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Syd's Return

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Syd comes home

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Syd's Return

It was a cold rainy night about a month later. Billy and Claire had just left Brenda and Nate's humble abode after dinner. Nate had just put Maya to bed and Brenda was sitting in front of her computer, typing away at her Cognitive Psychology paper, while Nate pulled out a stack of paperwork from Fisher and Diaz and settled at the dinning room table across for her. Brenda had an uneasy feeling all night, but attempted to push it back in her mind while she finished her work. She could think about it later, but first she had to write that paper. The two worked in silence, looking up every so often to smile at each other, when there was a loud bang coming from the front porch followed by a weak knock on the door. The sound startled the two and seemed to wake Maya, who hadn't been asleep very long, her cries coming from the baby monitor in the middle of the table.
"I'll see what it is, you take care of Maya" Brenda instructed, getting up from the table. Nate disappeared into his daughter's room as Brenda approached the door and unlocked it. Lying on the porch floor was a soaking wet mess of a person, with a small pool of blood collecting next to her. Without a second glance, Brenda knew exactly who it was. It was Syd. As she promised, Syd would be back for good shortly after the wedding, and Brenda finally realized the mess Syd had gotten herself into. Syd was conscious, but very weak, and defiantly beaten pretty badly. She was shaking uncontrollably, partly because of the cold, partly because of the trauma she suffered before coming here. All she said was "Brenda, I'm sorry!" Brenda began picking her sister off the ground as Nate appeared at the door to investigate the situation. They helped her into the house and into the kitchen, far enough away from Maya that she wouldn't hear them talking. "Brenda, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry" was all she could bring herself to say as Nate ran to get towels and dry clothes to warm up his sister-in-law.

"Syd, what happened?" Brenda asked as she helped her sister peal off layers of wet, blood soaked clothes. Standing in the Kitchen in just a bra and underwear, Brenda could see the origin of all the blood. Syd was covered from head to toe in bruises and slashes, obviously inflicted by someone much stronger than her.

"Who did this to you?" asked Brenda, staring at the mutilated body of her sister.

"I told you I needed to take care of some things before I came back for good. Well, I took care of them, and then they took care of me. But it's all over now. I'm free." Syd says, with a smile on her face.

"Oh SHIT! Syd, what happened to you?" Nate asks, walking in on his half naked sister-in-law.

"It's all over now, Nate. That's all there is to say." Syd says.

"Syd, we have to get you to the hospital." Nate remarked.

"They ask questions at the hospital. I can't go there." Syd said, suddenly becoming worried about the idea of having to testify to the police against the people who beat her.

"Syd, don't be stupid! If you don't go to the hospital you'll die! Who knows if you have internal injuries, and those lacerations WILL get infected if you don't get them checked out." Brenda remarked, becoming slightly annoyed at her sister's stubbornness.

"NO Brenda! I'll be fine!" screamed Syd, becoming scared. Brenda, sensing her sister's fear said, "Syd, I'll be right next to you. I'll call Billy. You need to get checked out. We'll do it together. Please Syd, do this for me. For Billy. For Maya. Please."

"Alright, fine. For you guys. But I'm not telling them what happened. That's all I need, to have these people after me again!"

"Thank you!" Brenda said, as she ran out of the room. Nate handed her a towel and she started to dry herself off, wiping blood from her arms and body, only to have new, fresh blood take it's place. Brenda returned with her jacket and keys, ready to help Syd out of the house and to the car.

"Stay here with Maya. I'll call Billy when we get there. I don't want to alarm anyone. I'll call you when we know more." Brenda instructed as she put her arm around Syd to help her up. Nate put his arm around her other side and the walked out to the car.

"She'll be fine" Nate whispered to Brenda as she closed the door and drove away. When they arrived at the hospital, Syd's wounds had begun to bleed more, so they took her in right away. As they wheeled Syd off on the gurney, Brenda began to get a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. "She's going to be fine" she kept repeating to herself, as she dialed her brother's number on her cell phone.

"Bren, what's the matter? Is Maya alright?" Billy asked as soon as he picked up the phone. No 'Hello' needed. He knew something was wrong when his sister called that late.

"Maya's fine. It's Syd. She's in the emergency room. She was beaten pretty bad." Brenda explained.

"I'll be right there" Billy said, as he hung up the phone and jumped out of bed. Claire woke up when Billy threw the covers off and ran to the closet.

"Billy, what's the matter?" she asked, wondering why her boyfriend was running around getting dressed in the middle of the night.

"My sister's in the hospital." He answered, throwing a t-shirt on.

"Brenda? What's the matter? Is the baby alright?" Claire asked.

"No it's Syd. Brenda said she was beaten pretty badly. I don't know anything else. Brenda's there now." Billy answered, trying to put on his shoes.

"I'm coming with you!" Claire exclaimed, jumping up and grabbing her pants. The two left and drove (like a maniac) to the hospital. When they got there, Brenda was pacing back and forth, biting her nails.

"Brenda, have you heard anything? How is she?" asked Billy.

"The nurse just came out and said they were taking her to do some tests to make sure there are no internal injuries. She said she broke her arm in a few places, but it looks like there are no other injuries." Brenda explained, as she fell into her brother's arms.

"What happened?" he asked.

"I don't really know. After you guys left, she just showed up at the front door, soaking wet and bleeding. I had to persuade her to go to the hospital. She said it was all over. So whatever it was, it's done with." explained Brenda.

"I'm going to get us some coffee." Claire said, sensing the brother and sister needed some time alone.

"Claire, wait" Brenda said, jumping up to meet Claire. "Thanks for being here! I know Billy appreciates it, and so do I"

"No thanks needed, Brenda. Anything for you!" Claire said, and left on a quest to find coffee. Brenda returned to Billy, and the both sat down, holding hands, leaning on each other.

"She's going to be fine, Bren. She's a fighter. She was always stronger than us. She'll be fine!" Billy whispered, attempting to comfort his sister.

"I know." Brenda replied. "I know." Twenty minutes later Claire returned with three coffees to find the Chenowith children exactly as she left them. As she handed them the coffee, a doctor emerged in his white lab coat. Brenda jumped up so fast that she almost knocked the cup out of Billy's hand.

"Are you Brenda Chenowith?" he asked.

"Yes, that's me." Brenda answered, turning white as a ghost.

"Your sister is just fine. There were no internal injuries. We are just finishing up setting her arm and stitching up the lacerations. She's going to be just fine." He explained, as Brenda and Billy released a sigh of relief. "I'll take you two her."

"I'm her brother, I want to see her too." Screamed Billy, jumping out of his seat.

"Family only, but certainly." The Doctor answered.

"Claire, can you call Nate and tell him that she's alright and that we'll be home as soon as we're done here" asked Brenda.

"Of course, go to Syd." Claire answered, as Billy and Brenda disappeared into the ER.
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