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Life as Clemson knows it

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Dealing with issues of stress and growing into teenagehood.

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God Damnit! he hissed. The words flew thoughtlessly out of his mouth.
He quickly realized that this was the first time ever that he had cussed. It was out of character. He did not do that kind of thing. He shook it off quickly, did not put much thought into it.

Practice went on as normal, he did pretty well. He was too tired to feel any satisfaction about the day however, besides that math test ruined the whole day for him. On the ride home he sat in the car, music blasting in his ears. He knew it was bad for him. Normally he would make an effort to shield them, but not today. He had given in.

What was happening to him? He was not acting his normal self, he just was not the same. His sense of humour was going dry and witty. Something was not right. He reasoned that it was just the lack of sleep coupled with the amount of stress he went through everyday. He decided that losing himself in his work was the best thing to do. To play his mind out on the board, sing his heart out on the guitar, run his legs dead at practice, and focus non-stop. Most importantly he would smile when he thought of her.

He did play his mind out, he did sing his heart out, run his legs dead, and his head was a constant headache. He did not feel warm. He did not feel happy, save the thoughts and occasional smiles directed at her. It was gone, it was missing and he did not know where to find it.

That night his friend came over, a friend he had not seen in a few weeks. He had forgotten how nice it was to have friendship, especially rekindle something that had burned down. He felt as if he was digging his way out of his hole. Slowly but surely he would make it, succeed. It was in his nature, he was not a quitter, he would do it.
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