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Chapter 16: The Shredder Strikes Part Two

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Ninja Turtles 2003/Harry Potter AU Crossover. Extensive summary in profile.

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Chapter Sixteen: The Shredder Strikes Part II

"The time for games has ended, no more charades," said the Shredder while pulling his helmet off to reveal the face of his alter ego Oroku Saki. "You see me for what I am and it will be the last thing you ever see."

Harry gritted his teeth, his hand placed on his weapon. The Turtles looked at Saki as he placed his helmet back on.

"Guys, this battle may be the toughest we have ever encountered," said Harry. "So be careful and prepare for the absolute worst."

The Shredder stepped forward as the Foot Ninjas started to mobilize around the Turtles and Harry.

"Foot Ninja attack," ordered The Shredder shortly. "Destroy them all."

The Foot Ninjas engaged the Turtles and Harry into combat. Harry ducked a couple of vicious sword swipes and barely managed to kick them back. It was clear to Harry that the Foot Ninjas have been holding back since they were not technically the Shredder's enemies in previous battles but now they had every reason to crush Harry and his brothers.

Don blocked a blow from the Foot Ninja with his Bo staff before sweeping the Foot Ninja's legs out from underneath him. Mikey swung his nunchucks into action and knocked a pair of ninjas back before the Shredder came out of nowhere from high above, catching Mikey with a kick to the head and causing him to fly back. Mikey slid a while before skidding to a stop.

Two of the Foot Ninjas swung a chain, wrapping a chain a piece around either of Raph's Sais. Leo leaped up into the air and severed the chains. The Foot Ninjas staggered backwards before Leo sent them flying back with a double kick. The Shredder dropped down from seemingly of nowhere behind Leo and punched him in the face. The brutality of that one punch launched Leo into the air and caused him to smash down onto the ground.

Harry ducked a swing with a staff from a Foot Ninja and he barely blocked another one. Quickly, Harry swung his double-edged sword around and knocked two of his adversaries out with his assault. Harry blocked another sword swipe and it sent the sword flying, causing it to strike into an electrical outlet box. The rooftop began to burst into flames due to the electrical fire.

The Shredder caught Harry off guard, kicking him hard in the ribs before he tossed Harry to the side. Three of the Foot Ninjas held Harry up as he struggled against their grip. Raph blocked a sword swing with a Sai and fired an uppercut dropping his opponent to the ground. The Shredder quickly swerved around from behind and spun Raph around, grabbing him by the belt and punching him in the ribs. The impact sent Raph crashing right down to the ground.

Harry continued to struggle against the grip of a trio of his opponents. The Shredder walked through the fire, raising his blade about a foot away from Harry's throat, Harry attempting to squirm from the grip of his opponents.

"I will finish you first," said the Shredder but the fire was beginning to cause the building to collapse and Harry managed to toss the Ninjas away before falling off of the building. A pile of burning rubble flew off the building where Harry landed and Harry just managed to roll out of the way at the last moment.

Don blocked a sword attack with his Bo staff and kicked the Foot Ninja off the building before leaping down himself. Mikey staggered, looking absolutely woozy from the beating before falling backwards, taking a piece of debris with him. The debris landed on Mikey's ankle, spraining it.

In the heat of battle, Raph hand fell off the building, landing in a nearby dumpster. Leo managed to get away before the building completely collapsed and making it all the way to the ground, before he slid into a sewer grate where he could be concealed but still keep an eye on the Shredder and the Foot Ninja.

Don walked over where he saw Mikey trapped underneath the rubble from the building.

"I can't take you anywhere, Mikey," said Don, shaking his head. "C'mon."

Don pried the debris off of Mikey's ankle. Don helped Mikey up.

"It's not my fault, the building just jumped out and attacked me," said Mikey feebly. "Oww, I think I sprained my ankle."

"Well duh," said Don in a sarcastic voice. "Come on, we need to regroup and find the others."

The two Turtles walked a few paces for a sight stopped them right in their tracks. It was the Shredder, walking through the fire from the building.

