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Day 4

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Day four

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Day 3
I was standing in that tiny tour bus bathroom looking at myself. My long blonde hair was still straight since last night when Ryan wanted to see how I'd looked with a straight hair, since it's usually so curly. I didn't look better at all. My gray eyes were short of all life, probably because I wasn't wearing any make-up, yet. At looked down on my figure. I was a size 8, so I couldn't really curse my figure. Well, I cursed my boobs daily. Why did they have to be so big? They didn't fit my figure at all. I was so used to being asked if I had had a boob job I didn't really hear the questions anymore, an automatic no just came out.

"Are you still in there?!"

There was a loud banging on the door. Typical.

"I'm almost done."

"Good, I seriously have to pee!"

I quickly put on some eye-liner, not even sure if it was mine, and mascara. Since when were boys allowed to wear make-up. I got out and nearly walked into a very impatient Jon.

"About fucking time!"

He ran into the bathroom and slammed the door behind him. I just shook my head and went over to the fridge, my stomach was growling with hunger. But, as expected, it was almost empty. There were few bee bottles in there, but that's hardly breakfast. I felt a breath on my neck and nearly jumped out of my skin.


"Did I scare you?"

Brendon whispered in my ear. My breath got caught in my neck.

"Hey, we need more food!"

He yelled over to the guys. Ryan looked up.

"No shit Einstein. It's been empty for couple of days now."

"Oh. Well, we better go shopping then."

He walked over to them, but made sure that he managed to pinch my ass on his way there. What was up with that guy? I slammed the door and slouched on the couch. My stomach growled again, causing them all to look in my direction.

"What? I'm hungry."

Spencer handed me a half-eaten banana.

"No, thank you."

He just shrugged and kept on eating it. My stomach just couldn't shut up. I felt like the insides were about to themselves if I didn't get food in my system soon.

"We could always just drink. Beer is very nutritious."

"I'm going to ask the driver stop at a nearby diner or something. The girl has to eat!"

We were in and out of a roadside diner in about 30 minutes. Not because were extremely fast eaters, but because the driver was on our backs the whole time, telling us to hurry up he had a schedule to follow.

We were sitting in the living room area of the bus, making a list of things to buy.

"We need bread, butter, cheese, milk and beer."

"There is enough beer in the fridge, Jon."

"No, I need more. Max drinks it all away from me."

He grinned at me. Ryan looked up from his notebook.

"Is that all?"

"No, I need condoms."

We all looked in Brendon's direction, Spencer even burst out laughing.

"For what? Aren't you still a virgin?"

Brendon's face got bright red as he glared at Spencer.

"Just because I don't tell everyone about my sexual life doesn't mean its non-existent! I never said I was going to use them in that way. They make very nice balloons."

Something between a frown and a smile appeared on Ryan's face.

"You plan on loosing it! Any special girl in mind?"

Brendon scooted so he was as close to Ryan as he could be without sitting in hip lap.

"Who said I wanted to do it with a girl?"

Brendon winked at me, but it was so quick I wasn't sure I had seen it not imagined it.

Today was all about driving, we had to get between states before tomorrow afternoon. We had stopped once since the diner, to buy essential groceries. Let's just say that the list got a lot longer once we got into the store. No condoms were bought though; no matter how many times Brendon tried to sneak them into the basket.

A skinny, red haired boy with dark eye make-up was standing by the tour bus when we returned. He was dressed from head to toe in black. I only knew one person who looked like that.

"Jay?! Is that you?"

He looked up and smiled when he saw me. I ran towards him and hugged him.

"Hello stranger. So what they say is true then."

He studied the guys behind me.

"What do they say?"

"That you've turned into an old-fashioned groupie!"

He nudged me in the shoulder and I hit him playfully in return.

"Who's been spreading lies about me?"

"Your sister, I think she's jealous."

"Max, are you coming with us?"

Jon was standing in the bus door.

"Where are you guys headed?"

"I don't know, I never keep up with those things."

He turned his attention to Jon.

"Could I hitch a ride to the next stop?"

Jon looked at me, I just nodded.

"Yeah, hop in."
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