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The Mission

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Scott and Virgil going out for a mission but are captured by the hood, who injects them with a strange thing. The next morning something strange happened.

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Shrinked to five year old.


Chapter 1: The mission.

Virgil sighed while he was flying Thunderbird 2 over the Sahara. Scott and him had been called out on a mission to save someone in the Sahara that was lost in the deadly desert. They had been flying over the area twice where the person had called them and still, there wasn't anyone around. "Thunderbird 2 to Thunderbird 1."said Virgil after a while.

"Thunderbird 1 here, found anything yet Virgil ?" came Scott's voice over the radio.

"No, not even a fly." Said Virgil to him. "What about you, Scott ? Have you found something from our caller ?"

"No, I even went over the area twice !" said Scott. "I think I'm going to call base and tell about this. It's useless to hang around here when there's no cat here."

"Yeah, your right." Said Virgil.

"Thunderbird 1 and 2 to base." Said Scott.


The billionaire and head of International Rescue, Jeff Tracy, was working on his desk, looking at some documents when Scott's portrait's eyes started to flash. "Go ahead, Scott." Said Jeff looking up to his sons portrait that changed into a live image of his oldest son.

"Dad, we didn't found the man that called us," said his oldest son to him.

"Have you checked it twice ?" asked Jeff wondering how the hell a guy can be lost like that.

"Yes, even I had checked it and still didn't found him, dad." Said the voice of his third oldest son.

"Mmm, Alright then," said Jeff, but when Jeff could say some more, he heard yelling and swearing over the radio.


"Scott ! I'm under attack by five unknown airplanes !" said Virgil over the radio while trying to shake the five airplanes away.

"Virgil, try to shake them off !" said Scott turning into full captain mode, like he was in the Air Force.

"I can't. There too fast !" said Virgil with a bit panic in his voice. "Damm ! They have their missiles on me, Scott !"

"Take more height, Virgil ! I'm coming to you." Said Scott to his brother, sending his 'bird to the place where his brother was.

Virgil tried to take some height, when the airplanes had fired their missiles to him. Some missiles exploded beneath Thunderbird 2's tale, but the rest of the missiles came strait to the tail of Thunderbird 2.

Virgil tried to bring the noise up of Thunderbird 2, when he was diving down. Virgil started to cough when smoke came into the room. Virgil's eyes started to get heavy and he was having trouble with breathing. His vision was getting hazy. Without any strength to pull his 'bird up and stay awake, Virgil slipped into unconscious.


"Virgil !" yelled Scott trough the radio when he saw his brother diving. "Virgil you need to pull up !"

But it was too late, Scott saw his brother's 'bird crashing in the warm sand of the Sahara.

"Virgil !" yelled Scott.

Suddenly, the five airplanes that took Virgil out, came after Scott.

"Damm." Mutter Scott under his breath.

Scott flew fast away, trying to shake the airplanes off with doing all of manoeuvres and stunts. But without any success. The airplanes had enough with playing around with Scott and settled their missiles on him as target.

"Oh, no you don't." mumbled Scott when he saw that.

Scott rolled away by flying over them when they launched their missiles to him. Scott went flying after them and took the heavy guns out. "This is for my brother" said Scott and he fired with his gun on the airplanes.

Two of the five airplanes where hit and where crashed into the sand of the Sahara. Scott grinned when he had two of the airplanes. Scott looked for the other three airplanes but he couldn't find then until he saw that they where above him, just where the sun was right on. The three airplanes set Scott as target again and fired them. Scott was not quick enough to get away from the missiles and was hit, crashing into the Sahara.


"Scott ! Virgil !" screamed Jeff trough the radio when he heard every word what his sons said.

Grandma Tracy, who stood in the lounge looked worried to Jeff who was looking back at her.

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