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Not What It Seems

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High scholl student, Emily is a complete outcast. Her twin sister is cheerleader is probably the most popular girl in school. Can one person change the way everyone thinks of Emily?

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Nobody likes to be the "outcast" when it comes to school, right? You know, the kid that sits in the back of the classroom not saying a word, or the kid that sits in the lunchroom with there head buried in a book? Or even the kid that the other kids like to talk about and snicker behind there back as he or she walks down the hall. Like I said, No one wants to be that. Then ,why do others let there friends sli
away to be that person?
Well have you ever thought that it might be worse when your twin sister is the captin of the the Varisty Cheerleading Squad? Why would a sister let her other sister just become less popular and picked on constantly as she laughs with them pretending she isnt related?
You're probably wondering what the point is in this and why I'm babbaling on about, Am I right?
Well to get to the point, I'm the outcast that sits alone not saying a word in the back of the classroom, but only because I'm scared I'll get made fun of. I'm also the girl, who sits in the lunchroom with her head buried in a book, only because I'm too scard to make eye contact with someone fearing they'll say somethign mean. And sadly, my twin sister is indeed the captin of the Varsity Cheerleading Squad. And personally, I think she's the biggest bitch in the whole school.

"Emily...!..Hello...Emily?" I heard someone call from above me. I snapped out of my thoughts to see Gina waving her hand in front of me. I had to love her. She was the only girl that has talked to me since the 5th grade without being a complete bitch to me. While the other kids called me weird she sat next to me and yelled at them the whole time telling them to leave me alone and how they were just jealous.
[i]Yeah Right..Jealous? Of what!? My nice fashion sense? I doubt it.[/i]
"Hey Gina." I smiled at her as she sat across from me at the round lunch table where no one else had sat with me.
[i]That's a shocker...[/i]
She smiled back "What are you doing after school today?"
"Nothing-....Nothing? It's Friday and you're doing...[i]nothing[/i]
"Well, do you see people dropping to my feet to hang out with me?"
She looked around the table and under it then shook her head "No..."
I smirked "Therefor, I am doing nothing."
"Come over my house then."
"I was over there yesterday..."
"But you love me...!"
I raised my eyebrows "I beg to differ..."
"Ok, you love my brother then!" She laughed.
I laughed "Yeah right, him and all his asshole friends. Oh yes, I love them."
She rolled her eyes "Then you can hide yourself in my room everytime they are over, but you're coming over whether you like it or not."
"What if I'm busy?"
She shrugged "What are you busy with?"
"Biology homework?"
"It's Friday."
I sighed "Can't you just take no for an answer?"
"Can't you just shut up and give in. You never win anyways..."
I took a sip of my water and placed it back on the table "What time should I be over?"
She smiled proudly "How about around four?"

"I'm home!" I called walking into my slightly large house. I figured no one was home. No one was ever home. Jenna was always at cheerleading practice after school. Dad was always on buisness, Mom was always screwing around with another guy.
"Why?" I heard and unexpected voice call from the top of the stairs making me jump.
"Jenna? What are you doing home...?" I said to my older sister but only about 3 minutes.
"I canceled cheerleading pratice." She said flipping her shiny blonde hair out of her face.
I rolled my eyesh walking past her taking my hair out of the pony tail it was in. There was no way my hair was even close to being as nice as hers, or as [i]shiny[/i].
I walked into my room and went over to my dresser that had a mirror on the top of it and examined myself. I deffiently didn't have Jenna's looks. I know what you're thinking 'You're identical should look alike.' Well, we do. But it's the little things that tear us apart in looks. She has long straight silky hair. I have shorter hair, not very shiny...and pretty boring and limp hair. She has great skin. I get pimples constantly. She also has the bright blue eyes, while mine just look sad and dull all the time. Sadly, all the boys see the slight differences in us and go running to her without even giving me a chance.
I sighed picking up my black duffle bag and throwing some clothes in it lasting my the weekend, knowing I would probably stay there Saturday night also and being there all day Sunday after tonight. It happened almost every weekend. My family didn't notice, nor did they care.

I rung Gina's doorbell once I walked up her porch steps. I heard footsteps running to the door.
Her brother Sebastien opened the door looking like he was expecting someone else "Oh...Hey Emily, Gina is upstairs, in her room."
"Waiting for someone else?" I rolled my eyes.
He scratched the back of his head "Um...erm... well the guys..."
"I figured." I called over my shoulder as I walked up and into Gina's room where she was dancing around her room listening to the Backstreet Boys.
"You are such a dork." I smiled turning her radio down.
She cocked and eyebrow "You [i]love[/i] the Backstreet Boys and you know it."
"Yes, but I don't dance aruond my room looking like an idiot for all to see."
"Not everyone can see me."
I pointed to her window where he shades were open and the guys were just getting out of Jeff's beat up car.
"Oh my god!" she sqeauked "Do you think they saw me."
I shrugged "I don't know...I don't really care either."
"But they might tell the whole school and they my social status will go down."
"Gina, you haven't had a social status since the day you started to hang out with me." I reminded her.
She rolled her eyes as there was a small knock on the door.
Pierre walked in with a smikr on his face
"What?" Gina smiled
"You dance wonderuflly." he said sarcastically.
She hit him playfully, obviously flirting "Shut up, I hate you."
He raised his eybrows and tackled her to the bed tickiling her.
I rolled my eyes "It's ok guys...I'm not here or anything." I said under my breath exiting her room. I walked down the stairs and by the living room looking at the boys playing video games. I found myself quite jealous wishing I had that many friends.
I must've stopped for a long time because the one with the blonde spikes yelled "Hi Erica!"
"It's Emily..." I said under my breath wakling away.

That was chapter one.
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