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Target Practice

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Pry better's his pyrokenisis.

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Shinya walked up to the door and grabbed the door handle and the locks started to unlock in the same manner they had locked, but in reverse. The locks now done, he opened the door and ushered Pry in. Shinya shut the door after Pry and entered walking over to the couch and sat, getting out the standard two glasses and poured the two of them blood.

"Just a little something to quench us before we go back out tonight" said Shinya.
"Why thank you kind sir" Pry replied.

They drank their blood quietly until they both had finished and put their glasses back with the bottle. Shinya got up and started to walk towards the door until he collapsed. Pry ran over to him and shook him to see if he was still conscious. Shinya opened his eyes and yelped and pulled his arm out of Pry's grip. Pry let go looking at Shinya in a questioning manner until when he looked down, noticing his hand was ablaze.

"Shit Shinya I'm sorry!" exclaimed Pry.
"O its fine" he managed to say as he got up and started for the bathroom. "It's what you're here for" he said with a small laugh now in the bathroom.
"Why are you in the bathroom, you heal fast so there's no need for a med-kit" asked Pry.
"I would like to wash the blood off my arm" he said with a laugh.

Pry grabbed a wash cloth and wet it, now rubbing softly where the burn wound was previously. The burn had completely healed and now Pry had finished cleaning the area of blood.

"How come you collapsed in there" asked Pry.
"Too many thoughts wondering around I assume, like I said I don't have my psychosis fully under control, plus the fact that I've recently developed this empathic ability, so when someone is feeling any kind of feeling, I can feel it also. So with my psychosis getting stronger and my empathic powers developing I can feel and hear just about everyone in the town" answered Shinya.
"I thought you had your psychosis under control" asked Pry.
"Yes, to an extent, but feelings are stronger than thought. I'm doing better than when I first found out I was empathic, I could barely stay sane the first few months." Answered Shinya.
"Well it seems you and I have a few things in common" said Pry.
"What's that?" asked Shinya.
"We both have powers that need to be controlled, mines just more of a safety issue to others" Pry said with a laugh.
"What do I do with the wash cloth?" asked Pry.
"Well, there's no sense in keeping it since it has my blood on it so I guess throw it away" answered Shinya.

Pry threw the cloth in the trash and they left the bathroom, Shinya leading Pry. They were back in the Shinya's room and Shinya had taken his shirt off since there was blood on it and tossed it in a trash can. The now shirtless Shinya was being watched intently by Pry as he rummaged through his closet for a shirt of his choice. Pry walked over to Shinya and began to kiss him on his neck.

Shinya now shuddering to his touch managed to say: "Be.. careful.. don't.. burn .. me.."
"I will" Pry responded.

Shinya could hear Pry's thoughts and feel his feelings, and he could tell he was very aroused. Pry's skin began to warm up, but wasn't too hot. Every time Pry touched Shinya, he shuddered with pleasure. Shinya began to move towards the bed while they continued kissing.

The day passed quickly, it was nightfall already, Pry and Shinya still lay entwined in each others arms. Shinya awoke first and pulled Pry's arm from over him and got dressed, this time completing the task of finding a shirt. Pry was up and getting dressed now, finishing his look off with his boots.

"We have a couple things to do tonight, so you might need some strength for it" stated Shinya.
"What do we plan on doing tonight" asked Pry.
"Well you're going to be practicing your aim, but at the same time we will be restocking the blood stock I'm running short on." replied Shinya.
"How will this work" asked Pry.
"Sheep of course, you will be practicing on moving targets, you got the phantom with no problem, but it didn't dodge any of your attacks, you have to be ready for that, once you have hit the target you will extinguish the flame on the sheep and I will drain the blood into the appropriate container." stated Shinya.
"Killing two birds with one stone, so to speak" said Pry with a grin.

After Shinya had finished getting ready he walked out of the room, Pry following. They sat back down in the normal places, one in a chair, the other on the sofa, and Shinya poured them both the rest of the blood out of the glass container.

