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Chapter One

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Drama/Fantasy/Romance Belle knows Jason did not do it, she knows Michale framed him. Now she must set out to create a spell to bring him back to prove that he is innocent. She knows that there w...

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Belle stood in the misted of the flames. The fire engine red flames whipped around her feet licking the hem of her pale blue dress that fell just below her knees. She used her pale hands to finger the neckline of her tube dress running her hands along its silver sequins. Her waist long pale blonde hair blew in the same wind that caused the fire to whip along her feet.

Belle walked with poise and grace gained from years of ballet dancing. She moved with the stealth of a ninja towards her target, every step she took made no noise. She soon reached the gold podium at the back of the fire-consumed circle, the fire reflected on it's shimmering surface. An old dust covered book lay on top of the golden podium, its yellowed corners curling under.

She gracefully picked it up, her dress swaying with her curvaceous body. "With this I can bring you back Jason. With this I can restore our lives to the way they were." She promised, red-hot determination flooding through her sweet and clear voice. She thought of her dark chocolate haired friend. His dark chocolate brown hair was hanging in his sparkling green eyes. He was laughing, his perfect smile shimmering in the sun. He raised a tanned hand to shield his face from the sun. His medium build body leaning against an oak tree that was thickly covered in emerald green leaves. He had his other hand in his dark blue jeans pocket, causing his dark brown tee shirt to bunch up where his hand was in his pocket.

Belle had found the idea to save Jason while reading a book in the local library. It had been an ordinary book on how to get over losing a loved one. But Jason was not dead yet he was simply trapped in another dimension, a magical dimension. Belle knew what dimension; it was the one where all witches and wizards were sent when they had broken the magical law. Knowing where Jason was one of the hardest things for Belle; the hardest part being that she knew that he had been framed. She knew that he had not killed Kevin, she knew that he had bee framed.

The hardest part about him being framed was that the person who had framed him was Jason's identical twin brother Michael. Belle could still see Jason's dad, whom Jason and Michael were the spitting image of, and Michael's faces on the day Jason was sentenced. Jason's dad cried, between his sobs he said "Why Jason, why." Michael had just stood there with no expression on his face; he knew what he had done.

She knew from looking in Michael's eyes that the picture of Kevin's body float slowly to the ground, and burst into flames when it hit the ground was still fresh in his mind. Kevin's pale green eyes were filled with shock when he saw the fatal blast of electric purple light coming for him. He had been brushing his light blonde hair from his eyes when Michael muttered the deadly spell. Thinking back Belle realized that she should have brought up the points that the spell cast was not Jason's signature emerald green, but Michael's signature electric purple, and that it was a spoken spell, Jason and her had always cast silent spells, her signature spell color being electric baby blue. It was too late now the court case was closed. She had already resorted to stealing to save her long time boyfriend and best friend since birth. The how to handle grief book she had read in the library had said that one way to get over grief was to make something meaningful to take to the funeral. Reading that chapter in the book had given her an idea, what if she could cast a spell to bring Jason back? To prove that he was innocent? So she started on the trip to the underland, to retrieve the ultimate spell book, one that would help her write her own spell. She knew that there was no spell out there to bring someone back from the magical dimension prison.

She had had to travel through valleys and deserts, over seas and over mountains. But it would all be worth it if she were able to save Jason. On the day he was sentenced she muttered, "He will pay Jason, he will pay for what he did to you." Belle was not the kind of person to go back on her word; if she said she was going to do something she did it. Not going back on her word and honesty were her two highest values. Jason had often said that they were the reason she was brutally honest, often to point of being cruel and was the most trusted and reliable person at Candid high. Belle was the kind of person that you either loved or hated; fortunately she was loved by just about everyone. Jason on the other hand was more laid back and carefree, sure Belle knew how to have a good time but she had to be persuaded to, and Jason always got stuff done, frequently at the last minute and was fairly honest, but not to the point of being cruel. That's probably why they had been the best of friends since birth (they shared a birthday) and were such a good couple.

