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The End??

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It's WAR! Throttle and Carbine?? Mace and Flea?? Where will they all end up?

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Biker Mice from Mars
It's War!
Part 16
By: Whipblade

Carbine stood stunned. Before her Throttle stood like a mouse who executed a traitor and felt no remorse. The cities glow washing them in painfully fake lights. Below them, the stadium sat vacant.
"Why?" a tear fell along her cheek.

Throttle made no move to thumb it away as he always had when she cried. "There's too many reasons to count Carbine." Throttle didn't hide the pain he felt causing his heart and hers to break. "We're so far apart. We haven't been a couple since The Biker Mice left Mars. Even after the brief visits, have we ever been a couple?"

Rubbing her cheek on her shoulder she sighed. "Is this because of Mace?"

"No. It's not Mace." He took her hand. "This is about us. About how you feel about us, how I feel about us."

"How I feel?"

"I heard it loud and clear Carbine. You have more doubts about my faithfulness than Mars' recovery. If you can't trust me Carbine, just say so."

Dropping his hand, Carbine backed away. Stepping to the edge of the scoreboard she looked out over the city, the parking lot and bleachers perched on rooftops. "You're right. I don't trust you. I don't think I ever did when it comes to pretty women. Harley, Charley... if I knew you were into guys I would have joined the Freedom Fighters just to make sure you stayed true."

"I'm not exactly into guys." Throttle protested weakly.

"Just Mace?" She spun looking at him.

"No, not Mace, I was young and curious." Throttle shrugged. "Then, it seemed different; you weren't even my girlfriend at the time."

"And when I was?" Carbine's voice turned cold.

"Mace didn't take it too well that I wanted you. We had some words and then some before he went on the mission with Lucas. Hell, I wasn't that sad to see him go and never come back."

"He came back."

"Yes he did. I was sad no one else came back with him." Even through the shades, Throttle looked Carbine in the eyes. "I never touched him, we never were that close again."

"The rat didn't know?"

"The rat knew. Oh he knew." Throttle shook his head. "It didn't matter, I had you."

"Now you're just tossing me away?"

"Carbine, I love you. But without trust, how can we stay together?"

"Do you trust me?" Carbine asked lifting her chin defiantly.

"No." Throttle stated flatly.

"Why not?!?"

"Because I don't know who Turbo is, but you've compared him to me over ten times in the last twenty minutes."

Carbine closed her eyes. "I thought you could block every ones thoughts."

"Not after I've been training or after I've been ripped." Throttle stated not touching her. "How long?"

"A while."

"How long?" Throttle pleaded.

"Too long."

"Carbine, how long?" he demanded.

"Two years."

"Not even a shred of decency in you is there?" Throttle shook his head. "That's two years after we got back together." Heading for the roof hatch, Throttle sighed. "Good bye Carbine."

Carbine watched the mouse she knew she threw away disappear. Tears streamed down her face with abandon.


"Throttle?" Vinnie never saw his bro look so heartbroken. Even after battles where children were killed, Throttle was devastated by the senseless slaughter; they all were, but none ever looked as sad, hurt and lonely as he did walking to his bike.

"Throttle you alright?" Stoker asked reaching out to the tawny mouse.

Arm in a sling, Throttle straddled his bike. "I'm fine." He gazed at Stoker.

Stoker couldn't help feel sorry for his rookie looking so lost and lonely.

"Did you know she was cheating?"

Stoker closed his eyes, "No, I didn't." hanging his head. "I'm sorry."

Throttle gave a nod starting up his bike. "I just broke up with her."

Rimfire leaned against Modo not sure what to do. Modo wrapped his arm around his nephew. "Be back shortly, won't chya?" Modo called to Throttle.

"I will." Throttle called back steering his bike to the ramp and exit.

Flea stood up watching his teacher leave. Walking to the coffee table he scooped up the money.

"That was the reason?" Mace looked up to Flea.

Flea nodded yes. "Only one." Pocketing the money, he watched the general climb down the stairs.

"I'm leaving for Mars, right now." Carbine didn't stop as she stormed past them all.