"Would you like yours warm this time?" asked Pry.
"Why not, its been such a long time since I've had it warm" replied Shinya.

Pry's stared at the glass in Shinya's hand and it began to bubble and he released his gaze on it. Shinya tipped the glass to his lips enjoying the warm liquid as it flowed down his throat. Pry did the same with his glass, and enjoyed it just the same. Shinya finished his and put the glass in the appropriate place, then, taking Pry's from him when he finished and placing his next to it.

"Time to leave" said Shinya.

Shinya walked over to his coat rack and grabbed his trench, which came custom with a sword holder on the back. He handed Pry one of his other trenches. Shinya put his on, Pry doing the same, then walked over to the sword case and grabbed one of his mediocre swords, placing it in the sword holder in his coat. He then grabbed a big back pack that looked like it held liquid and put it over his back, making sure he had easy access to the sword. He walked over to the door and the locks started unlocking themselves again, once finished Pry grabbed the door handle and opened it for Shinya.

"How gentlemanly of you" stated Shinya.

Pry grinned as Shinya walked past, and then shut the door as he exited. The Locks started locking themselves again. They walked towards the gate again, this time passing a few people of the town, who seemed completely unbothered by the scene of two men with trench coats, one with whom had a sword visible. They got to the gate and Shinya motioned his hands to lift up the brace holding the gate closed and insisted Pry go ahead. After Pry had cleared the gates Shinya walked on and when he cleared the gates he pulled the gate back, then dropping the brace back in its locked position.

They began for the near field where Pry could hear sheep noises. They approached the area quietly and hunched over trying their hardest not to make any noises or be seen by the sheep.

"Now I'm going to stir them up, try to get them to split up and go in different directions, we only need two of them to fill the quota of blood, so don't incinerate them from the inside out, just hit them with a fire ball, but make it a lesser one, as to not penetrate the body, they'll lose the blood to fast for me to retrieve if you do that." Said Shinya in a whisper.
"Gotcha" stated Pry.

Shinya stood straight up and flicked his wrist at a log on the ground which flew at a tree and broke then caused an uproar sending the sheep in all directions. Pry started to rotate his hands in a circular motion creating a fire ball, but instead of this time letting it get bigger he just stopped and aimed at a near by sheep's head and sent it whirling at it. Nearly hitting it, he concentrated again this time hitting it knocking it down. He searched for another and concentrated, and released the fire ball this time hitting one in the head on the first try.

"Good job now that's enough" said Shinya.

Shinya walked up to the first one Pry knocked out and lifted his left arm causing the corpse to rise also. He took off the back pack and placed it open ended under the corpse and grabbed the sword out and sliced open the sheep, blood instantly flowing into the open bag. Before the blood finished dripping into the bag he tilted the corpse back so it would stop.

"Burn the remains" said Shinya.

Pry focused and the corpse caught fire while still in the air, only when it started to fall apart did Shinya release his mental hold on it, sending it to the ground a few feet away from the bag. Shinya then turned to the other body and motioned his hand up and lined it up over the bag and sliced it in the same place as he did with the previous sheep body, sending blood into the bag. The sheep wasn't completely drained yet but the bag was full so he tilted it back and motioned it away from the bag and it burst into flame, Shinya let go of his hold and it burnt to nothing. Shinya closed the bag which once it was closed, air blew out of a little hole on the side making it air tight, he then swung the sword sending all the blood from the sheep off and into the field, then placed it back in the holder. The bag itself must have weighed a good 25 pounds so Shinya just assume use his mind to carry it.

"Is that all for tonight?" asked Pry.
"Yeah lets head back to the house, I need to refill my containers" said Shinya.

They walked back to the village, Shinya holding his arm a little higher than normal as to keep the blood bag from dragging on the ground. They got to the gate and Shinya motioned the bag over to Pry and he caught it now holding it long enough to open the gate again. They entered the village again and Shinya dropped the brace and took over the bag again. They entered the house and Shinya lowered his arm until the bag was on the ground and took out the sword returning it to its case, then took the trench off hanging it back up. Pry handed Shinya his trench back and he hung it back up. Shinya had filled up all his containers with the fresh sheep blood. They sat down and enjoyed another glass of blood.

