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False Dawn

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The guilt obviously lay with the redhead currently sleeping with his head pillowed on Sanzo's shoulder, mouth open like an idiot as he slept

Category: Saiyuki - Rating: R - Genres: Angst - Characters: Genjyo Sanzo, Sha Gojyo - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2006/11/12 - Updated: 2006/11/12 - 608 words - Complete

Disclaimer- not mine. merely borrowing. no profit made.

The scents of old cigarette smoke, sweat, and the musky tang of sex drifted through the small room, carried by a breeze sneaking in through a crack in the window. It shifted blond hair in such a way as to inspire little phantom tickles along the bridge of Sanzo's nose; just one more thing to be irritated about, one more thing he could do nothing about. Red hair spilled across his bare chest, and, in his current, usual nightly morbidity, it looked to Sanzo like nothing more than a bloody foreshadowing.

It was a rare day he didn't end up bloodied. And while he was currently suffering more of a wound to his pride and sense of confidence, it was just as indecently irritating as any that would require Hakkai's attention.

Hakkai's attention was the last thing he wanted, given his current situation. How would he could he justify...

Shit, he shouldn't have to justify anything. Everyone knew Gojyo was prone to thinking with his prick. The guilt obviously lay with the redhead currently sleeping with his head pillowed on Sanzo's shoulder, mouth open like an idiot as he slept. But what a content idiot...

Sanzo wanted a smoke.

Then he wanted to kick Gojyo out of his room and pretend he hadn't just spent the better part of the night fucking the redhead senseless. It was stress; it was nothing more than adrenaline, than a lust reaction to being the one still breathing at the end of the day. It didn't excuse the fact he had stolen Hakkai's lover, marked him in countless places with tooth and nail...but it gave a reason that excluded any sort of attraction, any sort of sincere interest.

Gojyo shifted a bit, wrapping a leg across and around Sanzo's slim waist as he tossed an arm across Sanzo's chest. Sanzo's heart stumbled guiltily through its next few heartbeats as pleased butterflies tilted manically through his stomach at the contact, at the unconscious approval and affection.

Hakkai would wake up eventually, as soon as the exhaustion of the day's battle and following effort to heal everyone's wounds wore off. Gojyo would have to be gone by then, the spicy smell of his illicit lover scrubbed from his flesh. Anything else would lead to dissent within their already tenuously agreeable little unit, and dissent was something they couldn't afford.

It was unavoidable though. Sanzo's hand twitched, wanting to toss the redhead from his bed, to claw and tear at the man in denial of the sublime pleasure he had gotten from kissing, touching, fucking...he didn't need worldly attachments. He was beyond them. He didn't need this all too visceral evidence of his weakness. Not again, it would never happen again...

Gojyo sighed, nuzzled into Sanzo's neck, and Sanzo gave into his damnation. The sun would rise. There would be fighting...

But right now...

Cautiously he draped an arm over Gojyo's form, the action so unfamiliar he was unwilling to rest too much weight on the other man, lest Gojyo awaken, lest Gojyo tease...

Gojyo didn't pull away, didn't wake up with a mocking laugh at the great Sanzo's awkward attempt at affection...

The scent of another body so close to his own was odd, and oddly soothing. Sanzo huffed out a sigh, an attempt to convince an invisible audience that he was only doing this because Gojyo was already there and obviously not moving anytime soon, and rested his cheek against the top of Gojyo's head. A quick nap, then he would tell the idiot to leave...just a little while longer...
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