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Made of Stone

by IWCT 18 Reviews

Being determined isn't always enough -- but it can be a start. Ledgends don't come popping out of the wood work -- unless you make them. Six new trainers begin their journeys, and they begin to rea...

Category: Pokemon - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Parody - Characters: Professor Oak - Chapters: 15 - Published: 2005/07/13 - Updated: 2009/09/18 - 63756 words


  • Made of Stone

    (#) tehstrongsauce 2006-08-24 06:22:53 AM

    AGHHH!!!!!!!Your so QUEER!!!!! your the gayest author i've ever seen!Not only does your story suck crusty, hairy baboon balls,But you are WAY too old to be writing about POKEMON!Seriously, POKEMON!!!!What are you, 30?!You make me sick!I hope you die a million deaths in the firey bouwls of HELL!!!!!!

    ....And your mom smells like cabbage!
  • Made of Stone

    (#) Camera_Doesnt_Lie 2006-08-24 12:46:58 PM

    tehstrongsauce and awssadae, I just have one thing to say. If Pokemon is so gay, immature, ad infinitum... What does it say about you that you've taken time out of your lives to "review" a story in this fandom?

    Also, there's nothing wrong with being gay, queer or any other seemingly-derogative term you can think of along those lines. Homosexuality is more accepted now than it has been in any past era with the exception of ancient Greece. Being called gay, therefore, is about as much of an insult as a grade-schooler blowing a raspberry.

    My suggestion is that you go outside and talk to people who don't share your limited perception of societal norms. That usually fixes these misconceptions.

    Author's response

    Thanks ^^ for defending me, it really means a lot. But I honestly find their ludicrous flames a source of entertainment rather than insulting. I mean you have to look at objectively, they obviously think I'm a heterosexual (because they must believe that all straight people find being called gay insulting, as a gay person would just blink and say "yeah, I am gay. Sooooo what?") male (other wise they wouldn't be bothered to insult my mom so much) who is 30 and living in their parents basement (I don't know where they came to this conclusion. Perhaps because I actually know how to write in English and not in gibberish as these people -- or sad, lonely, person -- do). The rather silly assumptions about my identiy are extremely amusing, don't you think? Anyway, responding to them just makes it worse, so I won't. I'll just laugh as I read, and then go on to write more. ^^
  • Made of Stone

    (#) Camera_Doesnt_Lie 2006-08-30 03:08:55 PM

    ^_^ Works for me.
  • Made of Stone

    (#) tehstrongsauce 2006-08-31 06:22:43 AM

    Uh hey, I was searching ficwad and I saw your story, when I went to the reviews,I saw the "somehow" i reviewed it. Trust me, i never flame anything unless I really don't like it. I remember giving my litle brother a chance to be on my account, and leaving the room...My conclusion is is that he must have flamed. He is an all over pokemon Hater.Really, I actually like your story. And as for awssedae...I don't know who the HELL he is.Also, I'm not against gays, Im kind of an activist acually. So please excuse my brother for flaming your story.


    Author's response

    No problem, it actually provided me with a lot of entertaining material.
  • Made of Stone

    (#) tehstrongsauce 2006-08-31 06:24:01 AM

    Oh, I actually do like your story. Kudos!
  • Made of Stone

    (#) Faeriegirl 2007-05-04 09:29:01 AM

    Trite? What trite? I really liked this chapter. I don't think Mel is boring, she's just normal, which nice, makes it easy to identify with her. You really got across the way that, despite their wishes to be independant, the children are still very vulnerable and have to be bailed out by adults when things go wrong, which makes a lot of sense. I do find it difficult to believe that Chronos, being a computer, would help people without being given the comman to, but maybe I just don't read enough sci-fi o.0 It was nice to see Matt opening up a bit, he's becoming one of my favourite characters. You handled the scene very well, its a delacate one and you nailed it. Anyway, I'm addicted to this one so thank you :)

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