"I’m not seeing what I am seeing, I’m so not seeing the Shredder walk through the fire like it was nothing," said Michelangelo. "Please tell me I am not seeing what I am seeing?"

Don had a wide mouthed look on his face as he watched the Shredder in the distance.

"I wish I could Mikey, I wish I could," said Don, while pulling Mikey into the shadows of a nearby alley.

The Shredder turned to address his Foot Ninja. He was not pleased how the Turtles and Potter had eluded him.

"Find the Turtles and Potter, wherever they may be hiding!" demanded the Shredder. "Do not allow them to escape. I wish to destroy them personally."

Sirens were heard in the distance. The Police and the Fire Department was arriving on the scene. Shredder could ill afford to be seen here.

"Foot Ninja, disappear," ordered the Shredder while dismissing them with his hand. "Report back to me when you have found them."

From his hiding place behind a telephone pole, Harry could see the Foot Ninjas looking for him. He needed to find the others; he had split from them in the fight.

Back at the lair, Splinter was emerging from his room from an intense session of meditation.

"My sons, I have been in deep meditation regarding the Shredder and..." said Splinter before stopping and seeing no one was in the lair. "Not here? I cannot even meditate for a few minutes without those kids running off!"

Splinter walked around the lair, frowning as he concentrated.

"Now what is the one thing I did not want them all to do?" asked Splinter to himself before his eyes darkened. "Face the Shredder! I am sure that is what they have done."

Splinter began to walk off but paused before turning around. He saw the remote for the Battle Shell, the customized vehicle Donatello made from what was once an armored van. Splinter picked up the remote; it could be of some use to his sons.

Harry's heart was racing madly. The Foot Ninjas walked past him twice and Harry needed to be extra quiet about not getting caught. He could see the Shredder walking into the distance and the Foot Ninjas saying something to him. Of course, there was no mistaken the voice of the Shredder.

"Nothing!" thundered the Shredder. "Keep searching, I want them destroyed!"

Harry slipped off in the opposite direction the Foot Ninjas were searching. Time was of the essence, he needed to find his brothers but he could ill afford for the Shredder to find him first.

Two Foot Ninjas were scouring the alleyway. In the alleyway was a garbage dumpster, the same dumpster which Raph had fallen into.

"Something around here stinks," said one of the ninjas.

"Don't look at me," said the second ninja before Raph popped up out of the Dumpster. He grabbed a foot ninja apiece and rammed their heads together. They dropped to the ground from the impact.

Raph climbed out of the dumpster, landing feet first onto the ground.

"I don't smell that bad, do I?" muttered Raph before sniffing underneath his armpits. Then a set of gray hands came up behind Raph, grabbing his shoulders. Raph spun around.

"Wha!!" cried Raph before realizing it was only Splinter. "Master Splinter, the others...we got split up."

Splinter held up his hand to silence his son.

"We must find them, now," said Splinter. "Come on, before we are heard."

Splinter and Raph went into the shadows and not a moment too soon, as a half a dozen Foot Ninjas were scaling the area where they were just a few seconds previous. Another close call, this time one for Raph and Splinter.

Leon backed into an alleyway. Foot Ninjas, a dozen Foot Ninjas to be more precise, surrounded Leo. They were preparing to get in a few shots in on Leo before no doubt delivering him to Saki for extermination. Leo pulled out his Katanas, preparing for a battle but a mysterious man in a black trench coat quickly appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. The Foot Ninjas looked rather shocked he was here. The trench coated man pulled out a katana of his own, which glowed a faint blue light. Leo wondered what in the world was going on.

Don and Mikey continued to keep moving but suddenly Don pulled an injured Mikey into the alleyway.

The Shredder was still searching and they were very nearly seen once again.

"Don, you better leave me here," said Mikey. "I will only just slow you down."

"Can that noise, Mikey, it's just a sprained ankle," said Don. "We need to get it properly wrapped."

Don helped Mikey up through the ledge and into a bathroom window. Mikey sat down on the edge of a bathtub, gingerly favoring his ankle.

