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To Everyone who reads my stories

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My Loyal Readers,

Ok...Here's the deal. I love to write fanfiction. It is my all time hobby. But if I'm going to go to all the trouble of putting it up on websites, I expect to have some reviews. It isn't that hard to leave a review. I'll even accept flames if I have to.

I really like to write fanfiction, but if no one is going to review, then what's the point of writing it? I hate ghost readers. I really hate them because they will not leave reviews. It makes me feel that my work is not good enough.

If you want me to continue writing, I want you all to leave me a review saying so. If you want me to stop, then leave a review for that.

And also...E-Fiction peoples? I think I might leave E-Fiction because their rules suck. I'm sorry, but I can't follow them all. If you boot me off, E-Fiction, Then OH WELL. You can kiss my ass for all I care!!!

Freedom of Speech Fanfiction has a lot of ghost readers. I have noticed...Eh heh heh...Maybe I should put ALL my stories there. But come on, review a little peoples. Please...

I know that and don't take Reader inserts and CYOA's...But you can still put up OC fics. Go there and read some and leave some reviews. It's fun.

And as for FicWad...I think I know why no one reviews there...Not many people know of the site. I found it by a friend of mine. Her name is Ashley, aka AW555.

Now please take this note seriously, because if I don't get some reviews, I'll stop writing. Be warned.


Ale from DinAleJazz(E-Fiction)
Lexi from Lexi et Tea(E-Fiction)
Kurana (Freedom of Speech Fanfiction)
SailorStarFighter (FicWad)
Kagome Mizuno ( and Mediaminer)

Alexandra (Me...)

PS E-Fiction...Ever since Teddy left, you guys left some bad rules...I might just leave forever because of your rules. Lighten up. Don't be such S.O.B.s...Because once I'm gone...I'm gone...and you can just kiss my ass goodbye.
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