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"Damn it, Joe. Pick up the damn phone" Isabelle Trohman whispered to her cell phone. After a few more "Pick up, Pick up" s and a few more curses, Joseph Trohman picked up the phone.

"Hello?" A groggy Joe said over the phone. It was 1 in the morning and he really needed the shut-eye.

"Where the hell are you?" An angry Isaab said raising her voice. She just gone through a really long flight from LA to Chicago and also needed her own shut-eye.

"Who's this?" He said waking up. Sitting up, he wondered who could be calling at 1 in the morning.

"Who else Asshole?" Then he remembered. He was supposed to pick up his sister at midnight.

"Bell? Is that you?" he asked getting up

"Yes. It's me. Where are you?" She started to calm down. She was also a bit annoyed with Joe calling her by her old nickname.

"I am so sorry, I'll be right there. You're at the airport, right?"

"No I am not. I am at the club, partying" Sarcasm covered her words.

"Pshh. You know you're not allowed to party" he clearly didn't understand how stupid he's being.

"Look, do you want me to call Pete?" She knew Pete would probably kick Joe's ass if he knew he had forgotten to pick up his best friend at the airport.

"I am coming already, jeez. What you have PMS?"

"Just hurry up Joe". She was impatient to the max already. She had been waiting for an hour and had the tendency to be VERY impatient. She so did not want to be here. She wanted to be in college, with her friends. She was only here to prove she is the responsible one between she and Joe and she wanted to get the relationship her and Ryan had back to the normal side.

Joe got there thirty minutes after 1 and found his sister in a chair her hand on her stroller bag she only used when she was traveling, sipping coffee. He called out her name and walked towards her. She stood up. "Its about damn time" She said and hugged him.
After their hug, she handed him her duffel bag and they walked out of the airport, Issab strolling her bag behind her. They found where Joe had parked and Joe put her stroller bag in the trunk and put the large duffel bag in the back seat, only because it wouldn't fit in the trunk.

On the way back to Joe's house, it was silent. Isaab started to feel sleepy. She closed her eyes for a second then immediately opened them. Damn Joe. "Don't think you can sleep now, if I can't sleep, you can't" He said without taking his eyes off the road. It was snowing a bit. Isaab groaned and muttered, "Whatever", while taking her laptop out of her duffel bag. It had Wi-Fi and she went online. Her friends were all asleep, except for one very close friend, Peter Wentz. He probably wanted to know about her flight and was dying to find out and IM'd her. They chatted for awhile talking about the flight and stuff. Then something funny happened. He said she should rest first. Sleep in the car. He would go offline and would talk to her later that day. That never happened. As long as she had known Pete, he would always want to keep talking. He never wanted to stop, even if he knew that Isaab wanted to rest or do something else. She declined the offer. She had to. Joe said not to. As tempting as the offer sounded, she didn't want to upset her brother and get into an argument with him. Pete asked why. She was tempted again, not to sleep but to tell on her brother. She learned long ago no one liked a tattletale. Even though she wanted nothing more then to see her older brother to get in trouble, she didn't want her brother to get in to a fight with one of her oldest friends. She would have to get into the middle, or wouldn't be able to talk to Pete. She loved Pete, not only as a friend but even more. Only she was too scared to ask him what his feelings were. She was sick of playing it safe, but that's just what she was doing everyday of her life.