"So I never really got the grand tour of all the rooms in this place, do you think you could show me around some more?" asked Pry.
"I don't see why not, where would you like to start?" answered Shinya with a question.
"Well anywhere I guess, you just have such a big house that I'd like to be familiar with it" said Pry with a smile.
"Hmm yes you should get familiar with it, I have the feeling you'll be around for a while" said Shinya trailing at the end of the sentence.
"What was that?" asked Pry quickly.
Ignoring Pry's question "Lets start the tour shall we" said Shinya placing his and Pry's glass back to the side.

They walked down the long hall, Shinya reading Pry's reaction to each room they passed to see which would interest him more. The continued around the corner until Shinya felt Pry's reaction change as they came up to the only door in the estate with no door handle.

"I see your wondering what's in that room" said Shinya.
"Tricky tricky mind reader" replied Pry.

Shinya flicked his wrist and the door cracked open, and then motioned for Pry to enter it. He did so, slowly due to him not knowing what he would see. The room itself wasn't that big, looked more like a library than anything else. Shelves upon shelves of books.

"Why does this room not have a handle if it's just a library, it's just a bunch of books" asked Pry.
"Its not that it's a library that keeps me from wanting people to stay out, it's the material in the books that makes me want to keep people out of this room" said Shinya.
"What do the books contain?" asked Pry.
"Some contain detailed information on my family line, others about my mortal lover, long since past, and other books contain incantations that I'm under orders to keep hidden." Answered Shinya.
"O... What kind of incantations?" asked Pry.
"Most being black magic, at which not many vampires can perform, magic and vampires don't mix well" answered Shinya.
"Why's that?" asked Pry.
"For starters, vampires don't need magic, they have their own abilities, and besides that, all a vampire needs along with his abilities is to be magic hungry, sometimes the magic will back fire on a vampire, we're not meant to use it" said Shinya.
"Understandable, well I guess its late in the night so sleep should end It." said Pry.

Shinya nodded, and they left the room walking towards Shinya's.

"You should pack the things you came with; we are going to be leaving on horseback tomorrow for a town called Groveton. We will be there for a few days, I have business with one of its citizens, and you might be able to help me persuade her into helping me." Said Shinya.
"Why do you need help persuading this person, can't you just use your mind to do the persuasion for you?" asked Pry.
"No she's far older than me, but sometimes stubborn, you'll see when you meet her." Answered Shinya.

Pry went into the room his belongings were in and packed up what he wasn't using and brought them in to the living area, ready for the journey. After Pry laid his bag down he noticed Shinya had already entered his room, door cracked, he walked up to the door and peered through the crack, seeing Shinya lying on the bed.

"Not tired are you?" asked Pry startling Shinya
"Not at all, seems to be a pissed off wife in the town, unfaithful husband...." Said Shinya.
"O, sorry you have to endure it" Pry said with a laugh. "I think I have just the thing to take your mind off it" Pry said as he walked over to the bed and crawled over top Shinya.
"It would appear you do" said Shinya as he kissed Pry.

Pry removed Shinya's shirt while Shinya did so to Pry, pants and boxers were next, until both naked and under the covers kissing still. Shinya felt all of Pry as a whole, love and passion, something that could be his forever. Shinya felt Pry penetrate him and moaned as all of the emotions and Pry's thrust combined. Pry rubbed against Shinya's member as he continued his thrusts, each time becoming more heated and deeper. His hair again aflame, Shinya unable to control himself climaxed, Pry following shortly after. Pry pulled out and collapsed onto Shinya, kissed him and laid his head on Shinya's chest. Shinya stroked his head lovingly as Pry fell asleep, his warm body relaxing Shinya who fell asleep shortly after.
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