To the students at Candid high thought that they were the classic all American couple Jason being a star football player and Belle being head cheerleader, but Belle and Jason knew better. They knew that they were magical; they knew that they were different from their friends. They knew that they had a bond deeper than high school love, for in their magical society to be born on the same day as your partner is the greatest omen, if you were so lucky as to share a birthday with your partner you would be blessed with good luck. Jason and Belle knew that they were truly blessed, they knew that it was good luck that Belle's parents caught Jason's magically making two car seats appear to take there twins home, they new that they were meant to be together. Their parents still told them that they were to young and did not know what true love was. Belle and Jason thought other wise. The note that Belle had left for her parents when she left on her journey to find the ultimate spell book was this:

Mom, Dad, I have left to save Jason. You always said that we were to young to know true love, but I still believe differently. I will save him. He was framed. Our love will sever as my light and guild. Love form Belle.

Belle began to slowly walk from the podium, spell book in the crook of her seventeen-year-old arm.

"You can't take that." A fire wolf growled deeply, hidden in the flames, completely camouflaged except from his piercing yellow eyes.

"Watch me!" Belle shouted, her sweet clear voice showing her hardheaded side showing through her words. The fire wolf jumped from the flames that were camouflaging him. He made a move to attack Belle. Belle jumped to the side, ripping the bottom of her dress on the podium.

Belle took off her right shoe and pushed a button on the inside side of it, a small dagger like blade shot out from the heel. The flames surrounding Belle and the fire wolf shone on the blades silver surface. Belle put the spell book down and managed to get her shoe-dagger against the fire wolfs heart, not piercing his flaming skin as to kill him though.

"You win." The fire wolf gasped. "Please spare me."

"I can not kill." Belle said. "I just need the book."

"You may take it noble one. For you spared me my life. But please let me help you on your journey."

"Well, if your coming hurry up. I could use the company." Belle said, starting head for the exit. The fire wolf ran to catch up with her.


Belle and the fire wolf set up camp in a clearing in the middle of a dense evergreen forest. A fire was burning in middle of the clearing, courtesy of the fire wolf. Belle had her electric baby blue sleeping bag spread out beside it. The fire wolf had gathered up evergreen broths to sleep on. "So do you have a name?" Belle asked inquisitively.

"My name is Capi, noble one. What is your name?"


"Why did you need the spell book?"

"I need it to create a spell, to bring back my boyfriend who was accused of a crime he did not commit and is now in the magical prison dimension." Belle explained, her voice cracking and the fire reflecting off her tear-glazed eyes.

"True love will always prevail. I to have lost a love one, my wife, Sagi, died from an illness, I still do not know what the illness was, but she was sick for a very long time." Capi said, ash falling from his glowing yellow eyes like tears.

Belle and Capi both fell silent for a while. Belle assumed that Capi had fallen asleep as she looked through the spell book. It took her an hour to find the page she was looking for. She read it through multiple times, having difficulties making out the words in some spots because they were either stained, smudged or faded. The fire was almost completely died down when she had finished making her spell. She wrote it down on one of the spell books many blank pages.

It read:

On the night of a full moon, cast this spell where you met the one you love.
In a camrod cauldron mix together:

A mahogany rose
A bottle of moth's milk
An ever frozen piece of sage
Something your lover gave to you
Something you gave to your lover
A meter of snakeskin
A bottle of electric baby blue ink

"Well that's going to take some work." Belle mumbled to her self as she built the fire up and climbed into squashy sleeping bag. She clutched the spell book in her arm, using her other arm as a pillow, her blonde hair spread out everywhere.

Capi quietly got up and pulled the spell book out from Belle's arm, careful not to wake the sleeping beauty. He used his nose to flip to the page where she had written. He was shocked to find it written in electric baby blue ink. 'This girl likes her eye color to much.' He thought to himself. "Yes Belle it will be hard to find all that, but I am here to help and together we will find everything you need." He mumbled. He would repay his dept to this girl, she saved his life, and so he would protect hers.

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