"Let me find something to wrap that ankle, Mikey," said Don rummaging through a cabinet before pulling out a pair of woman's stockings. "This will have to do."

Don bent down and started to wrap Mikey's ankle. At this moment, Michelangelo picked up a brush and started rubbing it against his head.

"While you’re doing that, I guess I will have to brush my long flowing locks," said Mikey as he rubbed the brush across his head, which was of course completely devoid of hair of any kind.

"Nice," said Donatello sarcastically.

At that moment, the bathroom door opened. A young boy was about to go to the bathroom but stopped at the sight, which greeted him. Two giant turtles were in the bathroom.

"Shh!!" said Don while putting his finger up to his lips.

The boy had a gaping expression upon his face before turning around and running out of the bathroom.

"Mom, Mom, there are two giant turtles in the bathroom and one of them has your stockings," said the boy.

"Ah-heh," said Don sheepishly before the two mutated terrapins made a strategic retreat through the window.

Not a moment too soon either, as the boy pulled his mother into the bathroom. The mother gave the boy a dirty look while folding her arms.

"They were right here, I swear," said the boy sheepishly.

Meanwhile in the alleyway where the Foot Ninjas cornered Leo, the trench-coated figure blocked a sword swipe and kicked a Foot Ninja to the side. An uppercut was driven into the chest of a second Foot Ninja and a third Foot Ninja got punched out. The trench coated swiped his sword, breaking another Foot Ninja's sword in half before flipping him to the ground. The other two got knocked to the ground by a kick apiece. The mysterious trench coated individual placed down his sword, which stopped glowing.

Don and Mikey were still walking around elsewhere with Mikey using Don's Bo staff as a crutch for his sprained ankle. A noise is heard and Don motions for Mikey to sit down before whipping out his Bo staff as two figures come around the corner. Donatello is prepared for battle but it is just Raph and Master Splinter coming around the corner.

"Boy am I glad to see you guys," said Don in relief.

"We heard you a mile away," remarked Raph before seeing Mikey on the ground, moaning.

Raph rushed over to Mikey, looking concerned.

"Mikey, are you all right?" asked Raph with concern in his voice.

"Oh...I don't think I am going to make it," cried Mikey dramatically. "The lights, the lights are turning out. Tell Raph...Tell Raph..."

"I'm right here, Mikey," said Raph. "I'm right her beside you."

"Tell Raph," began Michelangelo before breaking out into a smile, indicating he was faking. "He's always been a big cheese head."

Raph's look turned from concern to anger. Raph did not like being made a fool of, especially by Mikey.

"Psyche, I can't believe you fell for that," said Mikey before going into sarcastic drama mode. "Oh the lights, oh the lights are turning out."

"I'll turn your lights out for real, wise guy!" growled Raph while raising his fist but Splinter put his hand up.

"Michelangelo, Raphael, enough," ordered Splinter. "You do realize with the racket you are making, the Foot Ninja could very well find us."

Raph opened his mouth but someone tapped him on the shell behind. Quickly Raph spun around, Sais out but it turned out it was Harry behind me.

"Jeez, Raph," said Harry. "There might have been some people in New Jersey who did not hear that. The Foot Ninja are coming in close, we have got to find Leo and get out of here before they come."

Don nodded but he realized he did not have one essential piece of equipment for escaping.

"I wished I brought the remote for the Battle Shell..." started Don but Splinter pulled the remote out of his robe and handed to Don.

"Here, Donatello," said Splinter.

"Perfecto Sensei, it looks like..." started Don before stopping as a whole swarm of Foot Ninjas were beginning to surround Raph, Don, Mikey, Splinter, and Harry. "We’re completely surrounded."

Raph, Don, and Harry pulled out their weapons, preparing for battle while Mikey clutched his broken ankle, unable to fight.

"Master Splinter, use the remote, get the Battle Shall," said Don as he joined, Raph, and Harry, all who moved into action against their enemies.

