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"It was sooo awkward!"

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first awkward kiss can make things difficult.

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"Date numero ... uh -- two."

Patrick spun around in the computer chair in his basement while Amy fidgeted with her shirt. Pete just stared at the tv with no emotion whats so ever.

She rolled her eyes at him.


Patrick smiled "Dos! Thats it... DATE NUMERO DOS!" He mocked her with a big smile on his face.

Amy checked the time on her cellphone. She was getting antsy. Andy would be at Patrick's any minute to pick her up. Her birthday was a few days earlier and Andy wanted to take her out in the city. Dinner and a movie, very cliche, but exciting none the less.

"Shut it Patrick, I like Andy. I think he's sweet."

Pete snarled "Yeah, he's a fucking drug addict - alocoholic Amy, just because he tells you he's clean doesn't mean he is. He's probably gonna come here all hyped up on crack or whatever and then crash the car and kill you."

"Are you actually being serious?" Amy rudely asked him.

"Yeah I am Aim... he's not a safe person."

She put her hands on her hips and cocked her head "Pete, you don't even know him. You're a fucking weirdo, I'm sorry."

Patrick chimed in to smooth things over "Guys, chill. Pete - you've never met Andy. He has had a rocky past, but he's getting better. And Amy - stop getting so defensive. He's just jealous."

At this point in the relationship between the three of them, Pete still definitely wasn't subtle about how he felt for Amy and she was getting used to hearing it all the time.

"Fuck yeah I'm jealous! She won't give me a chance, and yet this guy comes in and shes completely smitten. The first time she fucking met him he was so fucked up he probably didn't even remember her name. She deserves better!!"

Amy rolled her eyes and raised her voice "Oh what? Like YOU Pete?"


"Pete I went out with you... I'm sorry I didn't feel a connection. You're one of my best friends now and I love you to death, but get over the fact that I don't want to sleep with you, the way most girls feel when they're around you. I'm sorry... I'm flattered, but dude, give up. It's not funny anymore."

The door opened from upstairs. Pete, Patrick, and Amy stood in silence, her hands still on her hips.

"DOWN HERE" Patrick calls up and looks sympathetically at his two best friends.

Andy came down.

"Hey guys - whats up?" He said in his cheery tone.

He looked nice. He was wearing GREAT fitting jeans with with a nice t shirt and Amy was wearing jeans and a cute little top. Pete stared at both of them staring at eachother.

He sighed in disgust and walked up the stairs, 'accidently' shoving Andy in the process. Not a great first impression.

"Who the hell's that guy?" Andy asked Amy.

She waved her hand "Mehhh... don't worry about him. He's in a bitchy mood."

"Uhhh okay. So, you ready to go?"

She smiled brightly "Yup... all set! I'm so excited!! Bye Patrick!"

"See ya" He casually said without even looking up from the guitar he was strummin.

At the top of the stairs Andy turned to Amy "You look really pretty by the way."

She just smiled big at him. She never felt this way about anyone... he was just so sweet.

He took her hand and they went through the living room to the front door.

Pete was sitting on the couch drinking a soda and rolled his eyes as they walked passed. She stuck her tongue out at him playfully. Before they left the house she screamed 'LOVE YOU PETE!'


The whole date was perfect. PERFECT! They held hands through Chicago and had great conversation. Silence was not awkward. It was amazing. Amy felt like she was in a dreamland.

It was about 1 in the morning when they were finally on their way home.

"So uh, where am I taking you? Your house, Patricks house..."

She smiled her strong urge to say your house but blurted out 'Ugh Patrick's... I'm just gonna stay there tonight."

"Okay, sounds good."

They continued to talk about the movie they saw, the food they ate, and everything else until they arrived at Patrick's house.\

"Here, let me walk you..."

Andy got out with her and they walked to Patrick's door.

Amy fidgeted with her shirt "Thanks for taking me out Andy."

He grabbed her chin softly and raised her head up to look her in the eyes.

"Happy Birthday."

He leaned and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

They leaned in. His lips met her -- chin?

"Oh sorry"

She smiled and kissed his mouth. They stood there. Lips just stuck together. Amy opened her eyes and saw him there with his closed.

What am I supposed to do? Should i stay here? He's not showing any sign of movement?

She pulled away and smiled.

"Alright good night."

Andy looked mortified and turned away quickly.

She closed the front door behind her when she got inside and smacked her head as hard as she could Why did you fucking do that? Why do you have to be so awkward? You had that whole perfect night with him and now you make a total ass out of yourself and turn it into the most awkward kiss EVER. She battled with herself.

Seriously, if there was an Most Awkward Goodbye/First Kiss Award -- they won it hands down. She looked out the window and saw Andy still sitting in his car, obviously battling with himself as well. Finally, after a pound on the steering wheel, he pulled away.

Patrick walked into the kitchen "Hey Aim... why are you just standing here? What's wrong?"

She fell against the door with a sigh "Oh my god Patrick. Everything was perfect... seriously. The whole date, the movie, the food, the conversation. EVERYTHING."

"Ugh why do you look like you're gonna cry then?"

"Ergh its so embarrassing. Andy leaned in to kiss me goodnight and it just -- didn't work. It was the most awkward kiss in the history of kisses. What does this mean?"

Patrick couldnt hold it in... he bursted into laughter.

"Patrick it's really not funny. It was soooo awkward! What am I supposed to do? I don't want to see him again... its humiliating."

"Oh come here..." He held out his arms and she pressed herself into a hug. "Don't worry about it... it will all blow over."

She sighed and tried not to think about it anymore that night.


A few weeks later she still had not spoken to Andy, and he didn't call her. It was all she could think about and begged Patrick to find out something for her at work. He tried, but still, nothing.

Patrick, Pete, and Amy were at the mall when Pete ran into one of his soccer buddies that Amy hadn't met before.

"Hey whats up... I'm Chris."

Amy just stared and smiled at him. Andy who?


Okay so i brought this story back because i can do a lot more of a storyline with it, its a lot more fun. I'll still work on my other one, don't worry. annd if i accidently wrote Megan instead of Amy anywhere... sorry.

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