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It's Been a Long Time

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Still at the wedding...

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It's Been a Long Time

After leaving Brenda and Nate, Syd ventured to the reception to face her little brother and the only mother she has ever known. The last time she was home was for thanksgiving, five years ago. Billy had decided to go off his meds just in time for the holidays, and was in the middle of a manic episode. Brenda and herself were taking turns watching him through the night, to make sure he didn't do anything to hurt himself. At around six am, after watching Billy scribble words that no longer resembled English, she decided she had had enough and needed to leave. She told Brenda she needed to smoke a cigarette and walked out of the house. She called Brenda three days later to let her know she was still alive. She never went home. Five years later, she has to face the family she walked out on, one November night five years ago. Brenda was the only person she saw or spoke to, and she was sworn the secrecy as to the wear about of Syd. And now she has to face them. She didn't know how Billy would react after she abandoned him, nor her mother, after she failed to attend her father's funeral. As hard as it was going to be, she knew she had to do it. If she wanted to turn her life around, these were the people she needed the most. Plus, she didn't want to be Maya's estranged aunt Syd. She wanted to change. She wanted to start over, and this was the first step. Billy and Margaret were sitting at a table, picking on the remains of the main course. Claire and Billy were making "googly" eyes at each other while Margaret shot them a scornful look. "It's nice to see nothing has changed" she thought. The moment of truth was upon her as she approached the table.

"Did you miss me?" she asks, hoping neither would throw a fork at her.

"Well it's nice to see that you're still alive. Are you aware that your father died last year?" typical mother, trying to shoot her down.

"Yes I know. Brenda told me. It's nice to see you have recovered from your loss" she remarks, in reference to Olivier, Margaret's new boyfriend. Syd was always stronger than she was, both mentally and physically, and Margaret hated that about Syd.

"Syd, wow, how's it going? I can't believe you're here." Billy exclaimed, as he jumped up and gave Syd a bit bear hug.

"Looks like someone has been taking his meds!" Thought Syd.

"Syd, this is Claire, my girlfriend. She's also Nate's sister, go figure! Have you met Nate yet?"

"Yeah, I just came from seeing Brenda and Nate. Hey, I'm Syd, Billy and Brenda's sister/ cousin. It's really quite confusing. I'll explain it to you some day! Hey, if you have another brother, we can have the Fisher/Chenowith trifecta!"

Claire laughs "I do have another brother, but..."

"Aww, is he married already?"

"Kind of. But he's gay." Explained Claire.

"Damn it! See Bill, everything really does come down to the fact that I don't have a penis!"

"So how long have you decided to grace us with your presence this time, Miss
Chenowith?" asked Margaret, not at all amused by Syd's sudden appearance.

"It all depends on how nice you are to me while I'm here."

"I hope you stay for a while. We have a lot of catching up to do." Billy said, sweetly and honestly.

"It looks like Claire has made an honest gentleman out of Billy. I wonder how long that'll last." Syd thought to herself.

"Claire! Brenda and Nate are getting ready to cut the cake. You should get a picture of that!" Ruth screamed from across the room.

"That's my mother. Stick around town long enough and I'm sure you'll have a run in with the Ruth Fisher Monster!" Claire said, as she grabbed her camera and trotted over to the bride and groom.

"Claire is taking the pictures for Brenda's wedding. She's an amazing photographer. I'll have to show you some of her work one day!"

"Wow, hiring the groom's sister as the photographer. Looks like someone's too cheap to hire a professional" Syd remarked, as Margaret shot her another scornful look. "It's good to see the old woman still has her spunk" Syd thought as she made her way over to the cake.
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