Don blocked a sword with his Bo staff and kicked a Foot Ninja back. Harry ducked underneath a sword swing before blocking two upward shots with his double-edged sword and then disarming the two Foot Ninjas before taking them out with a split kick.

Raph twirled his Sai before expertly throwing it at a staff, which knocked it out of the Foot Ninja's hand. A few feet away, Master Splinter not so expertly attempted to work the remote of the Battle Shell but while Splinter is a great Ninja Master, he is not a user of great technology so he keeps pressing all the wrong buttons. Don catapulted Harry up with his Bo staff which allowed Harry to ram his elbow down on the top of the head of a Foot Ninja before back flipping over a Foot Ninja who was charging with a sword and grabbing him around the right arm and head before flipping him back.

Splinter still unsuccessfully attempted to work the remote for the Battle Shell and was getting rather frustrated. Raph used his sai to block a sword and kicked his feet up, knocking a Foot Ninja back. Don struggled to hold back three Foot Ninjas with his Bo Staff but Harry knocked one away while Raph tossed his Sai bottom end first into the back of the head of the Foot Ninja, knocking him down. Don swept the Bo staff down before putting the Bo staff in between the legs of the Foot Ninja in an uncomfortable spot. Splinter pressed yet more buttons on the remote but still his attempts did not bear fruit and Splinter was reaching his breaking point. Don attempted to block a sickle wielding foot ninja but Splinter leaped up and smashed his walking stick over the head of the Foot Ninja before handing Don the remote.

"Here, Donatello, I will fight and you will drive," said Splinter before twirling his walking stick and slamming the end of it into the ribs.

"Activating remote," said Don while pressing the big red button on the remote, the kind of big red button, which always seems to activate everything.

Splinter efficiently cracked one of his opponents in the face with a kick before twirling his walking stick and ramming the Foot Ninja in the ribs with it. Another swing and another enemy dropped down to the ground. Another pair of Foot Ninjas attempted to swing their swords but Splinter grabs the swords and forced them down before tossing both of the Foot Ninjas to the ground. High leaping kick sent yet another Foot Ninja back. In the blink of an eye Splinter somersaulted high into the air before the wizened rat brought his walking stick down on the top of the head of another Foot Ninja. The final adversary turned and ran; obviously knowing he would get embarrassed.

"Woah, Master Splinter, you kick butt," said Raph in awe of his Sensei as the Battle Shell rolled towards the group.

"No doubt more will be on the way," said Splinter. "We must make ourselves scarce and find Leonardo before the Shredder catches up to us."

Without a world, the five boarded into the Battle Shell, in search for Leonardo.

Speaking of Leo, he was still in the alleyway with the mysterious trench coated ninja who had made quick work of the half a dozen Foot Ninja and the katana wielding turtle wore a combined look of confusion and suspicion.

"Okay," said Leo wondering what in the world the appearance of this new ninja was. "This is definitely new. You're a ninja but you are definitely not one of them. So who are you anyway?"

"I am simply a guardian," said the trench-coated man. "Beyond that, I cannot divulge any other information."

"That's really helpful," said Leo in a slight sarcastic tone of voice.

"I'm really sorry but do know this. You are caught up in a battle which is much bigger than you could possibly realize," said the Guardian in a slightly apologetic tone.

"My brother Harry pretty much heard that already from Oroku Saki," said Leo

The Guardian looked at Leo, surveying him intently, as if debating exactly how much to tell the turtle.

"That is the only true words spoken from the Shredder's sinister mouth," said the Guardian. "But know this, on this day by rejecting the Shredder's evil, you have made yourself an ally."

The Guardian extended his hand, which Leo took and shook it. A few seconds later, a rumbling sound came around the corner.

"Slow down, you drive too quickly," complained Splinter from the back of the Battle Shell as it turned the corner. "And that turn was too sharp."

"Master Splinter, you have been back seat driving the entire way," complained Don.

"Yeah, would you rather have me drive?" asked Harry from inside the Battle Shell.

"No!" cried four other voices in unison from the back of the Battle Shell.

