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Hushed voices and machines beeping ...... is this heaven I think to myself ?? No it can't be I swear its fluffy clouds and crap.
"your awake" said you sister Olivia
"yeah I guess" I said.
"look I know what happened and I'm sorry but I did warn you !?" she said
"thanks sis thanks a lot I'm sitting in hospital and you couldn't even wait till we got home to say I told you so !!" I shouted
She looked a little taken back by what I had just said but instead of saying anything back she shook her head and walked out of the room.

x-x Olivia's p.o.v x-x

I woke up again to hear her screaming .... She keeps having thes "nightmares" but she won't tell me what they are so every night is the same I get up ask her what's wrong she just shrugs and says nothing just a bad dream then we end up falling asleep in the living room.
I wake up like always uncomfortable and cold I grab my coat and leave the house I must find out why he did this even If she doesn't .
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