was too late...he pressed the button. We were then blind by a bright light...


I was scared. I was first to admit that. I was scared to open my eyes. But slowly, my eyes opened to find myself at...the academys balcony?!? I looked around quickly. Everyone was here. GOOD! Everyone cried out with happiness.

"Two for the academy!" Cried out Emmet, punching his fist into the air.

"Let's get your new glasses, big Al," Scarlett told Al.

"About time!" He replied.

Everyone left, everyone mummbling about a real meal that didn't deal with berries, or baths, and so on. But Delilah and me stayed behind. I put an arm around her shoulder, and she put an arm around my waist. I gave her a kiss on the cheek, as she sighed and rest her head on my chest.

"Good to be home." I whispered.



Dear Diary,

I'M HOME!!!!! Everyones home! My God, two times in a row, I'm SOOOO happy that I'm not even making sense! I guess this is the end of our adventure at Curse Island...hopefully. I pray to God it is. I'm crying with happiness. The end of Curse Island. I loved how that sounded. The Bloodhound, DJ Hook and The Con Man are trapped in the cell in Curse Island. Now they were the ones who are cursed. Whatever happened to them, I really don't care. I just hope that this is the end of Curse Island.

But in my heart, I know there's no end to nothing. For the end is only a new beggining.



xxDarkness' Kidxx

Thanks for reading and reviewing, guys, you all rock!
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