The Battle Shell pulled up to the alleyway where Leo and the Guardian were standing. The window opened and Don stuck his head out of it.

"Hey, Leo, need a lift?" asked Don.

"Yeah, guys let me introduce you to...the mysterious ninja who is no longer here," said Leo, trailing off as he realized the guardian had vanished in an instant.

All four of the Turtles, Harry, and Master Splinter were sitting in the Battle Shell, reunited after being split up in the city for over an hour.

"Good to see you bro," said Don as the others also wore looks of relief. "We were really worried for a moment."

"Yes, but you are safe now," said Splinter before backhanding all five of his sons across the face.

"Hey," said Harry, rubbing his cheek.

"Yeah, what was that for," said Raph doing the same.

"For being so foolish!" said Splinter in an angry tone of voice. "You should have never went off and faced the Shredder alone like this. He is way too powerful."

"You are telling me, I won't be able to sit down straight for a week," said Harry.

"And did you see the way the Shredder walked right through that fire," said Don in a moment of uncomfortable remembrance.

"Yeah, he's like...the Shred-I-Nator or something," said Mikey in a really bad Austrian accent.

Splinter sighed before putting his hands in his head.

"Unfortunately, there is no turning back at this time," said Splinter in a tired voice. "You have stirred the hornet's nest and little can be done to calm the storm. The Shredder will not rest until he finds us."

An uncomfortable silence lingered for a few seconds before Leonardo broke it.

"So..." started Leo before Splinter put his hand up.

"Let him find us," concluded Splinter sharply. "I wish to avenge my Master Yoshi and now is the best time to do so."

"Okay, but how do we do this Master Splinter?" asked Raph.

"Sit still," said Splinter shortly.

"I dunno Master, sitting still is not one of our strong points," said Mikey before Splinter gave him an angry glare which caused Mikey to back off. "Right, sitting still it is. I like sitting still. Sitting still is good."

Twenty minutes later, Shredder and his Foot Ninjas walked up towards the battle shell. Shredder scratched his gauntlet on the side of the vehicle before pointing upwards.

On the roof Splinter was sitting on top of a ledge while the Turtles and Harry were sitting belong. A few seconds later, Shredder and the Foot Ninjas had joined them, ready for another battle.

"Dude," said Mikey in awe.

The Shredder turned and pointed to the Turtles.

"Destroy them," ordered the Shredder curtly as the Foot Ninjas rushed forward, the battle was at hand.

The Turtles and Harry charged from the other end. Harry squatted down underneath an uppercut punch, before he grabbed his opponent around the arm before flipping him to his back. One of the Foot Ninjas swung a sword upwards but Raph blocked it with his Sai and kicked the Foot Ninja away.

"Remember my sons," said Splinter from above. "The battle you are about to encounter is long and winding."

"Huh," said Mikey as he swung his nunchucks around the sword of a Foot Ninja before planting an uppercut right into his enemy’s face. A second uppercut took out another attacker.

"Be careful and do not get over confident," said Splinter with a sigh.

A group of Foot Ninjas tossed a barrage of ninja stars at Leonardo who was swinging his swords and batting them back. Don twirled his Bo staff and jabbed a Foot Ninja in the gut. He swept another Foot Ninja's legs out from underneath him.

"Drive your staff higher, sweep with your right foot from that position," instructed Splinter from above.

"Now you are backseat ninjaing me Master Splinter," said Don incredulously as he tripped a charging Foot Ninja up with his bo staff before the Shredder inserted himself into the equation and drew his fist back, smashing Donatello into the face and causing him to fly backwards before skidding to the stop at the wall.

A chain wrapped around Harry's double-edged sword but Harry let go, causing the Foot Ninja to fly back. Turning his head slightly, Harry spotted the Shredder coming at him from high above. Instinctively, Harry managed to kick the Shredder back but the moment of triumph was for naught as the Shredder sprung up on his hands and leaped back up. A vicious kick into Harry's back sent the Boy-Who-Lived flying into the distance. The Shredder picked up Harry by the scruff of the neck and threw him hard into a concrete wall, with Harry just barely bracing any impact.

