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Alright, this is my first fanfic. Tell me what you think. I'll just let you read the story so i don't give anything away.

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Julius sat in his room crying. He couldn't believe she was gone. He never got to tell her how he felt. He never got to say those three little words that would have changed everything between them.

It had been two months since the incident and Julius went to the graveyard everyother day. And every time he went there he said how he felt, but now Delilah could never reply and he would never know how she felt. And even though it had been two months, he stiil had nightmares replaying those five minutes. The five minutes that changed his life. Those five minutes it took for his entire world to come crashing down. The five minutes it took for the love of his life to die.

He remembered it like it was yesterday. It was a simple mission- as simple as they came. They were to go crack a safe to get a disk that had been stolen from the G.I.B. That was it. 1 simple disk. Julius had done this numerous times at the Academy. It was as easy as counting to 10.

And he got the disk in 30 seconds like he said - and it was simple, just like he said it would be. They thought their problems were over. They could just go haome and relax. Maybe he would even get the courage to tell her. Maybe tonight was the night.

He never would have been ready for what awaited them upon the roof. There stood Dr.Dismay, Con-man, Wensday, Ice and D.J. Hooks.

"Good for you to join us gumdrop and lolipop,"said, well obviously, Dr.Dismay."We've been wondering when you would join the party."

" don't understand?", stammered Delilah

"You see, us villians, we've come to a conclusion.We need to stop you, since your, like, our only real competition. Anyways, in order to stop you, we need to cut off the source to your success." said Wednesday.

"What are you talking about?" said Julus.

"You see cutie, you guys know each others strengths and weaknesses and you know how the other thinks and acts.So the secret to your success is each other. Without your partner your history. So we've decided to break up your little team and get rid of one of you.", chuckled Ice," it's to bad, I'll hate to see you in pain when Delilahs gone, sweetie".

"What, why me?" screamed Delilah.

"Yeah, I say we get rid of lover-boy over there!" said Con-man.

"No Delilah's stronger." said D.J. Hooks.

"No Julius"

"No Delilah"



As they continued to argue Delilah and Julius decided to escape. Julius made it down the fire escape, but as soon as he touched the ground he heard a deafining sound. The sound of a gun shot.

He thought she was behind him. He could have saved her. He could have let her go first. Now she was gone.

The doctors said she died almost immedietly. and that she didn't suffer any pain. He wished he could say the same for himself.

Now Al wanted him to get a new partner. He said he could have Nosey or a new partner altogether. Julius didn't want another partner or another mission. He already had a mission of his own. He even had a name for it.


So? I really didn't want to kill Delilah, but I had to kill one of them, and usually Julius dies, so I let him live this time. Please review and let me know what you think. Also if you have any ideas for the plot, tell me and I'll try to use them. Thanks for reading!!!

Peace, Love and Boomerangs
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