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"Hey... I won't have to rescue you if you don't need to be rescued."

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Amys there for Andy -- again.

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"Patrick -- yo, whats going on?"

"Ughhh yeah, Andy's in trouble. Apparently he's back partying and wants to get out of there."

She tugged at her shirt uncomfortably and looked at Pete, who looked confused.

She sighed "Alright, where is he?"

"Ughm he's at this girl EVIE'S house... she lives on Glenview. You'll see his car there."

She pulled the phone from her ear and raised her eyes at Pete "Wanna come with me to some girl's house to rescue Andy? I don't wanna go by myself..."

Pete rolled his eyes "Alright... but I'm pretty sure he hates me, but yeah, whatever."

She put the phone back to her ear "We'll go... call and let him know."

"Thank you so much Amy!"


His voice perked up in response to her's "What?!"

"I went on a date tonight with Chris and we made out the whole night and it wasn't awkward... it was hot!"

Patrick giggled "Thats great! I'm really happy for you..."

"Thanks! I knew you would be! LOVE YOU BYE."

"Love you too..."


Pete looked at Amy...


He picked up his keys "Got it!"

"Let's go."

They arrived at EVIE'S (yeah, I'm just gonna use all my refrences in caps. :)) a few minutes later. Once again, no Andy waiting outside.

"Errrgh, we have to go in. Come with me -- these things weird me the fuck out." She undid her seatbelt and Pete followed in suit.

They walked into EVIE'S house and the party was even more intense than anything Amy had ever seen before. There were people having sex, all in the same room... there were people snorting and smoking and injecting... there were naked people... there was everything any hardcore party movie had ever had and beyond.

Amy latched onto Pete's arm in the quest for Andy. "Dont.Leave.Me."

He grabbed her hand "I was gonna tell you the same thing. Jesus!"


They both heard someone scream and turned to see Andy storming out of a room in the back. He was only wearing pants, which were undone, and a really pretty girl (almost as undressed as he was) followed him, looking worried.

He ran up to Amy and grabbed her by the shoulders "FUCK AMY!! I just got off the phone with Patrick... I did NOT want you to come, its the last thing that I wanted. I wanted Patrick to come get me after work, not you and not now."

She was in shock. "Andy I- Uhm, Patrick told me you needed a ride. I'm, I'm sorry."

"I wanted him to come, not you!!"

She grabbed his arm and lowered her voice, the whole party was staring at them. "Andy listen to me - Patrick doesn't get off for a while yet and you need to leave now. Just come with me."

The /gorgeous/, half naked girl stepped forward and put her arm around Andy waist. "Uhm I'm really sorry, but is there a problem? I'm EVIE, this is my party and I think you're gonna have to leave now."

She ignored EVIE, who, we'll once again mention, was very pretty, and looked back at Andy. "Andy... please, please come with me. Please."

He sighed and gave a look that looked like Andy, the real Andy. He gave in and nodded.

He was stretching his fingers and swatting at his face. He kept itching his shoulders and twitching his eyes. He was fucked up and she wanted to help him.

EVIE... the REALLY HOTT CHICK WHO GOT A LITTLE SOMETHIN' SOMETHIN' FROM ANDY... fought with Andy while he got dressed and picked up his things. She was shaking and slapping Andy acrossed the face. He didn't respond. Amy looked at Pete, who looked equally as terrified. If there was any motivation to never take drugs ever again, it was this. Definitely.

"Please, lets just get the fuck out of here... I want to go home." Amy quietly whined to herself. She was getting scared.

Pete heard her "I agree... come on Andy." He whispered back.

"COME ON." Andy rushed out of the room and towards the front door. Amy and Pete followed.

Amy helped Andy into the car and Pete got into the driver's seat. She sat in the back with him because she wanted to make sure he was okay and she had a watch on him at all times. He was scaring her, he wasn't like this the first time she picked him up, he was even further from being himself.

"Andy -- are you okay?" She asked him as she noticed him rocking back and forth and drumming on the window.

"Don't fucking talk to me, please." His voice was low and he continued to stare out the window.

Pete caught Amy's eye in the rearview and raised his eyebrows. Amy shrugged and looked hurt.

"Hey Pete... I know your parents are weird about people staying at your house, so you can just drop me and Andy off at mine. Its alright..."

Pete turned left towards Amy's neighborhood.

"Call me tomorrow, okay?"

"Yeah sure." She shut the door and Pete drove away, leaving her and Andy in the lawn.

He collapsed on the lawn and put his head in his hands. She sat down next to him.

"Andy - why were you so mad that I came and got you? Patrick told me that you WANTED to be picked up, I just thought that meant at that moment. I know we had an awkward ending last time we were together but..."

He cut her off and looked at her. His tone was low and to the point. "That has nothing to do with it..."

She was frusterated "Then what is it? I don't get it..."

"BECAUSE YOU'RE PERFECT AMY!" He lowered his voice and looked down at the ground and repeated "you're perfect. I don't want you to have to rescue me all the time... it's embarrassing. I'm so ashamed of myself."

She put her hand on his arm "Hey... I won't have to rescue you if you don't need to be rescued."

"I didn't have anywhere else to turn to or be with. I made an ass out of myself that night with you and was ashamed for that as well. Why do I always fuck things up when I'm with you?"

"You don't always fuck things up. Tonight, alright, maybe a little. But only because you're better than that!"

Andy let out a dry laugh and turned to face her... beady eyed and still twitching. "I don't get you. I treated you like shit in front of everyone, I fucking yelled at you, and on top of that... you saw me with EVIE. And yet, you still wouldn't leave unless I was with you."

She looked up at the stars "I don't know... I guess I just see beyond all those things and I know how you are without things damaging your body." She looked back at him "So is EVIE like your girlfriend now? Cause at least you know how to pick them -- shes super hott with a great body."

He laughed at her. "You think so? Yeah shes cool... but no, shes not my girlfriend. I couldn't see myself with someone like that."

She smiled to herself and they layed back on the grass and looked at the stars.


This chapter is super cliche, I know, but hey! give me a break... its relevant.

annd i wasn't going to have a girl involved with him but someone cough cough convinced me. Evie, hope you're satisfied, you super hottie you! :)

ps-- i'll work sheena in some how. All in good time loves, all in good time.

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