Mikey blocked a sword swing with his nunchucks and kicked the foot ninja with his bad leg.

"Ow," said Mikey before kicking a second foot ninja who charged with the leg again. "Ow"

Mikey dropped down and a third foot ninja came down and Michelangelo swept the leg out from underneath his opponent.

"Ow, ow, ow," said Michelangelo before his eyes widened as he came face to face with the Shredder.

Mikey attempted to swing his nunchucks but Shredder gripped them in his hands and flipped Mikey over his head. Mikey staggered to his knees, giving the Shredder the opportunity to impact the mutant right in the face. With an alarming velocity, Mikey flew backwards into the wall where Harry and Donatello were also woozy and injured.

Leo blocked three swords from the Foot Ninja before pushing them back and kicking all three of the Foot Ninjas one by one to the back. After coming down from behind, the Shredder attempted to stab Leo in the back of his neck with the sharp prongs on his gauntlet but Raph blocked it with his Sai.

"No!!" cried Raph before Shredder pulled Raphael's sai out of his hand and hoisted him up before throwing him up into the air and kicking him into the wall.

Leo leapt up and down onto two of the Foot Ninjas' heads before dropping down and spinning on the ground, sweeping both legs out from underneath the Foot Ninja. Much to his horror, Leo came face to face with the Shredder, who pulled his fist back before cracking it right into Leo’s face. Leo staggered back before Shredder smashed a second punch into the face of his opponent. The turtle dropped to the ground and Shredder viciously kicked him right in the side, sending Leo skidding backwards towards the wall to join the others.

Leo, Raph, Don, Mikey, and Harry were slumped against the wall groaning, as the Shredder stalked his prey, pronged gauntlet rose into the air.

"Now, none of you will be leaving here alive!" thundered Shredder in his most menacing voice the gauntlet raised, poised to strike Leo right between the eyes.

"Shredder, no!" cried Splinter, rushed headstrong into battle and just in time managed to block the Shredder's attack with his walking stick. "You destroyed my family once, I will not allow it to happen again."

"No man or freak can defeat me!" yelled the Shredder.

"That remains to be seen," said Splinter.

The Shredder growled, attempting to get Splinter with his metal prongs but Splinter ducked. Splinter blocked a kick with his walking stick and eyed a water tower over his shoulder. An idea began to form in Splinter's mind. Splinter backed towards the water tower as Shredder attempted to attack again but Splinter blocked again and was not underneath the water tower. Shredder raised his metal prong but Splinter ducked and one side of the wooden supports was sliced. Shredder stalked Splinter and went in for the kill again but Splinter ducked and the steel supports in the middle got sliced. Another attempt by the deadly metal prongs and Splinter ducked and the remaining supports got knocked out as Splinter stepped out from underneath the water tower.

"This is for my Master Yoshi!" cried Splinter before he kicked the water tower towards the Shredder.

The water tower rocked back and forth before tipping towards the Shredder. The water flooded the roof, causing the Shredder to slide off the roof. The Turtles, Harry, and Splinter pulled themselves onto the ledge. Shredder lay upon the ground before rolling over and looking up only to see the Water Tower sliding off the roof and crashing towards the Shredder.

"No!!" screamed the Shredder seconds before the Water Tower collapsed on the Shredder, burying him underneath the wreckage.

Splinter looked down at the wreckage before leaning on his walking stick with a bow.

"Master Splinter I..." started Leo but Splinter held up his hand.

"Let us go home," said Splinter. "My Master Yoshi has been avenged, the Shredder is finished."

"I'm all for that," said Don.

"Indeed," said Harry. "I’m up for a little rest because this has been a long day."

The Turtles, Harry, and Splinter walked off, going home, as the wreckage below lay immobile for a few minutes after they had left. Then, in an instant, the Shredder's hand shot out of the wreckage, proving there was still life in the evil leader of the Foot.
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