When they reached Joe's house, a homey two-storey house with a backyard, they went inside, Joe carrying Isaab's stroller bag up to her room. Yes, she had her own room here. Why wouldn't she? After graduating high school, Isaab went to college. Not wanting to be outdone, Joe moved out as well. Neither wanted to stay in their parents' house partly because they didn't want to seem like burdens to their parents and it was quite embarrassing. Isaab moved in here with her brother, whenever she came back for vacations, special occasions, etc. She loved her room; Joe let her do absolutely anything with it. She painted the walls all black (yes, all black) and put yellow stars all over half of the ceiling going in to a part of one of the walls. Obviously, it was a mural of the night sky. All of her furniture were dark colored. The bed, bedside tables were either painted black or purple. The bed was a queen sized bed with fluffy pillows and a mattress you could sink into when you lied down on it. The pillows and the mattress were covered in a matching dark purple covering and a white comforter on the mattress. The comforter, lamp on the left bedside table, and the lamp on the ceiling were the only things that were or and emitted white. There was a sofa that could become a bed because of its unusual wideness, a TV, and a desk was on one end of the room, and was of course, black. The bathroom and the closet were connected. It was a walk in closet that had an extension room, which was the bathroom. The closet walls were all red and labeled. The bathroom was all white, from the shampoo dispenser to the bar of clean soap. The carpets to the shower curtain, everything was white.

Isaab walked in to the house, duffel bad in her hand, scanning the house, nothing had changed, except that it seemed cleaner maybe because, he knew she was coming, he didn't want her to come home to a messy house. She went to her room, and looked for Joe, to check if he was in the room. He wasn't, so she took off her sweatshirt showing off her tight white tank top, dropped her duffel bag carefully, for the laptop's sake. She took off her shoes and closed the door and jumped into bed. It was still dark, and she wanted to sleep.

After hours and hours, of sleeping, Isaab decided it was time to get up... again. She went to the bathroom, washed her face, brushed her teeth and changed in to comfy shorts and a spaghetti strapped top. She put her now freshly combed hair into a messy yet comfy bun and went downstairs. She went to the kitchen where she saw Joe sitting down on the kitchen table eating a sandwich.

"What time is it?" She asked. She waited him to swallow.

"Twelve, time for lunch" He said, she nodded. She walked toward the fridge,

"Anything good to eat?" she looked and looked. She found TV dinner: Mac and Cheese. You know the ones you just plop it in the microwave and ta-da you have a meal. She looked at Joe with a "Oh no you didn't look" mixed with a "Thank you, sort of" shocked look. He looked at her strangely, so she took it out of the fridge to show him. He just started laughing. She walked over to him, kissed him on the forehead, and he stopped laughing

"Hey!" He exclaimed

"Thanks, Joe" she smiled at him and put the macaroni and cheese in the microwave. Taking a seat, she could not already wait for her instant meal.

"How many of these did you buy?" She asked him. Isaab watched as her big brother pretend to count with his fingers. "About...2. I think" He responded and proceeded on eating his sandwich. God, he was so cheap. She watched him, in agony. She didn't eat dinner last night, even if she knew that plane food sucked, at least to her it did. She was hungry as hell. Two Minutes later the microwave stopped shining light and made that beeping sound when it was done heating whatever it is you put in it. Isaab stood up and took the meal out of the microwave and reached out and pulled one of the drawers out and grabbed a fork. She sat down and started to eat hungrily.

"Bell, have you ever heard of chewing first, then swallowing?" Joe chuckled. He knew she hated that nickname. She picked one of the table napkins on top of the table and covered her mouth with it. "Have you ever heard shutting your mouth? I am eating, Seph". She had her signature smirk on her face. She also knew he had a bad nickname he'd let absolutely no one call him by this, of course this did not stop his sister from calling him by this. They ate in silence and dropped their trash at the trash bag and Isaab took it outside, before tying the top in a knot. It was cold out and she hugged herself tightly. She forgot she was in very little covering. She rushed inside the house. Joe wasn't in the room so she assumed he went upstairs to his own room. She did the same.

In her room, she opened her duffel bag and took out her Laptop bag and settled it on her desk and took out her laptop and plugged it to charge it. Since it was charging, she didn't want to use it. She decided to call Pete. She reached for her purse hanging on a hook that was attached on the door. She always kept her purse there so she wouldn't forget where she put all her important stuff in. She grabbed her cell phone, a black Motorola Black Razr. She flipped it open and called the speed dial number engraved in her head. The speed dial number of Pete.
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