Flea hurried to pack what few things Charley had been nice enough to give him.
Stoker too hurried after the General.

Mace stayed sitting looking up at Modo and Vinnie. "Do you mind if I stay here?" he asked trying not to sound too hurt.

Modo looked to the red mouse he wasn't sure about still.

Vinnie smiled weakly. "I don't mind."

"Throttle'll need all the support he can get right now." Modo finally stated. "You can stay for now."

Mace smiled. "Thank you."

Rimfire hugged his uncle.

"Rimfire, please make sure Flea's looked after" Mace begged, his sad gray eyes looking at the skunked haired adult.

"Don't worry Mace. I'll look after him." Rimfire smiled breaking apart from his uncle. "Take care uncle Modo."

"Tell your sis and mom I said hi." Modo rubbed his nephew's hair.

"Ride Free bros!" Rimfire called as he hurried after Stoker and Carbine.

Flea, duffle bag hanging off one shoulder stood beside Rimfire's bike. "Mind if I ride?"

"You can drive." Rimfire offered the younger mouse who quickly mounted the bike, stashing his tote.
Rimfire climbed on.

"Thank you for everything Miss Charlene, Ride Free bros. Thanks Mace." Flea waves before starting the bike.

"Take care lil' bro." Mace waved back watching him go.

The trio of bikes exited the scoreboard quickly.

"Think Stoker will ever be back?" Charley asked watching the mice leave.

"Maybe, if Rimfire or Flea comes calling and can convince him. I doubt we'll see Carbine again until we go home." Modo replied solemnly.

Vinnie shook his head "I dunno bro. Carbine can be a nasty bitch when she wants to be. I wouldn't put it past her to stop by sometime just to rub Throttle's nose in her affair."

"Sounds like the Carbine I used to know." Mace sighed leaning back against the couch. "Throttle's going to be pretty down for the next bit."

"Yeah." Modo and Vinnie simultaneously uttered.

"I probably shouldn't be here when he gets back." Mace looked down at his bandaged hands.

"You're just as much a bro as we are. You're here now, you're staying." Modo firmly said.

"Yeah, even though we're not that fond of what that rat did to your name, we like you." Vinnie smirked.

"Please for the sake of sanity, clean the drains after your baths. Shedding fur clogs up everything!" Charley laughed.

Confused Mace looked at the human. "Shed?"

"You're a billion miles closer to the sun, bro." Modo ruffled red hair lightly. "Your thick fur is about to start falling out leaving a nice thin coat."

Rubbing his thumb through his rusty red arm fur, Mace frowned. "It took me a good year and some to get this coat thick enough to stand that prison. Now I have to loose it?"

"Like a canine with mange." Vinnie chuckled "You'll have Charley-girl cursing your every step for the next six months, if you're lucky."

Mace in a deadpan, humorless voice sighed "Yippee-yahoo-oh joy." With a wave of a finger he tried to sum up the thought of a human chasing him with a dust-vac.

"I just hope Throttle doesn't become the next mouse Limburger tries to tie to his buildings roof." Charley smiled rubbing Mace's uninjured shoulder.

"Hate to state the obvious, but the building is still standing." Vinnie pointed out.

"Go find Throttle, I'll...... sleep." Mace smiled stretching out on the couch. "Sleep sounds good."

"Do you ride?" Charley asked as she stood by Vinnie's red bike.

"Yeah, just not A.I's, they creep me out." Mace confessed with a shiver.

Modo smiled. "Welcome home, bro."

Vinnie hopped on his bike. "You were the one who had that pitiful dirt bike?"

"That was my bike." Mace gave a weak smile. "She wasn't that pitiful, just characterized."

"Yeah....uh.... she blew up." Vinnie hid his smiled gunning his engine.

"Blew up?" Mace looked to Modo who was already prepped to leave.

"Vinnie used her for target practice.... After....."

"Ah." Mace gave a nod. "Can't say I blame him."

Modo Revved his engine, squealing tires as he peeled out of the hangout behind Vinnie.

"Ride Free!" Mace called out.

Unimpressed Limburger once again dragged himself out of rubble.


October 31, 2006
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